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    2010 Evora NA
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    Rear silencer & 3rd cat delete

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  1. Happy to report there's no knocking when going over bumps. I'm delighted!
  2. Just had mine fitted, no more noise. Time will tell whether these will last longer than the 3,000 miles the OEM replacements did - I'm pretty confident though as the difference in material is night and day
  3. That's a beaut! If you can't live with the brown interior (personally I couldn't on mine) it's fairly simple and relatively cheap to change to another colour
  4. Yep, same story I've heard time and time again. Powerflex ones seem to now be a no-brainer given that they're the same price as OEM and seem to be made of better stuff
  5. In my experience, you'd be lucky to get 12 months out of the Lotus ones
  6. Apologies for the bump, but I've invested in a set of these having had a second set of standard ARB bushes fail in nearly two years on my Evora (1,500 miles of very light driving) Will let you know how I get on.
  7. Fitted the new wiper and works perfectly. I think I *may* have fitted the old one the wrong way round as when I'd removed it I noticed it had a small arrow. Cringe.
  8. Definitely up for an Evora takeover at the National! When and where is it? Loud shirts have been replaced, somewhat. Pleased I left a lasting legacy at the .org meets
  9. Just checked my order history and it looks like they've erroneously sold me an AP26U, not the AM26U you mention. I've just ordered the one you've quoted, so many thanks for confirming that I've fitted the wrong one ETA - the seller, carparts4less list a Bosch AP26U which is what I bought but when I click 'fitment detail' below it gives the short code as AM26U which is seemingly the correct one. Check it out, part no 485777267. Strange, but explains the confusion of me fitting the wrong one. Or maybe even the right one after all.
  10. My new Bosch wiper blade (proper aero one) has been fitted but it doesn't sweep the whole screen, which is annoying. It completely misses the screen just below the rear view mirror and again just at the bottom of the screen. Has anyone else encountered this and how did you remedy it? I did a search but couldn't find anything and I've tried bending the wiper arm itself but to no avail.
  11. It sounds wonderful on full chat, it really does. And the tips being rolled helps precent that drone that yo ucan get on many cars. It only cost me £240 too! Thanks! I love the colour combo, my VX220 was the same. Furniture Clinic did the dyeing for £700 and I paid £300 to BTG Performance for them to dismantle and refit. I could have done it myself however for that price I couldn't say no really.
  12. Thanks guys. Paul - I'm loving it, it handles superbly and the engine and exhaust note are perfect when making progress. Love the V6! Bravo - here's a comparison video.... Coco - Hahahahhahahaha, sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry! Ramjet - This is a before and after split of the seat dye: Untitled by p4cks, on Flickr
  13. Hi all. Got a 2010 Evora NA and based near Newcastle, UK. I've come from a long line of VX220s so I've some knowledge of what I'm letting myself in for. Had it since October and mods are chocolate leather seats dyed red and Plack-a-like rear silencer and third cat delete Untitled by p4cks, on Flickr
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