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  1. Is a polar moment when you take it out on a very cold day ☺️
  2. As it's Friday...... Sorry.......wifey made me do that!!
  3. That's actually a fair certainly seems that way when trying to get out of the car!! Either way I still feel that it's slightly stuck between a rock and a hard place. Too far far back to be a traditional mid engine, but still in the way of allowing 'usable' headroom for rear passengers (not that I'm saying a 911 has much greater usability in terms of headroom) It feels really balanced when you drive it, but it does also have some of that 911 feel with the engine weight over the rear wheels. From memory it's even slightly more rearward weight bias than a 911 and I assume this is increased with the (rear) boot full, whereas the 911 I assume would even out marginally if the (front) boot on the car was full. Having had a Cayman and 911, it feels somewhere between the two in terms of handling traits. The Cayman is really balanced, but loses out slightly to the 911 in out of corner traction. For me the Evora is probably the best of both worlds.
  4. I think it looks special enough at certain angles and in certain colours, but for me, considering the available headroom, as a two seater it could have been 25mm - 30mm lower. Obviously it's all about the rear seats.......the roof is higher than it should be and yet still doesn't allow for even 911 rear headroom and on a separate issue, it also has almost identical front to back weight distribution to a (rear engined) 911 due to those rear seats pushing the engine back further than it really needed to go
  5. I think it's more likely to be a Porsche owner......usually second hand, that would never buy a new car anyway, banging on about the Cayman S being 15k cheaper and 'forgetting' that the Cayman is now a 2.5L 4 pot with 350ps and most importantly that it needs another 10k of options to make it usable and probably more importantly.....resaleable If these people actually took a base 911 and added in the usual options, very quickly the price increases to about 10k more than a 400. Somehow they expect Lotus to produce a hand built car like the 400 at a significantly cheaper price than a Cayman S. Another poster summed it up in a later a comment along the lines of....'Lotus isn't interested on keyboard warriors on forums like Pistonheads, who have no intention of ever buying a new car from anyone'.
  6. Spot on. I got into a post on Pistonheads last week where most people were saying that the Evora was massively overpriced and one person said that he looked at the Evora at 72k and thought it was too expensive, so bought a new McLaren 570 instead!! I think Road and Track magazine said something along the lines of.....the 400 gives you 90% of the performance of McLaren 650 but for less than half the price. It's peoples perception of it's worth that needs to change with better marketing/product awareness.
  7. Like London buses these Evoras........ That would have been us going past on the way home. Our company does work for Holophane, assuming you actually work there. Ours is still only 11 months old and unfortunately has spent a bit of time being 'fettled' by Silverstone, albeit for mainly cosmetic issues rather than things that actually stop you from using it. Hopefully year 2 of the ownership will involve less of that!!
  8. We are based just around the block on the Denbigh West estate. We go past Holophane on the way home. We have the Evora in today but tend to only bring it in once or twice a week this time of year as it's a 45 mile round trip from home. It gets used a bit more in the summer on the work run. My wife went for a run the other day and heard your car it before she saw it.......she said she had to do a double take and then noticed that it didn't have the black pack (roof) and realised it wasn't me driving it!!
  9. Welcome to the yellow Evora sub division πŸ‘ They are rare enough in these parts as well, although I saw a 16 plate yellow Evora in MK today.......anyone on here?
  10. I don't want to hear any complaints if they start creaking now 😁
  11. Mine is a 2018 model and has had a few niggles to resolve. When really cold I do have some rattles that come from inside around the roof or rear panel area. These seem to go after 5 miles or so once everything has warmed up and expanded a bit. Also I had a loud creaking which transpired as the roof lining rubbing against the windscreen surround. This was rectified with a small piece of foam to space the lining out from the glass. I get round the boot issue by applying some light pressure under the middle spoiler at the same time as pushing the release button on the fob. I suspect I could wind down the rubber stops and achieve a similar result, but haven't got round to it yet. It's certainly reluctant to release when just pushing the door release button and I got the feeling when I mentioned it to Silverstone that they are all a bit like that. As for the seats........they were a challenge. As documented by many before me, the noises are generally either from the rear/sides of the seat under the (empty) airbag covers or from the seat base itself. Check first to see if you have the extra rear brace on the seat base, which is noticable as a steel bar view able from looking down by the rear seat footwell back at the seat. Mine did have the brace, but was diagnosed (in the end) as a faulty seat frame and has been replaced and (touch wood) has been ok since. I'm hoping my seat base had a manufacturing fault, because at less than 13 stone, I'd like to think I'd not broken it after only 6000 miles!! I do get in and out of the car a bit like an old pensioner now as a result and avoid stressing the seat as much as possible, which I know is bonkers, but if it stops the problem returning and all that......
  12. For me there is definitely a small dead spot at the initial part of the break pedal movement. I've had a 911 (997) which I would describe as being probably the last generation of Porkers where the braking had a more natural feel without excessive servo assistance. My last Porker before the Evora was a 2015 Cayman, which had more noticeable assistance, but neither had what I would describe as the free movement in the pedal before breaking occurs (like it feels like it does in my 400). I do like the brakes on my 400. Once I have a couple of jerky brake applications negotiating my way out of work, out on the open road the 'dead spot' doesn't come into play for me at that point. The brake set up on the 4**s with the 2 piece rotors, large diameter disk/4 pistons etc, is probably about as good as you would sensibly get this side of ceramics. In fact the only new car I've seen with a better non ceramic brake set up as standard is the RWD Huracan with almost identical rear brakes to the Lotus but with a 6 pot caliper up front and a larger/thicker disk as well. That said, I suspect most leave the factory with upgraded carbon ceramics.
  13. I'm not sure how clever the cooling system is on these, but my 2015 Cayman did something quite similar. Porsche make a big thing about how the modern cars are fitted with 'thermal management systems' that effectively react to the type of use and provide cooling accordingly. They are dry sumped, so this may be a red herring, but modern Porkers definitely run warmer as standard, then add in more cooling as sensors detect more spirited use. In fact if you look at the oil and water temps on a consistent motorway run and then switch to sport mode, the temps will drop noticeably in anticipation of the increased loads that would then likely to be applied to the engine in that mode.
  14. Wow......that's not good! We get more than that from the Conti's on our Type R and they are really soft. I think someone has been having too much fun!!!
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