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  1. 3 hours ago, DarrylV8 said:

    But would you spend £153K+ on a limited run Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA even with 533horses?

    Nope- but that’s a different proposition ,limited numbers blah blah blah- probably people that buy that car already have a garage full of super car stuff.even still, it’s crazy money

  2. 4 hours ago, The Pits said:

    Then again, imagine that in Europe though. LHD wouldn't put me off if I really wanted a GT430 Sport, auto is a bigger issue for me personally. Gorgeous thing either way though.

    Auto probably makes it quite a rare thing being a sport too- 

  3. On 24/01/2020 at 16:13, Tex said:

    Just sold my 570s Track Pack after 10 months use, no issues and only expense was a service and front pads. Got almost back what I paid so pretty cheap motoring for a Supercar 

    My Cup 430 is also working out very cost effective to run, although this is more likely  with its overall package 

    Interesting to hear your thoughts on the comparison of the two cars- performance , ride quality,reliability etc....

  4. On 06/01/2020 at 15:53, jep said:

    I love a bit of turbo lag, adds to the drama in a road car. How I miss cars that actively promoted TURBO with classy (?) graphics. Obviously the Esprit but also Renault with 5GT, Fuego, 11, 21. And the first turbo road car, BMW 2002. Porsche 930 early cars almost hysterically amusing.

    Image result for renault fuego turbo

    Sport 300 probably not so much fun with the lag but I lacked the talent with that car (as I do with a 930 on the odd occasion I have had the pleasure). Renault 5GT lag is just a hoot.

    Totally agree with you on the Evora naturally aspirated Vs Esprit. Love both but given just one, for me Evora.


    Haha just bought back memories- I had a Renault 11 turbo ,first proper car I owned,absolutely loved it- my girlfriend at the time ran up the arse of a ford Sierra and that was the end of that!

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  5. I also think lotus need to be careful of their cost of sale with the new models.As we are already into the 100k exige and Evora -and prices always go up ,not down they will need to be wary not to slip into even higher price markets competing with pork top end/McLarens etc.Not that the cars aren’t worthy,but for some reason don’t have the kudos of those......need to compete ,but at a realistic price point....especially trying to entice new owners.

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  6. Lotus are a sports car manufacturer and have always been...surely they’re gonna give us sports cars that are Superior to the ones we have already?they struggle to Sell the excellent cars they make now,making something half hearted and lame will not increase sales,especially to new markets and to the existing owners who would like to upgrade.massive investment is happening so a golden opportunity to make world beating cars !

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  7. On 14/11/2019 at 08:33, The Pits said:

    Totally agree that ppf, annoyingly, costs pretty much what a respray costs, so going without is a perfectly reasonable route. I suppose there's the risk of a poorly matched respray I guess and while it's disappointing that ppf is far from 100% protective of stone chips I think the Exige is very prone to them being so low. I didn't have ppf on my Elise but I did on the Exige which was in much better shape overall after a similar amount of miles. Ceramic coatings in my experience are not worth anything at all. I had my wheels done on the Evora hoping that brake dust would just rinse off but unless the dealer fobbed me off and never applied any, the stuff they used has made zero difference.  

    Anyway, I need to stay away from this thread ideally. Couldn't be happier with my Evora but I won't be able to completely rest until that Motorsport Green Cup 430 at Central has been sold!

    Keep looking at that bloody MSG 430-someone please buy it doing my head in!

  8. My neighbour has a very large oak tree which deposits it’s leaves into my garden every year.the tree has a lot of dead wood in it and also takes a lot of sunlight away from my garden.last year I suggested it would be a good idea to prune the tree,remove the dead wood and generally tidy it up.i said I would pay for the works.she went mental at me,citing that I would be destroying the planet by trimming the tree and how dare I try and ruin the planet?

    Absolute nutter

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