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  1. Up to what year of Esprit are the door windows interchangeable with the S2 windows? Just curious. Thanks Bob
  2. I have a rear hatch (S2) and louvers (Turbo), are you interested in either or both? I outside of Windsor Ontario. Bob
  3. Any tricks to make it easy to remove and replace the exhuast manifold on my S2? I have a spare manifold in perfect shape. The one on the vehicle now has several hairline cracks and is leaking bad and it also sounds like crap. Do I really have to remove the engine to swap the manifolds ? I was hoping and planning on enjoying the car for one year (summer 2007) before any major work. Thanks.
  4. Okay, thanks to all for the input. I am going to assume that it is an S2 since the VIN does have the vehicle type as 079 in it. And since it has the ears, front wrap around spoiler and the smith guages, it must be. Thanks again for the help. Bob
  5. Iain, The date of manufacture of this vehicle says May 78, however, I was reading something on the net where it states that the S2s started production in August of 78. This car definately has all of the S2 features, so I am confused as to whether it is an S1 or S2? Bob,
  6. Is there a 100% certain way to determine if a vehicle is a true S2 factory build? Your help is greatly appreciated. Bob
  7. The passenger inside door latch does not work, it must have become disconnected. I can not find anywhere what to do to remove the inside door panel. Does it just snap in place? How do I pull it off to work on the inside of the door? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bob
  8. What is involved in changing the bumpers on a 78 S2 to the newer style as seen on the Turbo or even a 1980 NA S2? Thanks.
  9. How much HP and performance can realistically be squeezed out of 1978 S2 Esprit? As I have mentioned, I am very new to the Lotus line, but I have some past mechanical experience (rebuild) with old Mopar type vehicles and I would like to have some input on what combinations of engine modifications/additions that can be performed to get the most Horse Power Punch out of this particular S2 2.0L engine. Pistons, cams, pipes, porting, polishing etc. Thanks Bob up in Canada B)
  10. Okay, I get the idea. I didn't think there would be so many replies. My wife even said to me, "don't you remember back then all the cars had two different keys". I guess I just forgot. I am looking at a S2 and the current owner said it is 100% correct and in great shape and he is the second owner. But when he said it took two different keys, I thought HA, I know something was wrong blah blah blah. Maybe he is telling the truth. Thanks for all of the help and I can not wait until I have a real important question. One more stupid question, what's with the two gas filler tubes? One tank or two? Are they connected or independent? Thanks.
  11. I just liquidated my sportbike collection. My riding bikes were a 2002 Yamaha R1 and 2000 Ducati 996. It depended on how I was feeling on which bike I would take out. However at age 42 and with lots of luck, I never ran into any serious issues, so on that note I am cashing in my chips, counting my lucky stars and letting my wife sleep at night, bu-bye bikes, hello lotus. Although, I have seen the speedo on my duck hit 280KM/h, I doubt that the Esprit that I am purchasing will come anywhere close to that as it sits now. I am now migrating to the world of Lotus. I thought that I would throw my two cents in. BTW, my most favorite bike I ever owned has to be the 98 GSX 750 R.
  12. Hi, My name is Bob, I am located in Lakeshore Ontario Canada which is just outside of Windsor, which is 1 mile south of Detroit Michigan. I don't know much about the Lotus line other than I have always wanted an Esprit and now an Elise as well. I was in Toronto on business a few weeks back and stopped by Gentry Lane and fell in love with the Elise. I hope to learn about these wonderful cars. Thanks in advance for your patience.
  13. Hi and thanks for the fast response. So, just so I am 100% clear, they came from the factory like that? Multiple keys that is? Thanks
  14. Hi, I am new to the Lotus line and to this forum. I have a basic, maybe even silly question, here it is: For a 1978 Lotus Esprit S2, did they come with two seperate keys, one for the door and another for the ignition? I was told that the door key is smaller than the ignition key and therefor there are two different keys, One for the Door, and one for the Ignition. Would someone be kind enough to clear this up for me. Thank you.
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