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  1. Sounds encouraging .....ill give one a go,thanks for the heads up👍
  2. Ok thanks nice comparison.....I too like the idea of less weight,but worry if I'll miss the performance and noise of the v6?and yes they do look epic!i suppose only a test drive will tell......are they a million miles off in performance?
  3. I’m in that boat.....keep looking at 250 cups!how are you getting on with the swap?
  4. Nice one thanks chaps...I’ll try them out
  5. or should that be wiper! any recommendations,mines shot! cheers
  6. Their cars (jct 600)do seem to be a bit dearer than others for some reason?either they're chancing their arm or it's a typo!!
  7. Think this is the one that's advertised at 63 GRAND!!!!!
  8. This guy next to me used to have a 360 cup with red wheels....loved them so much he put them on his GTR!
  9. Same colour as mine,love it
  10. Didn’t think about rear screen heater!anyway that’s not really a problem,great info,cheers
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