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  1. I also think a 4cyl car will be a hard sell at anymore than Elise money- if you’re asking top money for a performance car a 4cyl doesn’t cut the mustard-must be 6 cyl at the least,Look what happened to the cayman when they done that

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  2. 21 minutes ago, Colin P said:

    There are some great British stoves. Our Clock stove was ordered and delivered in c5 weeks and installed beginning of December. It's excellent.

    Yep I think I’ll have to go down that route-thinking about it now ,should’ve done that anyway!

  3. I have a log burner on order coming from Norway .it was turned back before Christmas at the port due to the french COVID episode.just heard today all the stock they have, now has to have all the CE labelling removed and a new label applied as we are no longer in Europe - anyway roaring fires in June are underrated!

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  4. 1 hour ago, Bibs said:

    Any had/know anyone who has had the vaccine yet? I'm listed as clinically extremely vulnerable and would have it if offered but I think I'm in the 6th wave! Perhaps next year!! 

    My friends mum has had it ,she’s 84 next jab 5th jan- our local dr’s surgery is dedicated to COVID vacs every afternoon now so no appointments for ‘normal stuff’!

  5. 14 hours ago, jerzybondov said:

    Exactly this 👍 

    B&C have given me a 20 plate Corsa as a courtesy car and it really is the most wretched thing. 
    Designed entirely by focus group and qualitatively terrible in all the ways that it’s quantatively good (economy, noise, ease of use, comfort). No soul whatsoever, and the steering feels like it’s connected to the front wheels with a string of digital potatoes. 

    I think I’d have the corsa over the woeful Nissan Juke I get- that thing is truly one of  the worst cars I have ever driven ,it must be at least 12” between each gear shift!

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