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  1. 10 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    Hi @Crooky23 - I'm not usually a fan of "dark" cars but I do have to say yours looks lovely!  Congratulations. Welcome. And I look forward to your updates on the car and some superb pictures of your car in the beautiful wilds of NZ!

    Interestingly I am tentatively thinking that my next car purchase may well be a hand made in NZ car!

    @C8RKHI have an idea what that may be!I made an enquiry a while back!

    13 minutes ago, Bravo73 said:

    A GR Yaris, I bet!


    Yes it is-he also said he’d had a lotus before, I asked him which one and he said ‘the one with the scoop on the roof’🤣

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  2. 9 hours ago, au-yt said:

    Interesting comment from the Alpine owner, I often wondered what the post purchase owner ship is like, Let’s hope for Alpine’s sake it’s not common, I’m much more interested in owners experience than the selling magazine Jurno hype.

    Yesterday my wife bought some people staying in our external studio Abnb, into the house and into the garage, which I’m not happy about, these people might be OK but it’s the friends they tell that I’m not fussed about. As the Evora is not the only toy in the garage.

    However this person also asked about  my 400 “is that a lambo?” Explaining what it is, is like many others said I’ve never heard of it, nice car was the next comment.

    Apparently he bought it with 1500 miles on it and has since found out that the previous owner had also returned it because of lots of problems.So it looks like dealer has just sold it on without rectifying any of the issues! he’s replacing it with a Yaris !

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  3. 46 minutes ago, Jimmy_ said:

    Yeah, thats what hurt most. It meant alot to me and was willing to fork my own money to ensure it wasn't cat marked, eventually it went down as a cat B due to the damage to the tub. 

    I Had been toying with R8s, AMG GTR's, GT3s and maccas.. but they're all so heavy. As I'm lucky enough to have a daily I went for a 430 in pearl white as I do enjoy track life and do plan on some EU trips/tracks hopefully when covid simmers down.

    Delivery date is February, with collection im March assuming all goes to plan. Went a bit overkill on the spec, but hoping it will turn out 👌

    ill post updates/pictures when I get them.


    Thank you! Went for a 430 in pearl white in the end!

    Awesome- 👍

  4. 1 hour ago, Bibs said:

    Give it a few months for them to settle in and you'll be amazed mate! Slightly different but I had laser a few years back and it was quite the revelation - your vision corrected new lenses will be very similar :)


    Is it a case of once it’s done that’s it?or will your eyes still deteriorate and need doing again?

  5. On 27/10/2020 at 19:37, Barrykearley said:

    Dunno chap - ive been painting my lads room all day, in between shifting cars and stuff - have done some work in there to rejig things and had it all replastered. Just need some skirting and new carpets now.70EE0687-3BE5-4C33-AA28-0CC1E93C0860.thumb.jpeg.0d52afbf1b82da9e3bee6a1ffc844af8.jpegC2DD00CD-7040-4816-870E-A3AA3F699259.thumb.jpeg.c6ebcf7c0ba04f04a8d6ff33391f83a1.jpeg


    the missus has just suggested selling the “yellow car” image.png.107e47eb2303e39033417be97aa1373c.png🖕🖕🖕

    thats been utterly dismissed 🤛

    watching your progress on the Jps with interest @LOTUSMAN33

    Maybe don’t bother with skirting- can look a bit sh&t with the beams set back

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