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  1. Hi Peeps, how does set the 24 clock hour there is no setting for BST and when I just put it forward or back it reverts back to what ever the default time was, plus has anyone upgraded the tracks database. Cheers
  2. Had mine done no issues but question concerning fuel.level appearing to show different levels on the analogue and digital. Does it bleep when low or flash cheers
  3. Cheers someone sourced me some Michiba super white bulbs but it was about 30 per cent worse than originals think I stick with them.
  4. Hi has any one upgraded there headlight bulbs if so what brand and where to obtain I have tried Michiba Super White but there are worse than original it seems nothing fits. Cheers
  5. Few days ago on A2 near Bluewater very nice I gave a bleep and waved
  6. brands hatch dtm lotus cup europe
  7. Shortfork


    Nice Red Evora A249 slip road going onto M2 London Bound
  8. Thank you I might well do I never thought of that
  9. thanks for that I keep you informed
  10. Hi peeps again has anyone had a series 3 tuned by Hanger 111, I have a 220 and would like a bit more oomph I have been told that the OEM ecu not much can be done and the aftermarket ones have to piggyback but I see on their site they do a phase two and phase three so possible 240, 260 is what im looking at, or with a komotec one but then I lose the lotus OEM settings which I would like to keep as I do maybe three, four, track days a year and rest for normal road use. so to recap has anyone had something like this done on a series 3 surely many thanks again.
  11. After much research there is only two garages that sell super unleaded one in Ullapool and one in Thurso the next nearest is Tesco's in Dingwall just north of Inverness so hopefully these garages do not run out, there are plenty of garages on route but only 95 ron. Also after much research on various forums it is possible with care to do the applecross cross route, though Lambos and a Porsche have bottomed out.
  12. Hi Tony I also got MSC very good they are too, I do a few track days a year and roadtrips all over. Welcome
  13. hi peeps after my Cornwall roadtrip last year I'm looking to do the NC 500, has anyone on here done. The applecross route as I'm worrying about bottoming out on crests. Also how about fuel super unleaded is hard to find I'm told i will be going Ullapool, Kylesku, Durness, Dunnet Head, John o Groats, main things I want to see are the applecross route, the bones caves, smoo cave, Advreck castle, and Gringoe Castle not sure on spelling on the last one. Hotels and B&Bs booked mainly photography and geocaching trip with some enjoyable roads, any advice would be grateful cheers
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