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  1. Haha, our very own thread to discuss puppies and VAG mobiles. Thanks, Mr Mod! Lotus take note, this is a gap in the market!! An Evora 410 Estate if you will.
  2. Not when you consider the residuals of the golf are stronger than the Seat when the asking price between the 2 is under £1K. Granted the Seat comes with more features as standard. Anyhow, need to enjoy the Lotus before it goes up for sale! V
  3. Thank you kind sir. Valid point about the premium VAG. I’m just being lazy as there’s a VW dealer down the road!
  4. My bad! It was just an fyi and was planning on posting on the classifieds. Lol @C8RKH It’s now a whole new class of car search! Golf R estate seems to be on top of the list for now but need to see what the missus says
  5. Hi all, heads up I'll be putting my 2016 Evora 410 Sport Auto for sale next month. I've only had it a short time, and whilst it's a phenomenal car, my curcumstances have changed somewhat quite quickly! I got engaged over Xmas and need to release some funds to pay for the wedding which we’re planning for later this year. Additionally, we recently acquired a puppy, so we need to reconsider the type of family car we need! Before I discuss with the dealer to sell on my behalf, I wanted to let TLF Famliy know first in case anyone is interested. It's done just under 6K miles, full dealer service history, warranty until Oct 2019 and has a great spec (cruise, sat nav + apple carplay, reverse camera, subwoofer, bluetooth). It also comes with an indoor and outdoor cover. It proudly featured in TLF stand at the 70th birthday bash at Hethel. Please message if interested, otherwise watch this space soon! V
  6. london_v

    New to the World of Lotus

    I bought my car from Alexanders Prestige (York based) who agreed to get it serviced from you guys as part of the sale. The car was driven from their showroom to yours and back ... it was then transported to London for delivery. Quite the service! I'm sure you guys can offer something like that to get more London customers
  7. london_v

    New to the World of Lotus

    Hi mate, welcome. My car was serviced by you guys back in August before it was sold to me by Alexanders Prestige. I dealt with your technician Steve who came across as a very knowledgable and friendly chap.
  8. london_v

    Dessicant dehumidifiers

    I bought this a few weeks ago as we experienced damp issues in the house. I've been very impressed with it, and it's easily maneuverable with its wheels. Simple settings and it cuts out once the water tank is full (alternatively you can connect to a permanent drain)
  9. Hi mate. I have the same sensation in my 410 auto sport. At first I thought it was odd, as the brakes on my previous Cayman GTS were much more responsive on initial contact, but I’m now used to having to depress slightly more to get the brakes to do what I want. I can only assume this is normal as I’ve had 2 different mechanics take the car out (who were looking at separate issues) and neither suggested there was anything ‘wrong’ with the brakes.
  10. Hello mate. Mine’s leaking in the same place and is with dealer to investigate (along with another issue on noisy door cards). I’ll let you know what they come back with
  11. london_v

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    In Blackwood Forest for the weekend
  12. london_v

    TLF Indoor/Outdoor Covers for Evora...

    Thanks mate appreciated
  13. london_v

    TLF Indoor/Outdoor Covers for Evora...

    Hey Bibs any chance you can chase my order? It was placed 4 weeks ago and status is still 'preparation in progress'. Thanks. V
  14. Update: so turns out the windows are fine & the the rattle is coming from the door cards. Dealer is investigating with Lotus HQ and I should have an update on this next week.
  15. Hi guys I ordered the Sonax Gummi Pflege and applied it to my seals yesterday (as windows would rattle occasionally). Took the car out today and the windows were rattling like crazy! Am I missing something here?