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  1. Sounds like that car..... I suspect he'd rather the black interior anyway, so all good really.
  2. A friend of mine brought his new Exige around to meet my Evora πŸ˜€
  3. I realise that, but just wanted to clarify the issue I had and that it required a replacement rather than shimming etc. I'm sure Ben at Silverstone would be able to explain the removal process.
  4. When I got my 400 new in 2018, one of my first warranty issues was to resolve a creaking/rattle coming from the drivers side air vent. Silverstone took the original one out and replaced with a new one and reported back that a piece of plastic had broken near the fixing point and that it was probably over tightened during assembly at the factory. Apparently it wasn't difficult to remove and could be a similar issue.
  5. It's a good job the Evora has a glove box too πŸ˜€
  6. That 'tiny concrete slot' is actually a double garage that (if required) is big enough to take our two standard size cars, neither of which is a pick up truck, so it's more than adequate for us πŸ‘
  7. My current charge is a fiver, but I'll also throw in an ice cold can of San Miguel from the beer fridge 🍺
  8. The first time it happened to me on my 400, I did panic a bit. I managed to resolve it somehow, but then read on here that the tether is usually the culprit. I now make sure the retaining strap is moved around the cap and not bunched up, before I close the flap. No issues since.
  9. It's a great looking car. Central lotus always produce nice sales pictures of their stock. Welcome to the yellow evora appreciation society πŸ˜€
  10. As most people are aware, the supersport is effectively replaced with the 4s. I assume both tyres are still being produced just to cover any gaps in the size offering. I've seem a three tyre review from the 4 to the 4s and then the cup. They are all great tyres but it was commented that the 4 was notably softer in the sidewall in direct comparison to the 4s. If I was forced to mix tyres I'd definitely try to pair a 4s with a supersport, rather than a 4 and a 4s. I suspect you could experience some slightly odd handling characteristics on or near the limit.
  11. Wow...small world. Great pic by the way. When I was there last time I was in a Cayman. I don't need to go back now because it looks like I've parked my lotus outsideπŸ˜†
  12. Excellent......thanks. wifey tells me it was chateau du maulmont. South of VIchy, just north east of clermont.
  13. Just looked at your location......I stayed at a lovely chateau at Clermont ferrand a few years back. Can't remember the name but it had a knights Templer archway near the swimming pool in the original part of the building. They used to run the French grand prix back in the day on a circuit at Clermont I think?
  14. White is a great colour choice on the Evora. Works really well as a contrast to all the black trim and roof.
  15. The Conti 6 tyres have a laughable wear rate. Laughable until you realise the cost to replace them after so few miles. I had these from new on our Civic type R. The fronts were all done at 10k. PS4s tyres over the same commute/usage profile and already covered 18k miles and have over 4mm tread remaining. I don't know how MIchelin do it to be honest. Brilliant tyres, that work great in the sun AND rain, but like all summer tyres, don't like temps below 4 or 5 degrees, albeit in a much less compromised way to the cup tyres.
  16. I saw this earlier and although its obviously a result of someone with too much time on their hands, I quite liked it from the front view. The rear view is shocking though and got me thinking that lotus need to be a bit careful if they try to incorporate the rear from the Evija on what would inevitably be a smaller platform for the new car.
  17. I have the original pilot supersports on my 400 and a set of MP4S's on my 2017 civic type R. Both work very well in the rain and as well in the cold as any other summer tyre I've used over the years. It's wrong however to think of these as 'safe as houses' soft options, because they are still compromised by comparison to the MP4, but just less so than the cups. They don't like extreme cold or snow, as I nearly found out to my cost last year during a freak snow storm on the Timmelsjoch pass in Austria. They are designed with some track use in mind (20% apparently). So for me it would be a no
  18. Not sure what they came out of the factory with. Can you not double check the full spec against your current tyre? My 400 came with super sports and they still have 5mm + tread depth after 11k miles. I'm a big fan of Michelins tbh. They are expensive but but they perform great and last longer than most other brands.
  19. Black circles have the size. They are shown as other car specific, but I'm not aware of any tyres being lotus specific. Personally I'd swap for MPS4s and get a more usable tyre that still works at low temps.
  20. The grass looks nice.....has it been treated?
  21. Can this general feeling of delay be attributed to the slight dead spot at the initial braking phase? It's definitely there and can sometimes be hard to smoothly apply the brakes until you've had a couple of goes at regulating your right foot. After that, the brakes are epic and certainly I've experienced no notable brake fade during alpine descents and other enthusiastic driving.
  22. That's an amazing picture, although I'm sad to say that I was partially distracted by the ferrari in the background..... Lovely rear diffuser though 😁
  23. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Key yet........ It's got more that a whiff of 1990's Ford Orion about it πŸ˜€
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