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  1. Ok, So settle on a price for the AWI rims, call them only to find out that they had been sold this morning , after I have an email from them this afternoon with the price. The ratbags Back to square one then. I just hope that it's not someone that got wind of them from this thread. I's hard enough nurturing a poorly V8 back into health without people gobbling up all the spare parts. Then try and do it from the other side of the world, with a car in Spain and due to be repaired in the UK and me in Egypt Perhaps I'll try and get my hands on a set of the multispoked ones.... BTW Jonathan where is your REG plate??? These cars do look much better without them though.
  2. From mow on I will refer to you as "Mr. Tony K" I take my hat off to you, an excellent choise. Stuart
  3. Ok guys, Some of you may be aware that I have had a little ding in my car. This will be delivered to SJ Sportscars in the next couple of weeks for him to work his magic. One of my rear wheels is severely damaged. Do I buy a new one from louts at
  4. There is a V8 Registered for this event. Is this anyone from this forum. Car 39 Always fancied doing something like this. Stu.
  5. Not sure how it happened. Just sent the pictures before the car is canibalised, anyone need some bits? I'm after some wheels for my V8. Which Steve assures me will be on the road the middle - end of the summer. After Lotus make a new chassis for me. Can't wait to get back behind the wheel.
  6. This brings tears to my eyes. Stu.
  7. due to be in sharm in 3 days. maybe staying for a day or two before sailing again off to Yemen abd then to Bombay. Will try and find the place, just for quality control of course. Stu.
  8. Steve is doing the repair of my car, chassis replacement, rear end rebuild and round light conversion. Would love to see some before and after pictures of the car as if it looks good then I may as well tack this onto the entire (so the little lady doesn't notice ) My front lip spoiler looks a bit scruffy now anyway. Incidentally what sort of difference does this make to the car? Stu.
  9. So, I know that some of you installed the traction control system to their pride and joy ( i have not had the chance yet ) Have there been any potentially disasterous situations when this system has saved the car and passengers from a sticky situation. Likewise any bad press for this unit. As I said I have not had chance to install my unit so any feedback would be well recieved. Stuart.
  10. Thanks for the input lads. I have made a few calls, the final decision will be made public in due course. You have certainly given me enough to chew over. The next thing is parts. There are some reproduction body panels for the esprit, bumpers etc. What is the quality comparison with the OEM parts. Are they as good? Or is there a reason that they are cheaper other than the logo on the box that they come in? As you can imagine this can add up to thousands in the overall costing of a project like this. Again anyinput would be very well recieved however good or bad. Cheers Stu.
  11. Having finally and reluctantly accepted the insulting offer from the insurance company to fix my V8 I am now posed with the choise of where to go. I have been in touch with quite a few of the specialists and have met with mixed reply. I need, Chassis change New tailgate / spoiler New rear nearside rear wing Suspension rebuild nearside rear Possible gearbox / engine work This is the progonosis so far and I'm sure it will increase as the job progresses. So the question is. If you were in this horrible situation then where would you take your pride and joy to get it fixed? All enlightened comments both good and bad will be very well recieved. I just want to make it clear that it is totally unecanomical for me to fix my car, yes I can buy a replacement for less than the cost of repairs, but as there are only a few of these vehicles ( in the grand scheme of things ) then I have decided to do my ( however small ) bit for keeping these vehicles on the road. Stuart.
  12. put the hoses in boiling water from the kettle for a few minutes. this eases them up a little and should help. stu.
  13. anyone thought of this for the 8 pots?
  14. i got mine from larini exhausts in the uk. it's the best stainless welding job i've seen on any aftermarket exhaust to date. high grade stainless and it can take a knock without damaging. although the lead time was about 4weeks for mine. well worth the wait. the tone is reasonably subdued at idle and gets much more raucous as you hit the loud pedal. it fit perfectly as well. well worth it.
  15. I didn't make it clear but that picture is from another car. I'll get some of mine for dilection when I can get under it. With reference to contacting Lotus, does anyone know the appropriate person to get in touch with? Is this sort of information the type that Lotus normally divulge? Rest assured though, this project will be completed. Should make for an interesting how to guide. " Chassis change in 5 easy steps " Stu.
  16. If you look at the underside of this car. The part that took the impact on mine is the tublar part that cradles the rear end of the gearbox. On the nearside this is flat as a pancake, on the offside this is just bent out of shape and the tubing has partially colapsed. The lower link on the nearside has taken some of the brunt of the collisioin, and I suspect that the tubing that runs under the gearbox forward either side of the engine will be out of spec. So realistically ito be sure I think that I will have to replace the steelwork from the bulkhead to the end of the chassis. Getting this fabricated is not that hard, I have a welding company down the road, and it's owner used to weld the coolant tubes for the British Nuclear submarines, so the qaulity of the job will not be an issue. The main problem will be obtaining the relative dimensions and drawings to fabricate the part that I need. I don't suppose that anyone has this magical piece of paper sitting on their shelf somewhere????? Any leads for garages that have undertaken this sort of job will be greatly appreciated.... Stu.
  17. The nearside of the chassis under the gearbox and the lower link got squashed. The nearside bracket for the gearbox has cracked, and the entire box is pushed over about 1 inch. I hope that the bell housing is not cracked and that the engine mounts have enough play in them to take this up. If anyone can let me know how much time it takes to remove the body from the chassis that would be great. The main thing I am concerned about is the time factor involved, that will decide if it goes to a garage in the UK on the back of a trailer or not. Thanks Stu.
  18. As some of you may know I had a little prang earlier this year. I have not had the response that I would have liked from the insurance company, but that is on a different thread. My question is this, has anyone had the chassis changed on their car and are there any legal issues with this??? I see that SJ has some in stock apparently, presumably he wouldn't carry these if they weren't in some sort of demand as they represent a lot of money sitting on the shelf as mere ornaments. Does the Esprit bodyshell drop onto the chassis similar to a "kit car" albeit with a lot more anciliary items, or is it bonded in some way and extremely difficult to seperate? Surely there must be someone out there that has had a new chassis, or had severe damage repaired? If it proves to be an extremely complicated process running into tens of thousands of pounds then I may have to go with the most dreaded option of all.... I don't want to break this car up for spares, even the thought brings tears to my eyes. I need any info that you can provide guys, there will be someone out there with pearls of wisdom for me....
  19. Thinking of doing the rear light conversion whilst I am doing the damage repairs to the car ( V8GT ) How many conversions have been done ? Where is the best place in the UK to get this done ? Who supplied the kits ? Moulded or not for the new rear pannel ? Any input would be appreciated guys. Or in your opinions should I not bother ? Stu.
  20. The insurance company have rerally dug their heels in with this. They are refusing to budge. Does anyone know of a law firm that specialise in this sort of case? I have tried searching the internet and can only find lawyers for personal injury claims. I'm not interested in this, I just want to get the car back on the road. Stu.
  21. Ok guys, Had a Crash 31st Jan this year. Insurance company infromed and subsequently sent out one of their engineers to assess the damage. The engineer came in at 35K Euros, quoted from Lotus in Madrid. The insurace company have offered me 23K euros circa 16K sterling. Apparently this is the 'VALUE' of the car and they want to do me the favour of not writing the vehicle off. I have rejected the offer and insisted on at least 35K euros for the repair or for them to write off the car. They rejected this and said that their original offer stood. I replied and forwarded the link from lew and autotrader for cars currently up for sale. Got a reply back today and they are still not increasing their offer. So now contemplating going to my solicitor and let them handle this. The car is currently in Palma de Mallorca ( spain ) The insurance company in English She is a V8GT ( V 2000 plate ), 23K miles, full service history, every reciept etc. The Value of the vehicle that I declared to the insurance at the start of the policy was 30,000 sterling. Before the prang she was in perfect condition apart from the usual stone chips on the front. This whole debacle pains me as I just want to get the car back on the road, also I have just invested in the traction control unit from race logic. So needless to say I am very frustrated with the whole affair. Any help on what to do next of advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys, Stuart.
  22. Hi all, I may be fortunate enough ( or unfortunate depending on your point of view ) of moving to Miami later in the year. One of my concerns is my beloved V8Gt, albeit with a sore bum at the moment. No rude comments please. I would like to take this car with me as I have already started to " personalise " it. Apart from that, it
  23. Unless of course it turns out that we really need one that works with the secondary injectors as well. I'll have to trust you guys on this as I won't be able to make it to Donnington.
  24. put me down for one of these babies too: RLTC8DIA Adjustable Traction Control (8 Cyl) + Launch Control + Data Logging ABS + Digital Adjuster With a bit of luck I won't have another one of these:-
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