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  1. Hi all I have been looking for an exterior cover for my 88 X180. Appreciate there is a specific thread on covers, but it seems to be focused on one make. I am looking for something mid range, off the shelf, say up to £150 for occasional use. There are periods of a few days where I need to clear the garage and keep the car outside. Thought this would be a simple thing to buy, but having researched more than I thought was possible I am coming across quite a few horror stories of paint being damaged under covers, even breathable ones, and people expressing the view that with composite body shells you should not cover them. Not sure I can believe that! What views and experience can people share? With thanks James
  2. Jimbo72

    Service Notes

    Thanks, at the risk of making myself appear to be hard work I was after the service notes, I already have the parts manual. are the service notes available?
  3. Jimbo72

    Service Notes

    Still no idea how to access the downloads, someone help me?
  4. Jimbo72

    Service Notes

    OK have signed up and paid my subs. Cant find anywhere on the site where the items can be downloaded. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  5. Jimbo72

    Service Notes

    Wasn't aware of that! Will sign up, thanks James
  6. Hi I am after service notes / workshop manual for an X180 turbo. If anyone has a PDF of such I would be grateful for the info. With thanks James
  7. Jimbo72


  8. Hi all does anyone know this car Thanks James
  9. Just checked into the forum, great to see so many replies. Thanks everyone, will be up late reading! James
  10. Hi I am new to the forum, hello! My childhood ambition has been to own a Lotus Esprit, an icon of my youth. I now find myself able to afford one and am thinking about looking for a car but would like to do some research ahead of that as truth be told I have never even sat in one - so my knowledge is very general. I am looking for advice as to who the trustworthy and friendly marque specialists and dealers are. I am based In Southampton. My ideal car is a silver or red Turbo SE, I love the glass-back and low rear wing. I am not looking for a concourse car, nor am I looking for a restoration project, just an honest car with a reasonable history. Where should I set my budget expectations? Any and all advice welcomed. Thank you. James
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