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  1. Hi, everyone, here are pictures of the driveshafts I took when I inspected the Europa today:
  2. Thank you, John, do you mean these (output shaft oil seals)? There are different types for 336 and 352/365 gearboxes.
  3. Thanks to everybody for the helpful hints. @madwolf: Thanks for inviting me to see your Europa in the Frankfurt area. I'm from Northern Germany, so it's quite far away. Nevertheless I appreciate your offer and will contact you if I ever get a chance to go down to Frankfurt. I inspected a Lotus Europa S2 (Federal) today in the Netherlands. This car had been totally restaured a short time ago. I was disappointed about all the issues I found. Main problem to me seemed the loss of gearbox oil at the driveshaft bearings. The oil spot on the ground had the size of a piece of copy paper. Sh
  4. Hi, I'm Det from Germany. I'm seriously interested in buying a Lotus Europa (classic), but I don't have any practical experiences with this car. I'm owner of an MG Midget (for 16 years now) and a Morgan 4/4, but those are totally different cars. As the Lotus Europa isn't that popular over here in Germany, it's quite difficult to get recommandations or detailled hints about buying an Europa. For example from Classic Car Magazines. I know quite a lot about the Lotus Europa's history (English literature) and the main technical aspects but I'm missing helpful informations about buying one.
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