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  1. Stuart

    The Ashes

    I was under the impression that they never left Lords anyway. B)
  2. Just put an order in for a Larini exhaust at 650quid. will let you know how it goes when i get it on.
  3. an esprit in the alpes? saw a 911 up there last year 2wd, with chains on the back wheels. thaught he was the dogs' danglies as well, then he couldn't get the chains off his tyres, so ended up looking like a right plonker. the guy was a prick anyway. getting back to the point, you're a braver man than I, always thought supercar and snow were mutually exclusive?
  4. Actually I would be on at the Chancellor, fuel here in Palma is just under a euro a litre for super. It all comes from the same holes in the ground, the only difference is what the state creames off, therein yet again exploiting the overtaxed, overstressed, motorist. Stepping down from the soap box.
  5. Stuart

    Nurburgring trip

    I tested the water last year with this on an other site to mixed reactions. But always up for a trip like that, perhaps it would be worh it to work in a small tour as well? Either way I'll be in.
  6. My lotus sports exhaust is comming to the end of it's life. The question is do I replace it with another from lotus, or go to one of the other makers that are out there. I have contacted Tubi about this and they make an exhaust for the esptit but a bit detremental on the pocket at
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