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  1. OMFG! My favourite F1 driver, with my favourite sports car, and dream spec car. I'm going to Google this now... Do you have a link? That 2007 season I think he was runner up, was the only year I have watched every F1 race (and qualifying)! It was my new years resolution, and my favourite F1 driver had a great season
  2. Looks awesome with the roof off. Getting mine converted on a couple of weeks, can't wait
  3. The Porsche model seems counter intuitive to me. Surely the more diverse your client base the better? However the size and expertise of their marketing department is considerable and they must have worked this out. Lotus needs reach a broader market but that is difficult as the younger client (millennial Snowflake) want everything, no compromise, which is well suited to Porsche product. Lotus will struggle to increase their client base. I think a full carbon bodied Exige and Evora would a great idea for both cars in the next couple of years as they are replaced, as mentioned in this
  4. Probably shouldn't lock this thread but so many forums are just full of opinionated trolls and haters, not just Lotus. Just look at the moron level on pistonheads, there is no point engaging in almost any discussion over there.
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