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  1. Aah ok yes didn’t think of it turning red ,good mod!!
  2. I need that too- I have the button but it’s got no exhaust decal on it😕
  3. Yep it is fine- we can have our different views and mine differ from yours
  4. Really- disagree!
  5. Cool- will look out for them!!
  6. Anyone going to Goodwood breakfast club tomorrow for supercar Sunday ? I applied to display but didn’t get accepted- so will park in the general car park,just curious to see if any others will be there?
  7. Merc are putting a 2.0 ,650 hp hybrid into their new C63- what an emira that would make!
  8. I reckon they’re £150K all day atm😉
  9. Do we know it’s less than 100k-it’s a hyper suv- gotta be 250k?
  10. Also parked next to this sf90 which is a 500k car- preferred the look of the 430 tho-although my winky shrunk as this has 1000bhp🤣
  11. Popped down to Goodwood couple of weeks ago- photos taken by a chap there who I got talking to- knights motorsport on instagram
  12. Ali tuck

    Orange evora

    Spotted this morning just outside loxwood West Sussex - looked lovely!
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