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  1. Would send photo but don't how to Done lol thanks again
  2. So no alternatives on the fronts so will need new wheels and geometry set up. Thanks
  3. Hi again interesting thanks so would I have change my wheels from the 175s to 195s, What options do I have for the 175s Cheers
  4. Hi peeps what are my choices for road and track use. I normally have ado7s fitted but hard to get now. For series 3 Elise cheers
  5. Silver series 2 both waved at each other on Leeds castle road about midday
  6. Just wondering what's the longest Non stop drive in a lotus anyone has done. Given the seats and space. Mine is now 5 hours. No problems at all.
  7. Waved from Elise, you looked liked Gav Kershaw. Clean Exige.
  8. Silver Elise 07 plate m20 junction 4 ish few nights ago about 9.30
  9. Hi can anyone tell how to set the auto screen display using night to day, day to night it's does not seem to change. Cheers
  10. so like it says in the book just over one gallon left when the fuel light comes on 30 miles left still looks more on the actual display like three gallons left lol
  11. Hi Peeps, looking at some changes for my series 3 Elise maybe new flat bottom steering wheel and gated shift, plus rear V3 halo lights anyone had these fitted in the UK. Thanks
  12. Hi Peeps, Can anyone tell me how much fuel you have left when the fuel light comes on on the Aim dash thanks cause on the digital display it looks like a quarter of tank left showing on display
  13. Hi Peeps, how does set the 24 clock hour there is no setting for BST and when I just put it forward or back it reverts back to what ever the default time was, plus has anyone upgraded the tracks database. Cheers
  14. Had mine done no issues but question concerning fuel.level appearing to show different levels on the analogue and digital. Does it bleep when low or flash cheers
  15. Cheers someone sourced me some Michiba super white bulbs but it was about 30 per cent worse than originals think I stick with them.
  16. Hi has any one upgraded there headlight bulbs if so what brand and where to obtain I have tried Michiba Super White but there are worse than original it seems nothing fits. Cheers
  17. Few days ago on A2 near Bluewater very nice I gave a bleep and waved
  18. brands hatch dtm lotus cup europe
  19. Shortfork


    Nice Red Evora A249 slip road going onto M2 London Bound
  20. Thank you I might well do I never thought of that
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