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  1. These may help your decision. Admittedly these are grey and diamond cut but if I had to choose a solid, it would be silver all day long.
  2. I can also vouch for the veepeak OBD reader. Bought one 12 months ago and works perfectly.
  3. From boring black to Lotus magnificence.
  4. Not sure if this has ever been posted before (I did try a few searches and nothing appeared) Took my 2014 Evora for its MOT today and this was an advisory. The picture is of the off side and you can see where it has not only worn the the cable outer but also worn a slight groove in the wishbone. The near side is no where near as tight to the wishbone but has still rubbed. For the moment I have cut some pieces of braided fuel line to sheath the worn bits. Deroure shows replacement ones at £72 but I should imagine it will take a good couple of hours to swap. It almost seems like the grommets in the chassis, where the cable exits, are too far forward making the cable too tight. I wonder if the holes are hand cut ? And I ended up with the apprentice doing mine.
  5. No need to apologise. Glad I read through all the older threads now.
  6. I maybe should of said I did put a piece of expanded honeycombe (approx 10mm Deep) in between the Airbox and the MAF tube to straighten the airflow.
  7. Julian73, that has been a concern. And I completely understand your comments. The MAF tube I chose is ever so slightly smaller then the stock so if anything the air flow would be slightly less. Before I fitted the new airbox I took reference pics of all of the Spark plugs so I can keep an eye on there condition. I know it is a bit of an old school way of doing it but the plugs will not lie. I have also not driven it hard in anyway to allow the ECU to catch up. I do feel a little shady on 'copying' what BOE have done. And I can understand that from their side it is not just the component cost it is also their development time they rightly deserve renumeration for. I just thought I would give it a go, that is my nature. Must be the farmer in me. In time I will get my self some 2ublar manifolds and at that point I will get the ECU re-mapped.
  8. Yes I did. I bought an aluminium MAF tube of eBay, needed machining down a bit, the ITG airbox and flexible intake tube of Merlin Motorsport. Then a few bits of silicone hose off Viper performance. Once everything had arrived it took about an hour and a half to fit. Done about 200 miles so far and all is good. Need to finish it off still by painting the MAF tube black and devising a bracket to secure the airbox better. Currently secured with some bits of foam and cable ties. The noise is very, very addictive. My 6 year old son insists on the window being down now so he can hear "the super speed noise"
  9. Apologies if this has been asked before but does anyone know which ITG Airbox is used in the BOA CAI kit for the N/A Evora. I have tried searching previous topics and not found an answer. I was thinking I could try and scale up off a picture of one.
  10. I will have to get you to come and take some more pictures of her simon350s, very complimentary. Bloody good job I gave it wash last night. I was down ther with my wife for a check up on her new kidney and pancreas. It's took me a long to persuade her to let me take her down it it. Well worth it the A49 before 6am is a delight (in places)
  11. As the others have said I am sure it is a WinAce item but cannot say for certain as it was fitted prior to my purchase. I had always longed for a Red Evora with the black pack and went to Hedge End to look at exactly that. But this was there as well and side by side this just did it. It also came with the plate already attached, which while it is a nice plate it does (for my mind) take the fakery a little too far. One day I may change it to something but at the moment it is a good way down on my (wife's) list.
  12. 2014 NA Sport Racer in Nightfall Blue. With GTE style front end. I have always preferred the rear over that of the later models, much cleaner. But ever so slightly preferred the front of the later models so for me this car was my ideal compromise. According to the certificate it is number 10 out of all the Sport Racer NA, is number three out of the four that are in Nightfall Blue and the only one of those four with diamond cut alloys
  13. Yes it did come with the plate. And I suppose it would better suit somebody with a Reliant Scimitar 😁. The plate was not the only misrepresentation on the car as I removed a 'S' badge from the back and Black and Gold lotus bonnet emblem from the front. You can just make them out on the pictures I took when I first went to see it.
  14. Thats the one. Every day's a school day. Thank you Bibs.
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