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  1. kelvin

    rear wiper motor

    Hi what ever you have got all i have is the gearbox. thanks Kelvin.
  2. Hi all had to take the quarter glass out of the door frame to repair the frame what do you recommend to bond the glass back in with.
  3. yeh i've read several comments that the engine performs better with super unleaded.
  4. Thanks for the thumbs up on unleaded i thought it was ok but always better to ask if unsure.
  5. Hi all am i correct in thinking my 1978 lotus elite can run on unleaded ok because it has steel valve seats,or am i wrong?.
  6. kelvin

    rear wiper motor

    Hi thanks for the reply i tried them and no luck,so will keep on looking.
  7. kelvin

    rear wiper motor

    Hi all looking for a rear wiper motor for my 1978 elite any help would be good.
  8. Hi thanks iv'e got it open by drilling out the two glass bolts that hold the catch to the tailgate
  9. Just uploaded a photo on my profile not got a lot of room in garage,door off to do a hinge repair will load some more photos as work progresses.
  10. Hi any ideas on how to get the tailgate open when the release cable has snapped on a 1978 elite.
  11. Thanks Buddsy i think the first job will be changing the timing belt and trying to get the tailgate open as the cable has snapped.
  12. Hi all just joined ive got a 1978 elite 504 purchased about 3 weeks ago not run for a year wish me luck.
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