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  1. The Emira certainly has its work cut out- lots of competition mainly from you know who -with the  GT4 and now RS which is certainly due to be a Emira rival at the top end(not that you’ll be able to buy one)so I think the top end cars will need to be up near the 500 bhp mark especially as I think with options they’ll be 100k +_anyway not long now and excited to see the new car which I am sure will be stunning!

  2. On 02/06/2021 at 18:03, scotty435 said:

    There on Thursday, travelling down Wednesday and stopping at the Goodwood Hotel. Anyone know if it is possible to walk into the event from the Hotel?

    Yeah a stones throw away!you done well to get in there!

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  3. Your reaction to the exige drive made me remember my first drive- you just can’t believe what they’re like- hilarious.only thing you failed to do was buy it- I couldn’t resist, however in an evora now 

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  4. On 25/05/2021 at 19:23, Evotion said:

    Manual!!   But I will accept anything they have to get a flavour of the modern Loti.

    Am down there tomorrow at 10.00AM if anybody else wants to meet up. I will report back!

    How did you get on?drive anything?

  5. It’s an interesting point- Porsche is the problem (sort of) for lotus- I assume they are trying to prise them there porkers away from their blinkered brand- if that is to be the case the emira has to be better than a cayman and at the top end 120k rumoured,better than some margin than a 911- and if it is to succeed I think it has to be

  6. 1 hour ago, exeterjeep said:

    Lotus managed to have each Elan M100 S2 to have unique numbers on the edition plate. It is a shame they did not do it on the gt430's as it would help really knowing how many were actually made.

    Yep it is a bit strange as the CoP states the build number

  7. 5 hours ago, phil flash said:

    or as anything else ...  1920 kerbweight, base price £376,048 with options of £39,360 for Fiorano Pack, £20,160 for racing livery, £19,200 for carbon wheels, £5,760 for carbon seats, all to lose 100kg of weight, quite a cost /kg!  -  but it is a 1,000bhp hybrid so you have the advantage of driving electric for 15 miles...  I kid you not!

    It’s getting silly now- power and prices ridiculous

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