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  1. well, maybe, just maybe, the elise is too hard core for you? The steering you will get used to. And the feeling it offers (not the speed). But an Elise is not about drifting.It is possible, but it needs to be a wide roundabout for me to have a go. For me an Elise is about balance. On track you will easily find the right angles and you will feel great, but nobody will see it from the outside. On the motorway I cannot comment (different engine), but I have earplugs made for open driving that I sometimes use for the longruns as well. The feeling of driving a formula car on the road will be difficult to find elsewhere. Good luck with your decision.
  2. Ariaan

    Bump steer

    Anybody around here that can explain the suspension working? As a driver of a standard 111R I try to understand the effects of bump steer. You probably know this article: So how does this affect trail braking? Doesn’t this make trail braking counteractive? Last week I was with LoT at Spa. It was wet in the morning, but dried up the afternoon. And then you notice the difference it makes in suspension movements. In the wet it was to tricky to get the suspension working, but in the dry the higher forces make the suspension move and I noticed a stabilizing effect in for instance the last corner of Les Combes, is that the bumpsteer working? And final question: How does bumpsteer effect cornering with big elevation changes, like Eau Rouge? I did a 360 in the wet, so looking for excuses 😉
  3. Pagid RS14 works fine for me. Good bite etc. A bit of noise gives the car a more serious attitude (instead of the noisy exhaust that I don't have). The great thing of the Nordschleife for me is that you don't need to brake that much. If you do Touristenfahrten you don't want to be on the limit and there is only about 5 times braking left.
  4. Yes that's it. people look at me when I use it. (I try to compensate with race shoes). But it works.
  5. I am Dutch so I carry a bicycle pump to track days. The tiny front tyres don't take long to pump up (10 pushes). The rears need a bit more exercise, but it is still faster than a 12V compressor. I understand that it looks weird.
  6. I am not a drifter, but I think I understand what you mean. Drifting is too brutal for my taste. But I like a car that moves around. Best fun with a Peugeot 309 GTI 16 on the Ring. A FWD you can slide. For the same reason I like my standard AD07s, they are quite progreesive in the rain. But I can warn you that too bad tyres (mine were too old) makes the car not sliding but snappy. I never tried more aggressive set-ups, I have normal road shocks and settings and the car moves quite a bit around. And that is what I like. You maybe as well. Read from Mark Hales on Elise: (or on Formula Fords)
  7. What? I wasn't aware either. Did 3 trackdays with LoT at Spa. Only seen a guy checking exhausts.
  8. Curbs were OK, at least for me. But I got the impression that my Advan AD07s were closer in grip to the others than usual. So I guess that it was indeed hard to get some heat in the semi slicks. Good :-) It was unpleasantly cold outside the car. So lots of driving on a clean an empty track. I had fun.
  9. Forecast says it will be very cold -8 min -2 max, but there is still no snow announced (in Germany yes, but not in the Ardennes). I have no idea how to drive sub zero. Any advice? I don't think my AD07s are perfect for this weather, but what tyre is.
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