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  1. Yep I think I’ll have to go down that route-thinking about it now ,should’ve done that anyway!
  2. I have a log burner on order coming from Norway .it was turned back before Christmas at the port due to the french COVID episode.just heard today all the stock they have, now has to have all the CE labelling removed and a new label applied as we are no longer in Europe - anyway roaring fires in June are underrated!
  3. I have a CoP and it states my car is no 17 out of 25 so I assume that is the uk allocation-but whatever it is, it’s extremely small numbers
  4. I see they’ve actually put some prices on the Stratton gt’s now-£84,950- that’s gt430 money so still don’t think they’ll shift them
  5. Good work- amazing things you’ll love it
  6. I enquired about this car and was told it was part of a private collection where the owner never managed to drive it!!
  7. My friends mum has had it ,she’s 84 next jab 5th jan- our local dr’s surgery is dedicated to COVID vacs every afternoon now so no appointments for ‘normal stuff’!
  8. I cannot believe that is on a new build house- is that a genuine pic- if so that’s outrageous
  9. I think I’d have the corsa over the woeful Nissan Juke I get- that thing is truly one of the worst cars I have ever driven ,it must be at least 12” between each gear shift!
  10. Think it’s a 250k deposit to get one so bit of a gamble for someone if you can’t flip it for more dosh!!!
  11. Not in her eyes- get a woman with the bit between her teeth,look out!
  12. We’ve had a delivery text everyday for the last week saying ‘Bruce will deliver your parcel blah blah blah- for the last week, got the mrs on it- threatened them with watchdog etc funny enough got a refund straight away!
  13. Picked the car up from ppf today- it was mad coming home- group of teenage lads clapping ,thumbs up -bmw m140 pulled alongside and gave me👌Certainly gets lots of positive reaction
  14. Yep it’s good- at least it’s car related - on tonight!
  15. @C8RKHI have an idea what that may be!I made an enquiry a while back! Yes it is-he also said he’d had a lotus before, I asked him which one and he said ‘the one with the scoop on the roof’🤣
  16. Apparently he bought it with 1500 miles on it and has since found out that the previous owner had also returned it because of lots of problems.So it looks like dealer has just sold it on without rectifying any of the issues! he’s replacing it with a Yaris !
  17. Dropped my car off yesterday for some ppf work- as I parked up a chap in an alpine pulled up behind me-‘ I saw you drive past my house,thought it was a new lambo,I like that a lot!’ he’d followed me to stop and chat- how’s the alpine I asked?- load of shit it’s going back tomorrow had nothing but trouble with it🤣
  18. Do you know when production ceases on the exige range out of interest?
  19. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere exige production has ceased-Is this correct? if so ,wow ! end of a pretty damn good era ....
  20. That’s a load of bollocks about the roof being straight- it’s been set out incorrectly-,as long as you’re weathered and dry I’m sure it’ll get sorted by the boss.fingers crossed
  21. You can get a form of qualification in a few weeks now which is just a joke - proper apprenticeships are long gone now as the older, proper trades either retire or ‘get out’leaving mainly chancers- still good trades about but few and far between now
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