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  1. Been through it a couple of times now and it’s the worst thing ever- the joy and love you get from a dog is so great and not worth being without.The benefits outweigh the negatives and you still need time to get over your old pup and we waited a couple of months before our new puppy arrived.i think it’s the best antidote-i hope she goes peacefully and pain free
  2. I had a similar thing with mine-disconnected the battery for 30 mins ,reconnected and all ok-
  3. Well done that man! may I ask which one?
  4. Wow good work!- you looking at the used ones ?
  5. @exeterjeepwhich of the 430s are you getting?I keep looking at these!
  6. I’m in my first lotus- exige 350 sport and currently trying to find every way possible to get a 430 cup
  7. Getting a new bubble for the level
  8. I followed the bidding on that- looks awesome- not a bad first lotus!!
  9. As a carpenter / builder of 35+ years I do get mightily pissed off with the ‘all builders are shit‘ tag.agreed some are shit but many are not and work extremely hard and turn out quality work day in,day out. customers are also shit,everyone always knows more than you,they decide whether they fancy paying you or not and the general consensus is you’re a useless tosser-even on here I get that feeling-it takes a very long time to learn your craft to be a proper tradesman- I love what I do but if I had my time again I wouldn’t do it ..... rant over-
  10. Gutted couldn’t make it- saving my pennies to join the club!
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