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  1. Comment primarily because it’s the 430 thread,but yes I agree all evoras will see interest ,especially as emira will be made in far greater numbers
  2. I think emira publicity can only be good news for GT430 ,as people become aware of the rarity of it
  3. That’s probably 15k more than it would have been last year
  4. I still think long term evora will hold strong as it’s such a rare car- I think I would be more worried over emira prices over the next few years if correct 500 odd evora V 15000 emira
  5. Goodwood FOS yesterday,just parked in the public car park,not even out the car and couple of lads talking to me through the window about it.returning to the car a lad of 17ish with his dad said his favourite car ever ,could he take photos, chatted about it for a few minutes-also saw a nice red evora in the super car parking
  6. Lotus will make more emiras in the first year of production (probably)than the entire run of evora in 12 or so years- more so,what will emira prices hold up to- lots of cars about after a couple of years will make evora/exige seem super rare- people who buy emira now probably not really aware of exige and evora may start looking at the faster lighter rarer old school cars? that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!
  7. Ali tuck

    Lotus Emira

    Thought I saw on the dash a bhp figure of 480 odd ?
  8. I’m going on Sunday unfortunately parking in normal car park- anyone else going Sunday maybe meet/ convoy and all park together to save possible parking mishaps?
  9. Talking of paint options-Just watched @JayEmm video on Lamborghini huracan evo-a painted stripe - just a painted stripe is………gulp- 21 grand!!! my god
  10. When I bought mine she said ‘that looks nice- much better than the other one(exige) I might even have a drive- took her out last weekend ‘bloody hell it’s like a roller coaster I’m not driving that🤣
  11. To go with or replace- I’m intrigued !!
  12. Not really if you take into account the massive infrastructure required around a large housing estate
  13. The owner of the pagani is local to me- he has some amazing cars,laferrari,f50,etc etc etc- had a butchers at the pagani unbelievably blingy on the inside 🤮
  14. This is going to impact the building trade massively if prices continue to rise- people won’t have the smaller works,extensions/renovations as building work will become prohibitive - and it’s got to have an impact on new build housing which will rise to even more ludicrous prices.
  15. A huge American construction company has bought the large Scandinavian sawmills that produce vast quantities of softwood that come to the uk and Europe. and now send all that timber directly to the states hence shortages and price increase
  16. Nice little red number to park up to!
  17. The Emira certainly has its work cut out- lots of competition mainly from you know who -with the GT4 and now RS which is certainly due to be a Emira rival at the top end(not that you’ll be able to buy one)so I think the top end cars will need to be up near the 500 bhp mark especially as I think with options they’ll be 100k +_anyway not long now and excited to see the new car which I am sure will be stunning!
  18. Why don’t you have a look at evora 410/430- will give you that bit more practicality ,still plenty quick enough awesome sound,handling etc- you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
  19. Yeah a stones throw away!you done well to get in there!
  20. Looking at it in a more positive way- lotus have smashed everything else out the park with the Evija,perhaps they now have a new ethos and this is how they will produce their cars ?perhaps the Emira will smash all the competition out of sight-end of!
  21. That’s 2 cars that go proper head to head(almost😉)- looking forward to your thoughts on the comparison
  22. Ali tuck

    Lotus Emira

    Your reaction to the exige drive made me remember my first drive- you just can’t believe what they’re like- hilarious.only thing you failed to do was buy it- I couldn’t resist, however in an evora now
  23. Ali tuck

    Lotus Emira

    How did you get on?drive anything?
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