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  1. This thread isn't filling me with confidence. Parting with the thick end of £80k for a car that I can't drive and unable to view specification options in the flesh is a super big ask. Some of us live a 5 hour round trip from our nearerest Lotus dealer, which represents a not insignificant commitment. For me, what is it about this car, that should make me feel that I should replace my V6 Exige with either a V6 Emira or AMG i4? I was full of enthusiasm at the launch of this car, but feel Lotus have gone way too soon, and speaking personally, I'm very much off the boil.
  2. I can't find this, can anyone share a link please?
  3. Still nothing received here... I got a thing through from Lotus about a reveal at 7:30pm tomorrow, but that's surely something else?
  4. I filled in the form, but don't seem to have received any confirmation yet?
  5. If it was Sunday morning, that'd be me😀 in a Motorsport Green V6 Exige S.
  6. Thanks for the tip. For PS4 works out exactly the same as Oponeo at £560 (once you have factored in the Black Circles discount offer of an extra £40). Very good shout though, thanks.
  7. Thanks all - I've found that I can get a set of 4 x Pilot Sport 4 for £560 fitted including VAT from black circles. Seems good value.
  8. Hi My rear Corsa's are toasted - what's the current recommendation for year-round road use (excluding snow/ice)? Thanks
  9. Just curious...I have an Exige S (2013) in MSG and wonder if there is any info on production numbers? Don't seem to see many coming up for sale.
  10. S1 Elise S1 in silver grey - Spotted at about 4pm on A595 at Calder bridge, anyone on here?
  11. I notice in the service notes attached above, that it segregates Exige S settings from 350. I wonder why if the 350 settings are an improvement (which they must be). So, in terms of settings, to clarify, did you apply the 350 optimum settings, as per the above service bulletin to your Exige S? Thanks.
  12. Hi I have. 2013 Exige S Coupé (with Race), currently on Corsa's. For fast road use, with understeer reduction in mind, what are the optimum geo settings? I understand the 350 has less understeer 'out of the box' - is it just a case of replicating 350 (race) geo settings? If so, what are the settings? If somebody has alternative advice, I welcome your views. Thanks
  13. Thanks Stuart - I hadn't set out to look for a green car, but when I saw the Exige in Motorsport Green I thought it looked really special.
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