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  1. I've used those dremel things to remove broken steel studs from bronze castings before. Just drill it as much as you can before getting into the meat of the engine block, and then with a gentle hand slowly grind the stud oit from the inside out. If done correctly you can then pull out the remaining little bits of the stud thread with some needle nose pliars and then run the appropriate tap down it to clean up anything that is left. As long as you car careful this is foolproof, just take your time. stu.
  2. Jonathan, did'nt get a chance to shoot, just got a crunch. Yes another foot and I would have missed the post. The rear wheel also hit the concrete base that the post is in, this has knackered the suspension on that side. So the bill will be a bit more that just some body panels and a paint job. but that is what the insurance is for i suppose.
  3. Was returning home 3 days ago. Yes it was raining, and yes it was slippery. Coming in from the slip road on the right ( in Spain ) doing 25mph!! and the car spun. Onto the kerb and came to an abrupt rest with its bum in a lamp-post. Police then swarmed over us, a camera crew was there in under 5 minutes and all the asosciated press photographers. Ambulance was called for my girlfriend who suffered a mild concussion, and we both had bad bangs to the head. Made the front page of the local English rag and page 7 in the Spanish one. The only good thing is that I didn
  4. Jim, Not sure about cleaning the mess out, but to avoid it happening use de-ionised water ( same stuff as you use to top up batteries) mixed with the anti freeze when you top it up. Not tap water!!! Likewise, when you have to top up the coolant then only use de-ionised again, this should keep it clean for you with all the asosciated benifits. Hope this helps, Stu
  5. Whilst returning home form a good lunch overlooking the sea here in Mallorca I noticed a white Citroen following me. This continued for a couple of miles or so, and through the city centre of Palma. I parked on the street and went to the ticket machine. When I came back the Citroen was parked behind me with it's hazard lights flashing. Oh, I thought, just someone gawping at the car. I see the man get out of his car, come over and ask my girlfriend ( in spanish ) where we were from. As he has a V8 Esprit as well, and there was only one on the Island ( now 2 ), and 4 in the whole of Spain. So we talk for a little while via my better half. The man asked if it was ok to sit inside my car, of course it is, so he has a look in the cockpit, the engine bay, runs his hands over the paintwork. Comments on my front brake discs not being lotus ones. Then he invites us to go see his car. Why not I thought, he spotted the brakes. So we follow him for about 15 mins out of the city and down towards the airport. Myself and the girlfrined had the conversation about the colour, she went for black, and I plummed for racing green. So we pull up at his garage. He opens this up and sitting there is a glowing example of a norfolk mustard yellow Esprit V8. The paint was non metallic, and incidentally felt a lot smoother and altogether more rich finish than with mine. Anyhow this car was in perfect condition. Every part of the hide interior was in perfect condition, still smelled like new. Not a blemish or scrach on the bodywork. Talking to him about the car, and car clubs in general, it became clear that he was not aware of the forum here, or any of the other online information. So I duely passed all of this information onto him. Also found out that he sends the car to Madrid every year fro the servicing on the back of a tow truck. Apparently he bought the car from a friend of his in Edinborough, with his own Esprit, who comes down to palma on vacation at least once a year, is this anyone here on this forum. Sorry to ramble on so much, but it really re-inforced to me that the people who buy these cars, and keep them for any amount of time, do so because they love them unconditionally and completely. So have arranged to go for a drive one afternoon and show some solidarity for the lotus clan here on the small island of Mallorca. If anyone on this list, is here on holiday and feels withdrawl symptoms then all they need do is drop me a line and I can now muster up 100% of the Esprit population on Mallorca, the grand total of 2 cars for a blast around the island. Stuart.
  6. I feel a bit silly about this one but here goes. Can someone have a look at where the wiring for the lighting switch in the rear luggage space goes back onto the main loom. I had the car at an auto storage place, and last night have found that the cable has been unplugged, looks like it is not there at all, but i'm sure it is tucked away somewhere. The car is a 2000 v8gt Hope someone can help. Stu ( feeling stupid )
  7. I used The Lotus Center for mine. they changed the belts last september for me. Prices are quoted on their site, it was much less than the grand that you are being quoted, their work in my opinion is great and they are helpfull with other issues that you may have, but it is a hike down there. stu.
  8. What a great way to help the government. We can now get this done as a precursor to the vehicle black box, recording every little blip of the throttle and mile travelled. Lets rebrand the rest of eternity and have a permanent 1984 shall we. And I was hoping to be the same as a tin of beans, oh well I can dream. Stu.
  9. Off the top of my head it works out at roughly 38 bar as a peak pressure for each firing stroke. That is at max HP of 350 at the flywheel. It's a long time since i worked this stuff out so this is not gospel. hope it helps stu.
  10. that seriously looks like my larini system. and that sounds great. shall have to get an audio sample and put it in my garage, also have the lotus sport system, so may get a sample of that as well and be really anal about it, hey we could even get an exhaust sound library going, oh my god where is the scotch.... even go set up the super shiny esprit exhaust website, now i'm just being silly.
  11. Have to agree with the posts here. If you want a dull steralized, computer interpreted driving experience then go for the modern kit. Resting assured that if you go too far then the electronics will cosset you and pat you on the back like a scolded little boy and say no no no, you can't do that. Or go for the option of the older designed spec super car, where if you get way it wrong then it is on your own head and the only cosseting you get is from the nurse in casualty, or perhaps the undertaker. As far as the opinion of looks goes. Earlier this year I travelled down to south Spain with my girlfriend. Who newly flown from the caribbean had no idea of the attention that the car got. We flew down the roads of France, through Paris. Where much to the delight of adults and children alike the traffic was deadlocked. Pain in the ass for me, but an impromptu photo shoot for the car and most of the passers by. Same thing in Barcelona, whilst creeping down the Las Ramblas. Only had one car overtake me whilst on the Payage I was doing 140mph+, some soul-less Stuttgart example. Yes, complete with the dog in the back licking the rear window as they went by, think it was some shade of grey or other. Parked on the quay, next to the boat here, the Esprit looks like it is breaking the speed limit when it is stopped, no super saloon could do that. Whilst on the point of design, in 10 years time which will look older and most dated? The curent modern design offerings from the various factories around the world, or the timeless wedge shape. Remember, if you ask a little boy to draw a supercar, what do they sketch? An Esprit of course.
  12. Stuart

    Le Mans Anyone?

    Sounds like we are starting to put a plan together. What dates are people toying with. When are you going down, returning? It's never good being somewhere and watching your mates drive off.... Rob we definately want to go, just need to work out where to meet up and when, as I'll be comming up from the Barcelona ferry. Also what is the consensus about where to stay, tent / car ( for the hardcore ) / chateaux / versailles? As you posted this is something that will have to be arranged shortly to guarantee place. stu.
  13. Having recently moved down to Palma, Mallorca. I was wondering how far people go to get their pride and joy serviced. Or do you do it at home yourself, no lewed comments please!! As for me and mine it will be back to South West Lotus. Perfect excuse for caning it across Spain and France, with the roof out of course. Poor Me B)
  14. I have similar issues with mine. If I have not driven the car for a couple of days, she fires and starts on the first crank. If I have driven the night before or earlier that day for example she normally fires and starts on the second crank. If the engine has been rinning in stopped traffic, or on a hot day and I stop it, then start it again relatively soon then it takes 3+ cranks to fire and start. I don't think this is normal, if anything I would have thought that the longer it is left the harder it is to start, not the other way round. Some enlightenment would be appreciated from those out there who know Incedentally the car has just had a B service and has done 23K miles. Effortlessly driving down to Palma via france and Barcelona. Once I was on the continent she was purring away at 140mph most of the way down, with a few blips to 170 when the girlfriend was asleep. Incidentally it is amasing how much luggage you can cram into the luggage space of these cars especially if you get some of those vacuum bags, highly reccomended.
  15. Paul, how are you finding the new cats after almost 2 months? I'm thinking of doing the same to my v8gt, and as you don't know which way to go. An feedback on what they are like would be great. stu.
  16. Stuart

    Le Mans Anyone?

    sorry it was speed ferries not superfast
  17. Stuart

    Le Mans Anyone?

    when i came down here earlier this summer it cost me 29 pounds with superfast ferries from dover to france. looking at the costs at the event now.
  18. Stuart

    Le Mans Anyone?

    I know that it is a little early to be thinking of this. But I have always wanted to go to this event. Now fortunately I will be in Europe, and able to get there, hopefully driving, although comming from Spain, so opposite to most of you. Is there anyone that plans to go / goes every year? It would be good to get as many Esprits together as possible. I'm sick and tired of seeing those red donkeys everywhere, who is for showing a little solidarity?
  19. Thanks for the replies guys. My car was in the compound of the international yacht marina in Palma Mallorca. This only has 2 entrances, both guarded. And of course the access by sea. Having several hundered million dollars worth of boats in this place ( the one next to us is 150million on its own ) I would have thought that a mere badge would be ok. But it's a Lotus though, I guess the perpetrators have had their fill of Lambos and dancing donkeys. Also now parking within the line of sight of our surveillance cameras Cheers, stu.
  20. Getting back to my car today I see that some prick has tried to lever off the Lotus badge from the rear of my car. The idiots have been un-sucessful and have managed to just mash it up. Has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone got a badge lying around somewhere? Are the badges all the same for the Stevens cars, mines' a V8GT? Stuart.
  21. Ok, so now I am really showing my ignorance, what is the difference between the cross plane and flat plane crankes?
  22. This may seem silly to some of you, but why do the V8's sound the way they do? It is unlike any other V8 I have heard. Or are there any other engines out there that sound the way the Lotus lump does? rgds stu.
  23. Reading all that has been said about BOV
  24. Your age: 27 Car: 2000 V8GT Location: Herefordshire, UK Insurer: Adrian Flux Mods declared: None Milage allowance: unlimited Agreed Value :
  25. Great idea. Especially the skid pan. Missed the last unfortunately. Late spring would suit me best. Either way I'll have to come from Palma, that is a training session in itself. stu.
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