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  1. And in pride of place in their Le Mans exhibition area.
  2. In June we visited the Technik museum Sinsheim in Germany with a car group They have a Le Mans Evora there.
  3. You may also want to check the main fuse plates/cable running from the battery connector cables. I had the exact same problem as you with my Evora 400 and Silverstone found the issue. They also check these now as part of their pre sales list on all vehicles. Mine first happened after a spirited drive along some Alpine passes and was very intermittent thereafter. I assume the Exige has a similar set up in this aspect to the Evora 400.
  4. Not sure if this helps, but both my keys stopped working during a French road trip last year. We were at a service station. Turned off waiting for my turn at the pump. 5 mins later, nothing. All lights on the dash OK, but the fobs not talking to the alarm. Did a hard reboot with the battery and all OK. Never did it again for the next 10 days and I changed the fob batteries just in case, when I got back to the UK. Plenty of stuff on the Internet about external sources interfering with key signals and the service station I stopped at was crammed with all sorts of signal masts and antenna's. I was sceptical and still am, that both fobs ran out of battery at exactly the same time. Especially when it's not even a smart key constantly sending out s signal.
  5. I can't speak for Porsche, but the BMW configurator went up by 1k against a 63k car. 1.4% ish. I think 8% is high, but I suspect its covering an earlier rise that they decided against or (hopefully for deposit holders) its also covering a future rise that they would have otherwise added in normal circumstances.
  6. I think the issue moving forward will be 'when and how much' will the further increases be. Clearly Lous are OK increasing by a relatively high amount, despite the assurances etc and with later deposit holders possibly 18 to 24 months from seeing the car, there could easily be a couple of additional price raises to contend with.
  7. It's gone....sold it about 4 years ago for a very big number apparently.👍
  8. I think it's gone....but I'll check 🙂. I've never met Mark. I know Simon and Tony quite well and they bought my last two Porkers from me I actually saw my first Emira late last year on the way back from them. On the opposite carriageway. Saw my first close up at Silverstone a couple of weeks ago and have to say that I was very impressed. A few of the angles I was not sure about in photos etc, looked good in the flesh. Not for me though and certainly not at the new price 😫👎
  9. I'm in Wollaston. I was coming back from Dove House cars in Rushden.. I always get my mot's through them, as I know them very well from my Porsche owning days.
  10. Yep....that was me 🙂 Just had the car MOT'd Busy in there today.
  11. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's certainly not clear cut. The prices of the two models have clearly been set by market. Probably Cayman S (for the 2.0 litre) and GTS for the V6. I don't for one minute think they get the cost price and then just apply a margin.....and bingo, it matches the competition. The V6 is now so long in the tooth that I think it's basically 2 engines back from what Toyota are using themselves. It's reasonable to me that the new hand-built high power AMG unit, is costing Lotus the same or more than the Toyota unit. Clearly the 4k gap between the two Lotus models is more about where they sit in the market and in terms of buyer perception of a fair cost uplift between them. I'd be surprised if many people on here expect Lotus to make the same margin on both models.
  12. My own view on this is that Lotus are still making an acceptable margin on the V6, based on the original list price. I'd be surprised if they are paying Toyota more for the V6 engine than they are for the AMG unit. I could be completely wrong, but maybe this is more about the I4 margins in the longer term. They could also be realising there will be additional costs as a result of the development programme for the 2.0L car and they would be slaughtered if they now offered the two cars for effectively the same or similar price.
  13. That video has the makings of being a classic.....for all the wrong reasons. With a clearly blatant disregard for what was originally said, maybe a career in politics would be better suited
  14. There were certainly some people that had a bit of a punt on the car in the early months as well. How many of these that followed through or will follow through, remains to be seen. A V6 is now effectively the best part of 86k on the road and that does start to get you near to some other nice options, inc the second hand market. With all these things, every buyer has a max ceiling in terms of total spend which can be stretched a bit, but this is a big jump. It also begs the question for middle or later people placing deposits, of whether there will be another price increase to contend with before they see the car.
  15. It certainly looks like a car worth the current price, but I'm not sure that the drivetrain is at the new price point It's more of an issue I think, of where we were price wise to where we are now and the fact that the i4 price was effectively unobtainable in actual terms.
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