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  1. Aah maybe- tbh not really looked into it yet,yes maybe that’ll work I’ll have a look👍
  2. Bit of a boring one- phone mounts?anyone found something decent? Don’t really want a stick on windscreen job if possible cheers
  3. Had a 350 which I loved - drove a 410 and my god they are miles apart - the urgency and pick up is relentless , totally different car- bought an evora🤣
  4. When I first answered the survey I was on my first lotus- but now I’m on my second so the poll is now incorrect!
  5. Is it a case of once it’s done that’s it?or will your eyes still deteriorate and need doing again?
  6. Wow that is long term ownership- car looks fantastic,done well to keep it through all that!!
  7. Little run out yesterday afternoon
  8. I think you maybe correct,certainly looks like it- yes some man maths were indeed required but I lost one of my best mates recently to MND just came out of nowhere and less than 6 months later he died at 49-so it was a case of YOLO!
  9. Weather /lockdown not gonna be helpful in getting the running in miles done but will do my best!The car does already feel special and gets lots of kids pointing at it!
  10. Thankyou @C8RKH- did about 80 miles in it today in the rain!- already feels amazing although Revs/speed restricted for now
  11. Guilty- weirdly I went to B&C to order an exige 430 cup but thought while I was there I would try an Evora as had never driven one - so jamie lent me a 410 for an an hour and loved it!- changed my mind and a deal was done on the epic looking GT430!
  12. Maybe don’t bother with skirting- can look a bit sh&t with the beams set back
  13. Haha saw this earlier- looks like he turned everything off- including his driving ability
  14. Also factor in the exclusivity - I reckon you see 500 911s to every Evora
  15. Been through it a couple of times now and it’s the worst thing ever- the joy and love you get from a dog is so great and not worth being without.The benefits outweigh the negatives and you still need time to get over your old pup and we waited a couple of months before our new puppy arrived.i think it’s the best antidote-i hope she goes peacefully and pain free
  16. I had a similar thing with mine-disconnected the battery for 30 mins ,reconnected and all ok-
  17. Well done that man! may I ask which one?
  18. Wow good work!- you looking at the used ones ?
  19. @exeterjeepwhich of the 430s are you getting?I keep looking at these!
  20. I’m in my first lotus- exige 350 sport and currently trying to find every way possible to get a 430 cup
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