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  1. Nice little red number to park up to!
  2. The Emira certainly has its work cut out- lots of competition mainly from you know who -with the GT4 and now RS which is certainly due to be a Emira rival at the top end(not that you’ll be able to buy one)so I think the top end cars will need to be up near the 500 bhp mark especially as I think with options they’ll be 100k +_anyway not long now and excited to see the new car which I am sure will be stunning!
  3. Why don’t you have a look at evora 410/430- will give you that bit more practicality ,still plenty quick enough awesome sound,handling etc- you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
  4. Yeah a stones throw away!you done well to get in there!
  5. Looking at it in a more positive way- lotus have smashed everything else out the park with the Evija,perhaps they now have a new ethos and this is how they will produce their cars ?perhaps the Emira will smash all the competition out of sight-end of!
  6. That’s 2 cars that go proper head to head(almost😉)- looking forward to your thoughts on the comparison
  7. Ali tuck

    Lotus Emira

    Your reaction to the exige drive made me remember my first drive- you just can’t believe what they’re like- hilarious.only thing you failed to do was buy it- I couldn’t resist, however in an evora now
  8. Ali tuck

    Lotus Emira

    How did you get on?drive anything?
  9. Ali tuck

    Lotus Emira

    It’s an easy fix in the current cars, but maybe not so in the new ones ?
  10. Odd one out yesterday at snett with about a dozen exiges!
  11. It’s an interesting point- Porsche is the problem (sort of) for lotus- I assume they are trying to prise them there porkers away from their blinkered brand- if that is to be the case the emira has to be better than a cayman and at the top end 120k rumoured,better than some margin than a 911- and if it is to succeed I think it has to be
  12. It would make some sense with power options but I agree- it does seem to be arse about face- the plot thickens
  13. Just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons I’ve heard that the faster car will be the 2ltr- not the v6 -the 2ltr coming from the new c63 500+ bhp!
  14. Yep it is a bit strange as the CoP states the build number
  15. Awesome- your going to love it,they’re mega!
  16. It’s getting silly now- power and prices ridiculous
  17. How many owners on here?
  18. This car is a massive deal for lotus- they can’t get it wrong,with the investment etc it has to be right-it will be up there with the best of them.Performance and design I’m sure will be everything we expect
  19. What’s everyone watching it on?
  20. I was in the petrol station last week filling up- bloke came up admiring it and said ‘you just need a good woman now’.... got one I said.....bastard said he and walked off!
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