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  1. Is that a hobbit standing next to the thing?
  2. I think there probably is an amount of Ethanol in all petrol sold in the UK. I can't believe our petrol is massively different to mainland Europe and most if not all the UK suppliers are also European/rest of the world suppliers. Clearly there is negativity associated with Ethanol and I suspect Petrol suppliers don't like to show the actual amount of Ethanol in their products for that reason, or maybe they are just not exactly sure what the % is batch by batch. The statement from my earlier post certainly seems to suggest that they are obligated to put Ethanol in their products, although I accept that 'up to 5%' is a bit open ended. I've seen lots of posts over the years from people saying they will only use V Max or BP Ultimate or some other pixie dust, but quite honestly, aside from using at least 98 as recommended, I'm fairly relaxed on which supplier I use and after filling up in some pretty crappy petrol stations on our last group tour down to Italy, I'm certainly not going to lose sleep over a tank of Tesco's finest 99
  3. I think many people are sceptical already about the ethics involved with the procurement of materials required, such as the cobalt you mention and of the course the general infrastructure required to enable re-charging in a workable and acceptable time frame. I wonder if it will be too late to change course before the full story and issues are common place and fully transparent. I for one will probably not be flipping cars quite so quickly in the future, if and when the end of the ICE becomes likely.
  4. Hate to say it, but I think this may prove to be the case. I've noticed an ever increasing acceptance of electric vehicles, even in Petrol head circles such as this. I think the car industry has reached a tipping point and I've been saying for some time that our next daily will be petrol and maybe the one after than.....thereafter, I'm not sure. Much as I'm happy to 'sensibly' do my bit to save Johnny polar bear and all that, but some of the stuff at the moment is just plain burgers at that University, paper/plastic straws at MD. Royals having an ECO sized family only. Can't help that think whatever we do in this country/Europe, it will have little consequence in the overall scheme of things once the 2.75 billion people in China and India have done their worst.
  5. I never really gave this much thought until a trip down to Italy in the Evora last year and having difficulty in obtaining 98 fuel. We managed to just about keep on top of it and probably had the equivalent of between 96 and 98 slushing around in the tank. A 458 Italia and a Gallardo owner settled on 95 a couple of times rather than wait for the only 98 pump and later began to have rough running issues. During the trip I sort of became aware of the whole 5 or 10% ethanol issue and was under the impression that every current car on sale today can take up to 10% ethanol (some may have a different view on this). I found this on Google, so could it be that V max has had a 5% content for some time, but is only now being displayed at the pump? All petrol sold in the EU typically contains up to 5%ethanol (E5 – the “E” stands for ethanol and the “5” stands for the maximum percentage of ethanol content) and this already for a number of years. It is widely available as the default petrol choice. I use 99 from Tesco and have done so with my last 4 cars that ironically were all 6 cylinders engines, where the manufacturers recommended 98 and all ran very well on it. Below is from the Tesco website. Under UK legislation, large fuel producers have a mandatory obligation to use a certain percentage of fuel from renewable sources. The renewable fuel used in petrol is ethanol, typically produced from sugar or starch crops such as sugar cane and maize. Dependent on location and supplier, UK petrol contains between 0 and 5 percent ethanol (produced in compliance to BS EN 288:2012).
  6. Yep, I think we have established that the two colours are not the same. The JCT car was (I think) the car I discussed with the Sales Manager last year. Either way, both shades look good to my eyes.
  7. This Ford GT is Verdi Mantis apparently......(according to the right up that came with the picture) I think it's very close, but I suspect Kawasaki green is a RAL coded paint and that Verdi Mantis is a Lambo hybrid colour. I'm colour blind anyway, but it's a great colour whatever it is and it also gave me an excuse to post a picture of a Ford GT as well
  8. Warning.......UK based forum, with UK based humour......
  9. We did the tour with the Lotus UK sales Manager and part way around got talking about a 400 that was for sale at a dealer in that colour (at least to my eyes it was that colour) He was aware of the car in question and I said it reminded me of Verdi Mantis from Lamborghini, to which he replied, that's actually the colour and that he was aware Lotus had produced a couple in the shade. Not entirely scientific I appreciate and maybe Kawasaki green is the actual colour. At sale time call it Verdi will add value I'm sure (Note Verdi Mantis emoji as well)
  10. Nice colour...... It's Verdi Mantis I's a Lambo colour. Not sure what the code is though. I did a factory tour at Hethel last year and was discussing that very colour with the sales Manager. Welcome to the 'loud colour' sub section of the forum!!
  11. I have a manual, but did my test drive in an auto as this was the only demonstrator available. I have to say that I was very impressed with the auto gearbox and thought the speed of gear change was very quick. I haven't driven the previous generation Evora in auto, but I knew on the 400 it was much quicker that the original and a big improvement by all accounts. My reason for going for a manual was partly down to cost, but most importantly because I felt that particularly when driving into work, I'd just leave it in auto and wouldn't be bothered to change with the paddles. That said, I did a bit of research on torque converters in general and there certainly seems to be a shift (pardon the pun) towards this type of gearbox and with the improvements in shift times and the weight saving against a double clutch set up, a number of manufacturers have decided to go in that direction and with continued development, I suspect these may become the auto gearbox of choice.
  12. Just what I was thinking....... There is so much intrinsic value in history and heritage. Something that the likes of Kia and Hyundai would love to have in their brands. I'm not a marketing guru, but in layman's terms it doesn't make sense to me. All the old sports car companies have their brand heritage and badges and they just look and feel right when associated with their cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini etc). Aside from all that, to my eyes as least, it looks a bit......half arsed to be honest.
  13. I'm amazed that so many cars left/leave the factory with this same issue. Mine never worked properly on my 400 and I used to have to apply some upward pressure on the boot in order for it to engage, something which is not always easy to do with bags in both hands. I asked the dealer about this and got shrugs of shoulders and a sort of 'yeah, they are not that good really and all do that' type of response. I simply unwound the rubber stops a turn and a half and bingo........not had a problem since. It's been opening on two taps of either the interior switch or the key fob for about 6 months now. I actually applied a couple of circles of clear protective tape on the area that the rubber stops came into contact with because I noticed they were already starting to mark the paint up and bit and I had the same issue from trapping the charger cable in the boot when shutting the hatch.
  14. I see.....that's a bit of a shame. Still a good tyre choice all the same. I think the rear size is covered by the 4's. What's the front tyre......i'm guessing 225/40/18?
  15. Would you not be better with PS4s rather than the PS4? i've read a few reviews and the PS4 comes out as maybe a bit too soft and comfy. The 4s is the direct replacement for the Supersports originally on the 400's. We have the 4s tyres on our Civic type r, which is a bit of a mile muncher and they are still very comfortable.
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