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  1. I was in the petrol station last week filling up- bloke came up admiring it and said ‘you just need a good woman now’.... got one I said.....bastard said he and walked off!
  2. Jesus man get on with it!!!
  3. I wouldn’t go go balls out for a start- I sort of tried it, but really struggled as you’re so conditioned to getting up and working- made me quite miserable.can you do 2/3 days a week just to see how it goes?
  4. Right then,start of a new month come on lotus let’s have a few more sneak pics,anyone in the know got any more info?
  5. Thanks bibs- brain not engaged!🤪
  6. Excuse my ignorance but what’s an emira? what’s your first thoughts on the macca?
  7. What have you replaced it with Andy?
  8. Just have all 3 no need to worry then 👍
  9. Very nice- bit easier to get in and out of than the exige!
  10. Yeah think it had standard wing!
  11. Saw it late so think it was canyon- A264 on Horsham outskirts this morning 7.45am
  12. 150k car gonna be a hard sell whatever engine it’s got in it- at that money there’s proper choice from all the big boys- and it’s going to be a while till lotus can mix in them circles
  13. Pretty sure I saw it advertised privately a few weeks ago fo 75k?maybe dealer bought it?
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