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  1. A65AFB04-60D9-406B-88E7-96BABB1D607D.MP4
  2. Great insight thanks....I too have a exige and a stiff hip!im in the same position thinking of going to Evora for a bit more comfort and not losing too much of the exige thrill,be good to hear later thoughts on the change,enjoy the new car!
  3. Just out of interest,what was the reason for the change from exige to Evora ?
  4. Not a 430 but 350....noticed mine had gone from yellow with blackish tinge after trackday at Snetterton ?
  5. Congrats!have you fitted the tow bar yet
  6. Sorry to of the worst things ever
  7. I reckon there will be an uplift in price as rhd,I’m betting with options it’ll be 80-90k as performance figures will be realistic in that price range against the competition ......and we always get stitched up over here!
  8. Yep had a ‘track based’geo done,which resulted in adjusting camber....apparently geo is not the best straight out of the factory standard suspension......for now!!
  9. Having mine fitted tomorrow so can put some pics up then if you need it! Sorry for the crap pic....will only allow one photo at a time ,I’ll get some better ones up tomorrow
  10. The Groundworks will likely be a large cost of the project and don’t under estimate this part of the build,especially if building control are involved.Potentially you may need structural engineers calcs and soak-away designs as well as calcs for the actual building.
  11. Didn’t realise you could wear motorcycle helmets for trackdays....that’s good to know!
  12. Think you’re at the B&C day at Goodwood ....Thursday !
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