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  1. As the others have said I am sure it is a WinAce item but cannot say for certain as it was fitted prior to my purchase. I had always longed for a Red Evora with the black pack and went to Hedge End to look at exactly that. But this was there as well and side by side this just did it. It also came with the plate already attached, which while it is a nice plate it does (for my mind) take the fakery a little too far. One day I may change it to something but at the moment it is a good way down on my (wife's) list.
  2. 2014 NA Sport Racer in Nightfall Blue. With GTE style front end. I have always preferred the rear over that of the later models, much cleaner. But ever so slightly preferred the front of the later models so for me this car was my ideal compromise. According to the certificate it is number 10 out of all the Sport Racer NA, is number three out of the four that are in Nightfall Blue and the only one of those four with diamond cut alloys
  3. Yes it did come with the plate. And I suppose it would better suit somebody with a Reliant Scimitar . The plate was not the only misrepresentation on the car as I removed a 'S' badge from the back and Black and Gold lotus bonnet emblem from the front. You can just make them out on the pictures I took when I first went to see it.
  4. Thats the one. Every day's a school day. Thank you Bibs.
  5. Not sure where it came from. But it probably is. The only thing Hedge End said was that the original owner had it put on. You've intrigued me know. Does anyone know if there any way I could tell where it came from ??
  6. Thank you for the comments gentleman. A couple more pics attached. Sorry about the backdrop.
  7. I have had my NA Evora for just over a year now so thought it was about time to introduce myself. I have been a life long fan of all things Lotus, even painting the lotus symbol and a JPS logo on my bedroom wall at the age of 10 while my parents were away. Mother was not too bothered until she realised I had used gloss paint. I also carried the theme on, 24 years later, into my son's room painting a lotus emblem onto a hot air balloon. So owning my own has always been an ambition. But at 6'4" I had been unable to fit into one comfortably until the Evora. I first sat in one in 2010 at JCT600 in Leeds on the way back from looking at a new shape Europa in Malton, which again I could not sit in without getting a bad neck. That was me decided and for the next 8 years I wanted an Evora in red with black pack. That was until I saw what I have now at Hedge End the front end just did it for me.
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