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  1. Excellent, thank you Nice touch that you still got some techno tacked on the end
  2. Robert, thank you very much for your reply - your details are very interesting and appreciated. I can't reply in any length at the moment as I am being nagged to take the wife out to dinner but just wanted to express my thanks for your time. Jason.
  3. Should we reserve some caution from our new member here? I would think it a little unfair on the eBay auction owner to have his item slandered like this without justification. silverespritse, would you happen to have any way of proving your findings with Lotus Cars USA? It is odd that you would join our forum just for this very reason - how did you find this post? Wouldn't you have joined earlier to discuss other things Esprit? I've spoken to Russ at the Auction company (it's near where I live) and although I have not been allowed to see the car (a little odd you might think), I h
  4. Bravo - excellent car, footage and driving. The music was good fun but would you happend to have a version without music so we can hear the engine noise? I was very impressed by the way you managed to overtake a handfull of BMWs and Porches. Thanks for posting.
  5. OMFG, I live in Stauton, VA - I'm going to call him and see if I can have a looky look - not to buy, just to ogle!!! Edited: Edited to add that I spoke to Russ and it's in a private collection only to be viewed to potential bidders. He did take my details and said he'd call me if the owner agrees to me taking a peek - keep your fingers crossed for me
  6. Is any of this spam actually genuine? Not the guy that wants you to help him launder money, but the medications and stock market tips? I tried replying to a few with some colourful language like Loteuk and they all bounced back, so how are you supposed to order their medications? Are they infact there to sell meds or is it all just ficticiuos?
  7. In the movie you linked to, what's the black car after the Saleen S7 - looks new with fins? Awesome collection, guy on movie says 45 cars out of a collection of 65! Were these at the owner's house or a warehouse somewhere else?
  8. Just researching my new toy and found these little beauties.... Red 2000 V8 unregistered with 43 miles! 2001 V8 with 4150 miles. Check out the other wheels in the chap's garage - mmm, nice.
  9. You never know. It works for me here in Virginia. After trying to order a Whopper or something 3 times in 'English' English, I usually revert to a fake Virginian accent and I normally get want I want
  10. I think our police should adopt names like 'Bent Koch' too, much more interesting than the ever so British 'Robin Banks'.
  11. We hired an H2 when in Dallas and thought it was hilarious. We only had it for 3 days, but they were a memorable 3 days - I loved it to pieces. The complete audacity of the thing and the interior full of dials and buttons. I'm not sure I'd have one as it was ginormous, but for sheer comedy value I think it's a winner. Also, for such a big car, when you shove your foot down it takes off in a surprisingly quick way. And the arm chairs in the front. I laughed when I found that the 2 foot wide central arm rest could be made even wider by folding down additional arms in the side of the chairs
  12. What's PPM? I can't only think of Pages Per Minute or Parts Per Million
  13. Excellent news about YouTube. I have installed Azureus (thanks for tips and links, all) and appear to be in business. I have NAT probs (I've looked at FAQ but am floundering) and apparently my decentralised tracking requires port 51537 UDP open - WTF! I don't really want to open any ports as I think I know enough about this to be worried of weezly computer geeks looking at my files if I do this. However I am downloading at about 80kb/s and an episode of Top gear will be done in around 1.5 hours so I'm just going to leave the PC churning and watch that this evening Thanks again for al
  14. I tried to use BitTorrent yesterday using links from the website Lucas posted. All was well except to 1kb/s download speed and 7 days completion time. How are you doing it? p.s. I don't want to share my harddisk as it's a company PC. Ta. J.
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