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  1. Shortfork

    Black Elise

    Black Elise with green strip M2 11am
  2. Shortfork


    Spotted Possible series 2 ending Reg with a X dark colour flashed you as passed M2 at about 20.45 just now really.
  3. Yep i went on the sunday where the lister took the 15 bad luck he got held up in traffic and went one wheel.on grass so.lost bit more time. Got there at 6.45 am left at 8pm.been many times great day Oh yer lol
  4. yes i done the bronze very good indeed will do silver next year
  5. Sky blue elise a2 about 9.30 el07 plate
  6. Hi i do quite a few roadtrips i got a few extra people and cars coming with me next year. Does anyone know which best walkie talkies to get i got a cheap set of cobras but onlys lasts about 6 car lengths. Cheers peeps. Any recs would be appreciated.
  7. yes went on sunday just gone very very good
  8. I have heard nothing from Hethel why have they cancelled i give them a ring
  9. next year for sure send me reminder but its same date as goodwood so can't go this year.
  10. going there in few weeks for the bronze
  11. Shortfork

    Orange Elise

    Orange Elise A10 Number plate as i turned off A2 very clean.
  12. Shortfork

    Two in one day

    Series 2 05 plate gave me a toot and wave tooted back in a reddish colour very nice on a30 about 2pm plus series 1 in black very nice on m3 turned off at junction 6.
  13. Well finally made it to helston no major issues roads are good all places i visited were ok with road being a bit narrow but that was in devon picking up my travel buddy so car done about 900 miles in my four day excursion. Weather was foggy cloudy sunny rainy so car needs a wash now. Will return.later in year for sure
  14. Shortfork

    white evora

    White evora m2 on hard shoulder this morning
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