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  1. Good spot lol.this is why its said men cant multitask i suppose 😁
  2. 1976 s1 eclat ready to rebuild .missing very little .front windscreen and headling everything else there. 1/2 leather seats but rear will need recovered. Black leather /wood trim dash very good condition with no marks or damage around 45k miles on the clock. Body Shell paintwork needs attention with the bonnet being the worst .all chromework complete and good condition. Have mx5mazda headlight mechanisms to go with it. Non galvinised Chassis good with only front antiroll bar mounts to weld .plenty old paper work recipets,factory build manual in original folder and 1976 sales brochure too. Perfect new year project. Offers
  3. John,do you know if this is still available,spare time is something thats been evading me lately be quicker swapping chassis. Cheers
  4. Agree with that too but can blast and repair chassis myself so thats a lot of money can spend on other parts.
  5. Cheers mikeeech, planning to shotblast,red oxide then top coat. Anyobe know best place i can get all the bushes?
  6. Long shift today with what should have taken an hour or so taking n early 5 hours. Moving my rolling chassis to it new home. Turns out the shed i built 4 years ago around her with the idea of disgarding it when she was rebuilt i had to dismantle to get her out. So here she is in her new home Although the chassis will be good once shotblasted and recoated ,the front end is not so happy, with a wee bit of fabrication required where the anti roll bar mounts are ,quite annoying as the rest is good under the surface rust.
  7. Dunc,they are compomotive. Suppose they would look ok cleaned up tom ,just not keen on the. The worst is 4 brand new tyres fitted then hasnt turned a wheel under its own power since but they are perished with age.
  8. Below is a pic of the wheels that came with her , will use these but come tine i will try and source something bit more pleasing on the eye
  9. Nice collection john. Free time is my biggest problem at the moment. Local vintage show today thers usualy 1 s2 turns up so hoping to get a good rake about it see how some bits go together
  10. Small update, still not had much time to go near her and when i do ,jobs i can do are limited as i still havent had time to move the chassis/mechanicals to new workshop. So a spare hour the other day saw me trial fitting interior seats trim etc and exterior chrome work. Mainly to see what was actually missing due to not being me dismantling the car. All that seems to be missing is the carpet,and headlining,all other parts seem to be present and in good order,apart from a now broken headlight,ooopsie! Pic below
  11. Buying the car already stripped was great for seen what was really underneath,not ao good for re assembly. Can anyone advise on best material/thickness for under the carpets please? Thanks
  12. Havnt had a lot of time lately to do much,have managed to kit the workshop out a bit better and make a plan of where to start after aquiring a factory manua .thinking of putting her up for sale as i cannot see me having enough time the remainder of the year.
  13. 76,non galv chassis 520 c/w pas n electric windows,will have a look at the rims been about a year since iv looked at them lol.
  14. Yes 4 speed i think?? on non std alloys,was located in abdn till about 1993,if i remember correctly owned by a mr cardno .
  15. Cheers ,oilmagnet ,progress will be slow due to new arrival due in 4 weeks and work. Eclat ufd 955r was a member of a scottish owners club back in the 90s before it was taken off duty
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