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  1. Hey @Bibs if there is space (& a ticket) available, I’m happy to bring my Evora 410 Sport for the day to join the club stand (can drive up early with Mrs V & we’ll leave in the evening). Would be lovely to meet the Lotus familia. Thanks. V
  2. london_v

    What made you happy today?

    Currently holidaying in Symi (Greece). We decided to hire a quad for a few days to discover some remote beaches. To get there, you go up, down & around all the mountains with breathtaking views at every turn. Made me smile for sure
  3. london_v

    New joiner - Exige v6 S

  4. london_v

    New joiner - Exige v6 S

    Welcome! Feel free to share pics of your car! V
  5. london_v

    Deposit paid... new owner in Norfolk

    Ah, I’m in the old town. If you were nearer I was going to suggest grabbing a beer! Enjoy your hols.
  6. london_v

    Just joined

    Congrats sir, what a lovely looking car. Drive in good health 🍻
  7. london_v

    Deposit paid... new owner in Norfolk

    Which island bud? I’m currently in Rhodes & soaking in as much sun as possible!! Oh & congrats on the car 😎
  8. london_v

    Watch Collectors/Fanatics

    Stumbled across this thread and glad there are watch people on here. Here are my current 2 (Blnr & a modified seiko 007) I’ve got my eye on either a Breguet Type XX or a VC fifty six for a dress / daily.
  9. london_v

    My first 30 hours or so with the GT410 Sport

    If you’re not holding something between your legs / under your legs whilst driving, you’re doing it wrong #lotusstruggles
  10. london_v

    My first 30 hours or so with the GT410 Sport

    Gear shifts are faster in race mode 😉
  11. london_v

    Aaargh, I can’t get my hands on it yet!

    Congrats. Drive in good health 👍
  12. london_v

    410 Sport!

    So finally got round to installing a headunit. The car didn’t come with a stereo and instead had the silver plaque on the fascia. I was aware the car already had speakers pre-installed, but to my surprise it also had a reversing camera and a subwoofer pre-installed...result!! I was expecting the sounds to be dreadful from reading all the threads on here, but they’re really not that bad. I had bose in my cayman and the Lotus really isn’t far off. Plus car play on the pioneer unit is great 😊
  13. london_v

    Evora N/A vs Evora 410/430
  14. london_v

    Evora N/A vs Evora 410/430

    Btw @C8RKH, off topic but I've just seen your car on instagram posted by a car spotter
  15. london_v

    Evora N/A vs Evora 410/430

    Interesting. I've come from a Cayman GTS which I drove for 3 years. I was going to re-finance the car for another 3 years but thought I'd test drive alternatives before deciding. I drove the following (my thoughts only, please don't take offense!!) BMW M2 - I don't know what all the fuss is about. I was properly underwhelmed ... maybe because I had such high expectations. I guess it's nice for those who want a comfortable sporty car Audi TTRS - Looks good but too much of that mechanical sound! Plus the dealer saying it's the best sounding car on the road put me off. I revved my GTS which soon silenced him C63 - Nice, but a car that will suit me in 20 years time 718 GTS - The natural next car for me. But the sound was a massive let down Exige 350 - Fell in love with Lotus (but was concerned about everyday usability of it, including low clearance for London speed bumps / my steep drive) Evora 410 - Always the wild card and secretly knew I would love it. And I did. I knew the upgrade from the GTS would be tough one, as everything I drove couldn't compare. The upgrade needed to be fundamentally different, and the 410 was that car . Not thinking about the next car yet but like C8RKH, I can see this as either an Exige 410 or an Evora GT430 (once prices come down a little!)