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  1. I think the Eagle supersports will offer enough performance for occasional trackdays. My understanding is that they were developed as a direct competitor to the Michelin PS4s. We have recently put a set on our Civic type R and I'm more than happy to recommend them.
  2. Who knows....possibly. I certainly dont follow him. He does seem to resent Lewis getting one more than Schumacher.
  3. You may want to read Bernie's Twitter account from yesterday. 100% the opposite.
  4. I don't think Masi set out to favour Max. I suspect he would have done the same if Hamilton was the second placed driver, but that doesn't make his actions correct. It was a clear case of manipulating and contriving the rules/circumstances to produce what he and his paymasters would perceive to be a more entertaining conclusion, when in reality it demeans the sport and efforts put in (on this occasion) by Mercedes.
  5. It's really soured F1 for me. Clearly Liberty Media are pushing to make F1 more 'Hollywood' and indirectly (I suspect) has had input in how these type of situations should be 'managed'. Sport should not be artificially made to appear more exciting. Sometimes it's boring and predictable. Sometimes teams and individuals are so dominant that races or events seem one sided, but that's sport and it has to be rule based. Mercedes/Hamilton were so far ahead of RBR yesterday, that the contrived end result was bordering on criminal. What about those people who had a bet on the outcome.....have they been robbed? I'm not sure where F1 goes from here. It's a highly tech based sport driven by technical regs and rules. It's not WWE.
  6. The digital speedo on my 400 reads 2mph more than the GPS on my phone (at 70mph). The analogue speedo does appear to less accurate, but I don't pay much attention to it really.
  7. Same here. It's tuned to run on super unleaded and based on the typical mileage of a Lotus owner, is not much of a cost uplift in the overall scheme of things. My understanding is that all UK sold cars 'can' run on 95 octane, but I suspect it won't run as sweet or to it's optimum performance. Lotus also state they will run on E10 but why bother. I did the sums a while back and for 5000 miles per year, super unleaded was the same cost as a curry for me and wifey 😀
  8. Probably run out fuel given the current situation 😀
  9. A mate of mine loves a gadget. He gave me a go on his 'chipped' electric bike and its bonkers. He reckons he's clocked it above 30mph on the flat and has overtaken mopeds on it. Still seems like cheating to me.
  10. We also drove up the Col de Iseran, (highest paved alp) which had some lovely views. I'd like to have a go on my bike, but in truth I'd need need to drop half a stone and also change my rear cassette for at least a 28.
  11. At the top of the Stelvio in 2019. I've been up both sides and actually prefer the less twisty side in the photo, which was a ball ache when we did it and was full of moterhomes and cyclists 😫😫
  12. I think Lotus are a bit fixated with taking Cayman sales and as such, around 416ps is comparable with even a GT4. The consensus seems to be that the engine as standard can be coaxed to around 475ps, which would then compete with a GT3, but thereafter, it would need 550ps + to be a true junior supercar. In between 475ps and 550ps, it's sort of marooned between a rock and hard place in terms of market placement. Clearly at that point the investment required to source a new engine or modify the internals of the current one, just don't stack up.
  13. I'm not sure I'd agree that the V6 is 'woefully' short of torque. I had an RX8 and the torque on that was woeful 😫 Clearly Lotus have had to manage the torque of the engine to work within the constraints of the gearbox, but IMO that's a reflection of the gearbox and not the engine. To me, a supercharged engine feels closer to NA than it does to a Turbo, despite being forced induction. That gives a less stepped and a more linear performance. My 320ps type R often feels quicker than the 400, but has around 10lbs/ft less torque, but as you said, they 'feel' quicker and turbo engines always do, because even the recent ones still have a small lag before the shove, but the sudden push is what we experience. I think it comes down to what people want. I've no doubt the AMG 4 pot will feel quicker than the V6. Around a track I'd expect the V6 to 'maybe' be slightly quicker, but in the end, its whether people want a large (ish) capacity engine, with an almost NA feel, or a 4 pot turbo that is not a million miles different to some of the better hot hatches currently available.
  14. You clearly have good experience of the V6, but from your comments, it seems you are more concerned with its design age, rather than its overall performance. Journos will always fill magazine paragraphs with whatever they want. If it's a Porsche, they would write that it has the 'classic, high performing, proven engine from previous model'. In a Lotus, it would have 'the same old V6 from a Camry' But if the engine has good performance, sounds great, is ultra reliable and returns good mpg, isn't that the most important stuff to focus on?
  15. It will be interesting to see if Lotus can actually get the V6 to sound as good as the current cars, now that they will have to fit a PPF and also (I assume) will no longer be allowed to fit a loud button to the exhaust.
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