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  1. I know quite a lot of people have aftermarket cats fitted to their cars, but which manufacturers are the best in your opinion, bearing in mind the cost issue can escalate dramatically. From what I have seen advertised this appears to be due to the cosmetic finish as much as to the quality of the product. Any feedback would be wery well appreciated Stuart.
  2. Fred, I'll be installing mine when I get my car back next spring ish. I'm still un decided if i'm going to install it myself or get someone else to do it for me. That will be very much a time issue. I'll probably end up installing it myself though. Would be good to compare notes and get a guide on LEW. When do you think you'll be starting your install? Jay, did you opt for the full system with the little remote controller? If so do you have any pics of where you put the controls. I'm still un-decided where to install this in the cabin of the V8. Stuart. Fred, About getting Race Logic to upgrade the TC system, I asked them to do this with mine and they had it back to me within the week. Great aftersales service from them. Stu.
  3. Jay, Do you have any pictures of the installation as I am trying to track some down. Also can you please let me have the details of the garage that fitted the unit to your car as I have not installed mine yet. Also if it is not too cheeky how much did it cost, what time frame was involved etc. You can pm me off the list if you like. thanks Another thing, How many people went for the TC units in the end? Stu.
  4. Just testing the ground for insurance nad recieved this quote. this is real and i declared an accident 2 years ago. valued the car at 30K, 30 yr old parked in locked garage in the countryside at my house. Insurer: Equity Red Star Premium:
  5. Sounds a bit odd but give it a try. Stu.
  6. Stuart

    Orange V8 !

    Well if anyone is going through Talgarth to lord herefords knob or to the gliding site for that matter you are more than welcome to drop into mine for a brew. Its the house in the middle of the village next to the rediculous bend, if you have driven through you will know. Stuart.
  7. Stuart

    Orange V8 !

    Orange V8 in Talgarth 11.00 ish. A regular sighting going through the town. Is it someones here? Stuart.
  8. Stuart

    Easter Trip

    Tomo, Glad to hear of another Esprit in the Hereford area, although I haven't seen any on the road, make the most of the good weather. Stuart.
  9. Black car with S350 spoiler, only caught a glimpse. Almost reversed into my driveway. Stuart
  10. Hi Franky, You are one of the few in Spain, I think there are 5 or 6 Esprits there, one V8 in Palma that I met last year when I had mine there. ( he puts his V8 on the back of a car transporter every year and sends it to the dealer in madrid for servicing!! ) My wife is Puerto Rican so she was handy for the drive down from the Uk. A soon to be restored JPS in my favourite European city, wonderfull. Stuart.
  11. We, my wife and I will be attending, unfortunately not in the Esprit, but in the more sedate Saxo . Don't laugh. So we were thinking of going down the night before so we can make the most of the day. Is anyone else thinking of the same thing? Or can suggest a hotel? No Lotus so had to pay
  12. Picked up the discounted tickets today at Donnington only
  13. I had one chap tell me ( after pulling up at a party with my girlfriend / now wife ) that he used to have one, but he had decided on the automatic option though. Then continued to ask me where the handbrake had moved to. what a pleb. Have not had anyone brazen enough to say something really bad apart from the usual plastic jokes, yet.
  14. I was fortunate enough to have a ride in my boss's earlier this summer. He did nothing but complain about the car driving rather than him amd that rediculous tiny little gear stick lever thing. He got so fed up with it that he had it flown home and his Carrera GT flown out. Either way I got a ride in one. ( unfortunately not the proker ) Oh to be rich.
  15. I'll have the indicator lenses etc. unfortunately i won't be able to make it to stonleigh. would it be possible to post? these will all add to the spares for the lengthy repair. never, mind forever onwards do we know which wheels the centre caps are for? Stuart. thanks
  16. this screensaver assembles a simple 4 pot engine and demonstrates it's running principle, looks pretty enough, it may be nice for some to see how an engine works either way enjoy Stuart also here is a similarone from caterpillar
  17. It's been a while now since the first upgraded gearboxes were installed into their respective hosts and everything has gone a bit quiet. I am just wondering if there is any more feedback from the owners of these units. Who is planning this job in the immediate future? How many have gone for the GTO engineering solution? How many have gone for the Derek Bell option? Has anyone tried the 6 speed option that is used by some kit car builders? Are there many on order at the moment? Just wondering Also worth looking at courtesy of Dr. Evil Fish Stuart.
  18. Managed to get some of the engineering reports off the internet This process makes perfect engineering sence to me. looking at upgrading the gearbox when i finally get mine back on the road next year. you'll have to keep us posted about your treated gearbox. when do you plan to do this by the way?? have you tried GTO engineering in the uk. From what I read they have a lot to do with this box. Perhaps they can supply the bearings for you??? Surely a lot cheaper than forking out for a complete crown assy. Stuart.
  19. cost is an issue for me. especially as i got ripped of by the insurance pay out. so would prefer a second hand set, which cost just over the price of a new single wheel to replace the damaged one.
  20. The worst thing is when someone is tailgating you and you have to stop quickly then it's oh no I hope his breakes are good.
  21. fingers crossed for a spare v8 chassis then
  22. Ok, So settle on a price for the AWI rims, call them only to find out that they had been sold this morning , after I have an email from them this afternoon with the price. The ratbags Back to square one then. I just hope that it's not someone that got wind of them from this thread. I's hard enough nurturing a poorly V8 back into health without people gobbling up all the spare parts. Then try and do it from the other side of the world, with a car in Spain and due to be repaired in the UK and me in Egypt Perhaps I'll try and get my hands on a set of the multispoked ones.... BTW Jonathan where is your REG plate??? These cars do look much better without them though.
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