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  1. Ali tuck

    430 sport

    Bit of a strange one....I thought there were 60 gt430 but then found info on the sport which seems to confuse the issue do you reckon you could still order a sport if so desired?
  2. Ali tuck

    430 sport

    No....bell and Colville have one for investigated and apparently 120 made. 60 of each!
  3. Ali tuck

    430 sport

    Correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I’m aware they made 60 gt430s and 60 430 sports?im pretty sure they sold the allocation of gt430s.....but what about the sports?
  4. I’ve heard running costs on v12 Aston frightening.....15k for ceramic brake replacement ....gulp! mate has a v10 r8...engine is epic ,he’s had it for about 3 years and so far been reliable NSX a good shout,pretty rare And I would def give a 430 a go...I intend to soon good luck with search,should be fun!
  5. Ali tuck


    Bit off topic but a story on piston heads about high milers.....Volvo done 3 million miles!
  6. Aahh @Dan E thanks...looks tremendous! ill have a look at them
  7. I’ve got 2 WHVs ...they’re just the best !
  8. Got a mates big five o coming up soon and he fancy’s doing a rally day....anyone had a go and can recommend anywhere?based in the south east ideally cheers
  9. All booked! I haven't booked a garage as happy to share as others have mentioned?..looking forward to it!
  10. Oh go on then!and I’ll share your proerm I mean coach
  11. Be a brave choice,that
  12. Ali tuck

    Purple exige v6

    On the A24 near Horsham today about 10am....looked to have a lotus related plate,I think?
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