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  1. 1 hour ago, C8RKH said:

    Why just a good thing for the GT430 and not Evora's in question?

    I do think the Emira will get people looking and actually, to be serious, I think the +2 Evora will see a surge in interest as a result, more so than the more focused Evora's.

    Comment primarily because it’s the 430 thread,but yes I agree all evoras will see interest ,especially as emira will be made in far greater numbers

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  2. Goodwood FOS yesterday,just parked in the public car park,not even out the car and couple of lads talking to me through the window about it.returning to the car a lad of 17ish with his dad said his favourite car ever ,could he take photos, chatted about it for a few minutes-also saw a nice red evora in the super car parking


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