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  1. I'm not worried. I was only quoting the euro 7 comment by the author of the article. That said, I have seen comments like yours on other forums and responses from people seemingly in the know, saying that euro 7 was coming and would be generally as originally proposed. I have no knowledge or view either way. Only AMG know what their potential business model is likely to look like over the next 5 to 10 years or so and will no doubt have agreed a minimum engine supply date with Lotus.
  2. Clearly these are special engines. I wonder what the anticipated design life is at the current maximum rated bhp figure? I read somewhere that Toyota had an anticipated minimum design life for the V6 at 300,000km (186k miles). The V6 might not be very exotic, but it's as tough as old boots. Interesting comment on how euro 7 regs may effect the production feasibility/future supply of the AMG unit. I couldn't see AMG supplying these hand built units just to Lotus, if they were no longer used in one of their own vehicles.
  3. I'm genuinely sceptical that much if any of this will come to pass. I think a GT4 will appear at some point, but more in line with what Porsche have done with the Cayman and not a super light stripped out version. I also wonder just how much power Lotus will squeeze from the 4 pot and there is a suggestion that AMG will only allow a BHP figure at or below the current maximum figure that they provide in the A45, so as not to trump their offering and also possibly risk warranty issues for over stressed power units outside of AMG power guidelines. I can't help thinking that some people expecting something truly special, are going to be disappointed. I suspect this will be about what Gealy want moving forward and not the Lotus engineers
  4. Not a big fan of the rear on my 400, but I'm happy with the front. As I've said before, I'm not a massive fan of the rear on the Emira either, but otherwise it slightly trumps the Evora looks elsewhere.....but not by too much in my opinion and certainly not enough to swap one on looks alone.
  5. It will be interesting to see just how much lighter the 4 pot set up will be. Wikipedia have the M139 engine as 160kg and the Toyota V6 at 167kg. I assume the M139 figure includes the turbo and the V6 figure is without the SC, otherwise there doesn't look too much in it.
  6. A friend has recently got a GT4. I spent a fair bit of time in the car a few months back and I have to say that I was impressed. It's very well put together and looks great. In PDK option it's well into 3 secs 0-60. There are posts on forums that suggest you can get on the allocation for these without much if any of a Porsche buying history and the prices for a sensibly optioned car are actually quite good. I've not driven an Emira, but one specced with sports suspension and maybe on cup tyres, wouldnt be an unreasonable comparison IMO.
  7. When the Evora 400 came out in 2015, I thought it had more than just a wiff of Ferrari 488 about it (also out in 2015). Or maybe that was just to help with my decision to get one a few years later 😀
  8. There aren't too many cars that look good from all angles. I'm biased, but to me the Evora looks good from most, but then so does the Emira. I agree that the bonnet cut outs could be an issue for some and I'm not a massive fan of the rear end in general and the obvious design language carried over from the Evija. I think it's far to say that the Emira nails the mini supercar look and I suspect most customers new to the brand would prefer it's overall look compared to the Evora.
  9. We normally stay at a campsite near Stavelot. I'll be gutted if our usual Pizza place is closed. We took a new Civic type R in 2018 and came back to the car to find someone laying down in front of it with a fancy camera, taking loads of pics. On the campsite we had a queue of Dutch kids wanting to sit in the drivers seat. Happy days pre covid.
  10. Great pics. I noticed there was a Lotus event there. We are going to the ELMS race on 24th Sept. We are camping, so the Evora is missing this one in favour of our new i30n. It's our first decent road trip in it, so really looking to going down there and sampling the chips and mayo (plus a few beers) We love the place. We've been loads of times to watch the 24hr race, but this will be our first visit 2019 and Covid.
  11. This is our 4th trip down to Italy in a car group. Love the country and the people. We stayed the 2nd night in Courmayeur at the 5 star hotel where the cast and crew apparently stayed. Nice hotel but my wife wasnt too impressed with 25 euros for a G & T 😫 As for bags...we got two Kangol faux suede antique holdhalls from House of Fraser for £20.00 that squeeze perfectly into the boot.
  12. The car did get loads of attention. Aside from an F8 Ferrari in our group, it got the most attention. The exhaust sound was probably better than the Fezza TBH. We did 1980 miles door to door, but in Turin we stayed at the Lingotto (old Fiat factory, with the test track on top) and didnt use the cars for three days. On the way back was also did Galibier, Croix de la Fer, Telegraph, Lautaret and Glandon. The car was epic and in very high temps. We did have an old situation after arriving at a motorway services in France, where both remotes suddenly stopped working. Disconnected the battery for 30mins and all good there after. Wandering if something at the site was using the same frequency and blocking the signal.
  13. Just back from an 'Italian job' themed group driving trip down to Turin. The first photo is at the top of the Colle del Nivolet, exactly where the bus balances on the edge at the end of the film. The tunnel photo is the one where the Miura meets the Mafia at the start of the film.
  14. You're wife always says it's best to leave me be when I pack the car at home as I spend ages filling every gap or space. On the camp site, despite the extra food and beer space, I always pack in half the time and even quicker if its lashing down.
  15. I was at Donnington for the GTs, but parked my 400 in the main car park. Yours looked good, but had a tough job against all the exotic cars around it 😀 Love a bit of camping out of sports cars. We did Le Mans 6 times with a 350z and 370z, a 911 and a Cayman. We haven't been since we got the Lotus, but each time managed a tent, gazebo, sleeping bags, folding chairs small table and a large cold box. Packing to go is easy.....its not so good for the return journey if the usual rain has soaked your tent etc. Enjoy.....
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