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  1. I did a lotus driving academy day - The question was asked about the plaques,apparently they have a bin load of them and just stick the one on they pick out
  2. What sort of garage height do you need for two cars with the lift?
  3. Ali tuck

    New 430 cup

    Car looks amazing-In the middle of a garage build at the moment @Screem- what did you use on the floor ?
  4. Looks like he wasn’t as clever as he thought!
  5. Yep seats were amazing - remote locking- trip Computor and went like stink- until turbo went pop and was probably the slowest thing I’ve ever driven-
  6. Had an 11 turbo in 88 one of the best cars I ever owned- until my girlfriend at the time ran up the arse of a Sierra and wrote it off
  7. Aah very nice-as you say , lots of interesting stuff to try- enjoy
  8. It’s bloody Porsche again- 50k - Renault / Porsche / elise -90 % of people will buy a cayman / boxster
  9. Nope- but that’s a different proposition ,limited numbers blah blah blah- probably people that buy that car already have a garage full of super car stuff.even still, it’s crazy money
  10. I think the problem at the 100k mark is,as others have mentioned ,the competition . yes ,existing lotus owners ,at this price point, would probably stick with lotus- Trying to entice a new customer base at this price point- I’m not so sure.
  11. Ali tuck

    White v6exige

    Spotted this morning just outside Horsham. 65 plate I think
  12. If you’re on Instagram he’s worth a follow- his car collection is mad
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