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  1. People do know me Alex, check the other listing about "can they be saved" on here. I have been a prat on perhaps two occasions, am difficult to get hold of because i am busy - I have had around 40 Esprits, still got several - all of mine have been lower end of scale with C/D history - I have always made that no secret The engine is listed in the classifieds, contact me by all means. I have declined an offer for £4k for engine, manilfold, Turbos and ECU as a bundle. Regards Nick
  2. Andy - what did you try and buy from me ? I decided the not break the cars, that kind of got thumbs up on here, i am planning LS3 / Audi 6 speed conversions on both the cars, I do not need engines, gearboxes, driveshafts, and I can lose some interior. I am not breaking the cars, if a collective wished to get together and buy the V8 for £12k and the S4 for £9.5k and then they choose to break the cars then that is fine by me, be it the general view was save before destroy. I listened to the forum, I acted. I have responded to every new enquiry about interior and engines, but everyone seems to feel I need to give it away for £2.50. If the forum suggest some relistic figures and i get the sales I wil happily give £100 to a charity or contribution to the forum upkeep I am dammed if i do on here and dammed if i dont. Regards
  3. Hi George, It was me , Nick , selling the car, i have no idea who brought it and where it went, many of my earlier cars went abroad at that time. It came from a forum member who I worked with, cannot remember name, he has S4S and Toyotal Supra, still see the S4S nearby to me. Stil have several Esprits, TVR's, Lancia Montecarlos, Integrales and EVO's, - last count was 50 odd Regards
  4. Hi Stuart, Not sure of the confusion:- i have sold the car, complete in the hope that it is saved - I believe they will update the rear lights on it and put Novas on the car hense my comment about i expect parts will appear for sale at some point by another person Regards Nick
  5. THank for advice guys - I wil photo, create ads and list correctly in the classified section on here. Regards
  6. Thanks guys and yes sorry I have been sitting on the fence over the cars, and yes I cheaply listed them as parts rather than cars to save me the £14 quid a car. I am a bit headless chicken and am very disorganised, that does not hellp Although registered as a business seller, lancia4wd and working with a friend, fleebagmonkeyface I work full time in IT, and then have to split my time up between family, work and eBay. I am not in the car business at all. i have several Esprits still, many TVR's and some Lancia Montecarlos and Grales / EVO and try to maintain as best i can. Yes i would ideally like to sell whole in the hope that they wil see the road again, i am sorry to everyone who i have put off over smaller items As for the Yellow Turbo It is a Cat C car, VIC check all done so have V5 with it. It has not run or moved for 6 months, I would expect it to run though THe glass roof has been repaced by a fixed panel, rifgr side petrol filler cap has been stuck in / fixed, V8 rear spolier added to rear. Drivers side door mirror broken - along with side repeater. When I first brought the car SJ sportcars picked it up and while did no formal report were not impressed, but of course it is a non concours cat C car, so while valuable feedback is not that reflective of where the car sits in the world.I would imagine an independant garage bill in the order of £3k to rerurb brakes / suspension / engine, tidy up bodywork - a diy bill would be £1k at a guess, bearing in mind to make it a usuable car to reflect what it is. I have purchased a good set of non standard 17/18 V8 wheels and tyres to fit to it but have never got it father than sat back here. The lift out roof is missing and a crude fibeglass panel is in its place. Repairs to the fuel tank / tanks have been attempted and additional holes cut into bodywork, the fuel tanks or pipework may or may not need further repairs or replacement. The drivers side wing mirror is damaged, and so is the drivers side indicator. One of the fuel filler flpas has been stuck onto the body, with filler. There is no reason why the car cannot run, however I would suggest servicing and sorting fuel tanks before serious use. It has been involved in an accident in the past, Cat C, still needs to have a Vehicle Identify Check / VIC performed before a V5 will be issued As for the V8 AS at today :- "Cat C, flood damage, VIC checked , V5 It turns over but does not start, it does not appear to be the fuel pump cut off switch, but it may well be the alarm system, it does not have a remote fob but have tried deadlocking and then opening using the key. Think I may not be waving the little dangling thing on the keyring in the right place - around the gear stick is where I believe the sensor is. It has quite a bit of rust underneath on suspension / pipeworks / brakes etc. There is an oil leak around left side Turbo. The red hose clutch pipe is leaking at front under the boot floor, but the master and slave cylinders look serviceable It has 37009 recorded miles" As for the S4 its again a CAT C car, VIC check V5 - needs front shell, history with that Yes i would ideally like to sell whole in the hope that they wil see the road again, i am sorry to everyone who i have put off over smaller items
  7. Guys, I have been a right dick on a few occasions , granted - although remember there are two sides to those times, i just choose not to state mine so public - but been ok on countless others Many of my esprits , and I have had 50 odd, have been poor examples, checkered history but all have been "proper" in terms of paperwork etc. Bibs reference, and quite right to point out, to a Yellow V8 i had, yes it was registered as a d plate car, but it passed a VIC check, where it had the number plate assigned to it , had at least 2 MOT's in my time with generic main dealers after that time as well, and did have all the matching numbers on the V5. Granted perhaps the car should have been on a q plate - but that was not me to deem that. If i really am being a tit then please constructively tell me, my number is 07899 826797, my email address is As for prices, then I would believe that a complete running V8 Cat C car is worth that kind of money as a haggle point Regards Nick
  8. Your mail address bounces, i have replied about Esprit for sale

  9. Hi, I have two for sale on eBay right now, mine are / were S3 but they must be the same or similar as the the poppers are mounted around the body rather than engine cover / surround. Regards Nick lancia4wd on eBay.
  10. Hi Mike, I have a V8, its been advertised before and been talked about before. Its a 96 car, has 98 interior, it is registered as a 1987 car. Its been vosa'ed inspected so while provinance is poor its not a cut and shut or anything, runs and drives. Regards Nick
  11. Hi Wayne, do listen to the forum members, I have owned and sold around 30 Esprits now so well know, both good and bad things have been said about me, so it not new news. Most people bid blind almost no one views and so perhaps some of my cars have been unfaily thought of post sale, and judged on photos rather than viewings - but i am am man and admitted when wrong, apologised when wrong, and in some instances accepted completly false statements because its not really worth trying to correct some peopel, i know i am right and that is ok by me. Nuts yes i am to some degree for sure, if you look at the other two S3 project thoug on eBay - they are getting on for 2k in bidding and seem no better that my car, in paint terms you need to paint the rear hatch few marks but generally good, interior is there, rev counter is stil to be found, i removed it wjhen trying to use a conversion box someone on here kindly made to convert to 8 cylinders but i guess a excel one culd be brought for little money if I cannot find it. I think 2.5k cash for my car is well in line with projects and my car is far from a basket case, its nice and clean now since i did the photos. You bike, no bids at 2k, well why would i accept that as a swap, ? it overpriced in my view, and other biodders seem to agree, perhaps than touche for my car also, i have had many well several offers for 2k for mine but i do feel its worth a little more. If i took you bike as px i have to advertise it for sale also. Regards Nick
  12. Hi, Have one in yellow on a V8 that I would swap. Regards Nick
  13. Franky, If Hilly cannot help i think i have both styles, the left picture is for S3 cars, S2 different, have those two, at least your drivers side as moved the door yesterday with mirror attached. Ford Escort / Orion Ghia models have similar i am told, but never checked, also someone said London Black cabs are v.similar too, but may not be electric Regards Nick
  14. Hi Rich, Later G shaped cars use a different vent config on the rear, I cannot remember the exact version etc etc but they are different. I have 5 bonnets and could match a picture if you wanted to send me one by all means to
  15. Nello and Waynef, Lots of people here better qualified, I think the First Turbo's were the Bell and Colvill (spelling??) Series 2 Turbos, discussed on here before when a couple were for sale some time ago. I think they were factory approved cars, but not sure. Regards Nick
  16. Hi, I have long reach, down in Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire about 10 miles south west of Hungerford if of any use. Regards Nick 01672 512712 evenings
  17. Adrian, May or may not be a problem. One of my cars failed an MOT because of "wheel fouling on bodywork", due to inner arch rub. Converted to studs and had spacer and passed. Another one went straight though, non standard wheels, same rubbing !! From a safety point of view, I guess long term not too good, not so much of an issue on Esprit, but when your suspension compresses it can rub too. Regards Nick
  18. For information :- I asked the seller about the feedback he replied "The previous bidder has placed it as Cat C, though this information is incorrect. The car was stolen and recovered in 1999 but thats about it. The information you require is listed below: V5C issue number: BL7301120MOT test number: 554422728003Reg: H633 VCLChasis No: SCC081910MHA60304Engine No: LP910901127694" Regards Nick
  19. Bibs, All, I enquired about the car though eBay then saw these postings so added the sellers reply "No rear spoiler because this car is a lotus engineering car which they used for tests. The car is hpi clear. Had the car for 8 years but no service history before that." Regards Nick
  20. Hi, Its one of my old cars, that will put everyone off!!!! It was a Cat C, rhs rear, cracked the rear body from filler caps back, broke the gearbox mounts. Repaired by non lotus Bodyshop in Manchester way, they painted the wheels and did top of engine. It struggled for boost, wastegates / pipes / turbo ? Never investigated other than buying capsules which I never fitted, be that some time ago. Regards Nick
  21. Hi, I sold this car, was discussed in some detail on here, ref damaged chassis, looks like no work has taken place. Regards Nick
  22. Nigel, Car looking much better since emerging for my barn, well done on the restore / engine swap. Yes I have not been perfect / prat at times, it all came to head last year when I had major illness, resulting in IVA file and job loss around November, my assets got seized etc etc and I struggled / still struggle to sort everything out, this did have some direct results on some people, and i made amends and sorted everything out. I try to use eBay now, to offer protection for both buyer and sellers, my rating are not fake and while not perfect, 99.2 % with 3148 positive feedback ( 1964 different eBayers ) with 16 negatives, are not awful either. Sort of trader, yes guess so, I have owned 46 Lotus Esprits, and many many other cars, you saw a small selction when you picked up your car. I brought the white Esprit for
  23. Hi Simon, I agree with you on the careful stakes as far as buying the car. I have / did make everyone aware of the previous owners inspection. I did indicate what happened on a test drive. I did recommend to everyone to budget a chassis off restore / possible replacement. I did offer to release the car for a full inspection at an independent garage if they wished. Regards Nick Lancia4wd on eBay.
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