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  1. The moment I feel I can retire, then I absolutely would. I’ve still got 30 years before I can officially throw in the towel but aiming for a lot sooner. I totally get you love what you do, and there’s no reason you can’t continue that on an ad-hoc / part time basis. But as for what you’ll do in your spare time, go for walks, exercise, meet friends, make new friends, travel, take up a new hobby, enjoy the downtime and drive your car. And given your love for dogs, maybe open up a doggy day care? In short, retire. If the lifestyle doesn’t suit, then leverage your experience to date and upskill / advise other charities, or even start one yourself.
  2. Do what you gotta do bud. Sounds like you’ve made your mind up, so go and get that hot hatch that suits your lifestyle right now. And perhaps in a few years you’re ready to change up again and a sports car is back on the table.
  3. Hold item on scale and then deduct your weight
  4. Seen this car in the flesh. You won’t be disappointed as the colour combo works well (I believe it’s the Audi purple). It’s been with them for a while so I’d expect a further deal if buying. But imo it’s missing the GT430 alloys to complete the look.
  5. Jimmy, the car is stunning. Drive in good health my man.
  6. I’ve seen so many manual 410s stuck on the market while my Auto sold in 3 weeks. It depends entirely on condition, history and spec. For example my 410 came without a screen but I soon fitted one with car play, not only because I wanted it, but I knew this would be attractive to the next buyer. And I don’t think people know just how good the Auto is. It may lag behind Porsche’s PDK but you’ll only know this if you track it. Otherwise day to day around town there’s zero difference.
  7. Not at all. Buy on condition and service history. Also take it out for an extended drive to make sure you’re comfortable with it. And when you fall in love with it, buy it. Mine was ex-press and was a beaut.
  8. I had a few battery related issues with my 410. The first was the air blowing out frantically from the vents when the switches were off. The second was the sports exhaust staying on when I switched it off. Then there was the really intermittent boot release from the key. A full recharge with the charger and it was fine again. It did get a bit tiresome having to charge it on the driveway with a feed from my front window...I was just worried about the damn cats and foxes having a chew! The quirks of owning a hand built car.
  9. Haha, dogs are not wild animals by any stretch. They were, once upon a time, just like humans were cavemen, once upon a time. Is a Labrador a wild animal like a Lion? Dogs have evolved and been domesticated over 30,000 years. Wild animals are not dependent on humans, plus they don’t run to humans when they’re scared or warning them of danger! Dogs, just like kids, require the right upbringing and teaching. They explore their world with their mouth and often is the only way they can communicate. And like @Snoopy1969 says above, people are far worse than dogs.
  10. I get what you’re saying. But I think it’s unfair to paint all dogs with the same brush. I was attacked by a dog when I was 5 years old casually riding my bike in the park minding my own business. I was scared of them for the longest time, but then started reading into the psychology of dogs and realised they’re not that bad after all. On the flip side, I cannot stand when people approach my dog and start stroking it without asking and therefore blatantly invading its private space. I make it a point to never approach dogs, because I don’t know anything about it or how it’s feeling. Sorry to hear about this. If that was my dog I wouldn’t stand for that. Again, I put this down to silly dog owners not aware of the situation and / or the inability to command the dog to leave you alone or run back to the owner. I think a lot of dog owners just naturally assume everyone will love their dog and that's just sheer ignorance. Anyways, back to potato peelers vs scalpels
  11. Sorry to hear that. I’m a firm believer there is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners. Just like children and parents. And colleagues and managers.
  12. I was going to suggest a therapeutic ride in my Evora-beating blistering performance SUV to Puppy school this Thursday. They’re handing out kennel club bronze certificates too. Good times. But instead I’ll swing by and say hello in my Hethel toy en route to NC500 next year. That’s forum brotherhood right there
  13. Ok, but be aware the law would suggest otherwise. Your pup needs to be suitably restrained so he can’t distract you while driving. Front or back seat of Evora doesn’t lend itself to that, as I considered doing that with mine. If your pup will stay small, you could get away with a harness + seatbelt combo. I have a soon to be 40 kg dog that handles better than a scalpel, and needs enough room to maneuver with her special scalpel moves
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