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  1. On the A24 near Horsham today about 10am....looked to have a lotus related plate,I think?
  2. Oh ok....just a standard exhaust but thanks for the heads up....prob not worth the risk.this definitely seems to be a bit of an Achilles heel with exige/Evora
  3. Ok....would the 90db drive by be ok in a v6?
  4. Thanks chaps im probably stating the obvious but I assume you need a harness bar whichever way you go?
  5. Ok that’s good to know thanks....yep I’m up for a groupie!!!!
  6. What do people get away with on a 350 sport?what limits do I need to be aware of?
  7. Probably been done a 100 times,sorry if it has...... looking for advice on harness'......what's everyone got /costs etc
  8. Thanks @Colin67 I’ll stick Bedford on the list,hopefully will meet up with a few of the chaps on here at some point,as you mention more fun with a few of’s like a drug,I can’t stop thinking about it!!
  9. @Colin67 yes he did have the vbox,unfortunately at some point in the afternoon the lead became detached and we missed a chunk of that session but I’ve still got plenty to view from the morning.very jealous of your spa trip sounds epic....but you can’t run before you can walk!!!!
  10. Haha yes I also got the ‘don’t follow them that’s the wrong line’ I will also give jack a go at some point as well.
  11. So,on Tuesday had my first proper track day,(previously done a few supercar experiences),at brands hatch Indy .Due to reading all this thread ,thought I better get some proper tuition ,so on recommendation hired David pittard for the day as wasn't really keen on binning it!!!Felt quite intimidating when I first turned up,eventually found the pits(not the easiest to find)and parked in my garage.Guy next to me had a mk1 golf gti ,turned up on a trailer and a ton of tools and kit.So I got all my kit out,sandwiches,bottle of water and a tyre pressure gauge! Then watched as mclarens,amg gtr,lotus 430 cup, porsches and a host of clios,fiestas caterhams etc all turned up... Morning session was trying to take everything in that David was teaching me,blimey there's a lot to learn.Was getting hassled,overtaken by virtually everything,but listened and tried to learn what I was being taught.And didn't want to roll it in the gravel at the bottom of paddock like the lad did in his Clio! Afternoon session was very different,once I gained some confidence,and realised how bloody awesome the car quickly it stops ,corners and goes is something else! What a lovely feeling it is when cars indicate to let you by😊....really felt like I was getting somewhere. David took me out for a few laps,makes it look so damn easy and was hassling the much faster stuff which I found quite amusing. Also couldn't believe how much fuel was consumed,and how bloody exhausted I was when I got home. Anyway to sum up,I'm hooked,will be doing many more track days,David was excellent and will be using him again in the future.......I Feel this is an expensive hobby!!!!!
  12. I’ll come and say hello..I’ll be there on monday👍
  13. That’s the colour I’d pick too....very nice👍
  14. slighty off topic....back in the sixties my mum had a friend who was 6’8 who took the front seat out of his mini and sat on the back seat to drive it!
  15. Yeah I agree the car does look much better without it.....I’ll just have a look and see how big my balls are!
  16. Do you remove number plate for track or not bother with one on road?
  17. Where are you.......have a good day👍
  18. Everyone should post videos to see who is the most ‘aesthetically pleasing’🤣
  19. Nice one thanks bibs looks easy enough👍
  20. Towing eyes.........any recommendations on best/easiest to fit for front mounted please ? V6 sport.
  21. Thanks chaps I’ll try and remember all that!! @Colin67 I think I am screwed ,I can see this being an extremely slippery slope!
  22. Batmobile,thanks for the info....I too have booked David Pittard so looking forward to it,it’s about 4 weeks off yet so plenty of time to get nervous!its already getting expensive but hey ho....yolo!!! Yep will let you know how it all goes ....some purchases to make now😬
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