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  1. Can this general feeling of delay be attributed to the slight dead spot at the initial braking phase? It's definitely there and can sometimes be hard to smoothly apply the brakes until you've had a couple of goes at regulating your right foot. After that, the brakes are epic and certainly I've experienced no notable brake fade during alpine descents and other enthusiastic driving.
  2. That's an amazing picture, although I'm sad to say that I was partially distracted by the ferrari in the background..... Lovely rear diffuser though
  3. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Key yet........ It's got more that a whiff of 1990's Ford Orion about it
  4. The first time I sat in a 400, I actually thought that it was a nice place to be. Not just for a Lotus, but full stop. Lots of leather as standard, nice steering wheel etc and it all felt a bit bespoke like my old (997) 911. The engine in it's completed guise is fantastic. it's powerful, linear, revs freely and sounds great. It's ultra reliable and relatively light at 167kg. So what if it's supplied by Toyota. Would the exact same engine from say BMW be viewed any differently? On a run my previous (981) 2.7 Cayman (275 bhp) could return 42 mpg. On the same run in the Evora I'm seeing 36 mpg. That seems more than fair to me given the increase in capacity and BHP. I get the switch gear and dials thing, but seriously, does anyone really care where the indicator stalks came from? You have to spend serious money with Porsche to start getting leather as standard on the dash etc and for me it's really about driving the car........I still want to be comfortable and I am with the seats and air con etc. As for the ICE.......It makes me laugh when I used to read endless posts on other forums about BOSE and similar upgrades and how they couldn't possibly have a car that doesn't have this music connectivity and that upgrade, only to realise that the owner is doing about 2000 miles a year, of which much of the time will be spent just listening to the same DJ talking on the same radio channel that I'm listening to on my basic Alpine. I suppose Lotus have to change their offering in order to attract the sort of clients that can't see beyond the Porker and Merc interiors, but I don't think the cars will be fundamentally better for it and Lotus will gradually cease to be about the driving experience and more about mass market appeal.
  5. I think my 18 reg 400 is much the same. There seems to be a fair bit of general noise from the drive train really, but I suppose that's one of the things I like about the car. It could be quieter at low speeds, but I tend to find that it's more than acceptable at 70 - 80mph, with or without the sports exhaust switched on. I don't know if it's a characteristic of a supercharged car, but I feel generally that it needs to be run at a slightly higher revs than say a NA or turbo charged car in order for it to feel smooth.
  6. For me it's all about the type of car versus the colour. If it's a Lambo, I'd go green or orange. GT3 Porker in white or Viper green Ferrari has to be in re-sale red. Mercs and Astons in silver or gun metal grey For a Lotus, aside from the yellow (obviously) I really like some of the blue shades. In fact if you said that I'd have a have any future car in a fixed colour, I'd probably opt for blue or play it safe with white
  7. OK, so these have been a bit of a nightmare on my 400..... It started when the car was less that a year old. I noticed the usual cracks around the area were the fixing hole is. These were changed under warranty but I waited for the repair and arguably it was too quick and they lifted soon after. To add insult to injury, I noticed a stress crack in the windscreen where the original ones had been prised off. So attempt number 2 also included a replacement screen (under warranty). The car was also left overnight to get a good bond. These lasted a few months but one lifted again on one of the very warm days that we had around July. The car is left in the same place when at work, with the sun shining down on one side of the car all day and the consensus between myself and Ben at Silverstone is that they warp in the hot sun. So attempt number 3 has since taken place and the car hasn't really been used on any really warm days yet. Importantly the Lotus field engineer passed on a small mod that the factory guys do to the trim before they fit on new cars. Apparently this enables the trim to sit flatter and not naturally want to warp or pop up away from the mounting position. I'm sure Ben could advise further on that, but at the moment I'm just keeping my fingers crossed!!
  8. I can only speak for how mine works on the 400. Maybe the design was improved slightly from the earlier versions
  9. They actually work quite well...... If you are moving, then the air is obviously being pushed through the system, but if stuck in traffic, then it doesn't really help much. It can be confusing when you open the hatchback, because the warm air from the engine bay, quickly mixes with the boot air and it will naturally feel like it's all very warm, when in fact the boot air is actually quite a bit cooler. We often buy food on the way to work and leave it in the fridge at work before driving about 50 mins home in rush hour traffic. By the time we get home, It's only marginally less cooler than it was when it left the work fridge and probably slightly cooler than it would be in the back of our Honda Civic. Given the proximity to a very warm engine bay, all in all I think it's a good effort by Lotus.
  10. I'd probably get it changed under warranty and then cover the new one in a generous helping of car wax......and keep re-applying every time it's washed. I've done the same with our painted ceramic house number and the current one is still going strong four years later, where as the previous two of exactly the same make, just flaked off in the bad weather and lasted 18 to 24 months before they started looking shabby. Personally I prefer the red badge, but clearly this has been a headache for Lotus and I can see why they reverted to the stickers on the later cars.
  11. Apparently it was last weekend. Ironically I know three people attending a track day yesterday at Monza. I messaged one of them last night and he said there were no issues or accidents during the day. He was staying across the road in a hotel last night and did a bit of research and messaged me to back to say that it happened last weekend. It just goes to show that you can be as safe and sensible as possible, but if the bloke behind is not doing the same, then it gets very expensive.
  12. That is true...... We are the ones letting the side down in the red Civic Type R. We took the Evora down last year, but are moving the Civic on in the not too distant future and wanted to have a last blast with it this time before it goes. It was great to be honest and surprised a couple of the 'Beetle' owners that they couldn't shake it off on some of the mountain passes on the way down to Turin.
  13. It was good to experience. The far end is sectioned off with bollards, so they gave us a couple of hours for photo's and a bit of mild hooning around the bend in the picture. We stayed at the same hotel with a similar group last year, but they only allowed us to walk up on the roof during that visit. There was a group of British lads in Mini's staying the same night as us and unsurprisingly the hotel got one of cars parked up at the hotel entrance.
  14. Just back from a driving holiday down to Turin.......managed to get our group of cars onto the roof of the old Fiat factory and test track. Your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!!
  15. My Dad had a Toyota Corolla when I was a kid......probably about 45 years ago now. He got fed up with his Austin Maxi being an absolute pile of crap and decided to go for a Jap wagon. I still remember one of our neighbours coming up to him and saying that he should be ashamed of himself for not buying British. This would be the same neighbour that my dad would frequently help to bump start his Morris Marina!! It's a changing world and I suspect that we will view Chinese cars very differently within the next 10 years.
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