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  1. I have fairly large size 11 feet and I did not get in with Piloti. Now I use the Puma/Sparco trainers and find they work well.
  2. I’m getting the ones from Elise Parts with the lightweight black wheel nuts
  3. Sorry, I’ve been looking at too many red cars recently! The colour of the roll hoop is what always bothers me slightly with a carbon/black roof and a carbon/black rear hatch. I personally find that on lighter cars in particular it needs to be wrapped black so as to blend in with the roof/hatch otherwise it looks “bitty” and breaks up the lines. It’s less of an issue on darker cars, and I think it looks fine on yours. Obviously all personal preference at the end of the day, so stick with it if you like it! My car will be a lighter/brighter red than yours, which is partly why I have de
  4. If you have body coloured roof, I would definitely leave the roll hoop body coloured as well. I will be painting my roof, roll hoop and rear engine cover all body colour, a bit like an S1 Exige. I personally like the lower parts of the two front side intakes wrapped in black in the style of the Cup R, which is what I have now and will have again after my respray. I’m less keen on the full front intake wrapping on the 380 Cup, mainly because the top part doesn’t level with the bonnet crease line.
  5. Good choice on the Alias23 scoops! Mine are currently inbound to be fitted shortly. I cannot wait! Have you got any more close up pictures of the scoops fitted in the meantime?
  6. @stephenwhyte are those Lotus OEM side scoops?
  7. Looks absolutely fantastic @stephenwhyte, an inspiration for the next stage of my project for sure!
  8. I may have a carbon rear diffuser surround for sale shortly if you are interested? Would be significantly lower priced than Lotus OEM!
  9. I actually got it from my good friend @alias23 as he had a spare kicking around. Afraid I don’t know where he got it from. Maybe he can point you in the right direction. @Remonvdhthanks, I’m glad you like all the colours. I agree - there’s not a bad one amongst them and all will be an improvement on what I have now. The Alfa RC colour is glorious, although that is slightly more complicated than the others because it turns out that there are in fact three different paint codes for the same colour, each of which is slightly different from the others!
  10. A couple of little trinkets have arrived already...
  11. @stephenwhyte thanks for the assistance! I can assure you that I have spent much time studying pictures of your stunning car. Your Fire Red is most similar to the Ferrari Rosso Fuoco I am looking at I believe. Seems to change colour quite dramatically depending on the lighting. Looks fantastic!
  12. Time for a long overdue update... I am really happy with the chargecooled TVS1900 kit that was fitted by Komotec for me last summer and I have been enjoying driving it whenever lockdown conditions have allowed. It feels really strong and is producing serious power, as verified on both Komotec's dyno and RRR's dyno as well. Even in "Race" map producing around 500hp it is only running 80% throttle to save the internals. I have been in discussions with Daniel to carry out a full engine build so I can really maximise the potential of my set-up. He is working on a load of new parts, which a
  13. I have the Moroso supplied by Komotec. Seems to do the job and I’ve had people who know about such things comment on it being a work of art!
  14. Hi @MAG, apologies if you have posted this somewhere already and I just can't find it, but what colour did you use for your wheel? I really love the way that they have turned out. Thanks!
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