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  1. Very easy journey down. Only 3.5h off the boat to KT. Unfortunately Daniel wasn’t able to meet me in person, but the rest of the team were very friendly and efficient. Will be leaving the car with KT for them to work their magic in their own time rather than having me hanging around breathing over them. Now begins the mission to get home. After pizza of course!
  2. Ship ahoy, and hello sailors! Mendig here we come...!!
  3. I won’t be able to take pictures of the installation process itself as I won’t be hanging around while KT do the work. I am dropping the car off and leaving it with them until it’s done. But happy to share pictures once completed and also plan to share my final specs etc. Very excited!
  4. Hi @W31SSN, when you say “the 1900 is more suited to 4.0l plus engines”, why is that? I appreciate that this is what is says on the Eaton website, but what is the actual reason for that? As @#84 says above, the Eaton data sheet maps show that the TVS1900 is actually MORE efficient than the TVS1740, which also seems to be confirmed by SSC. Obviously more parasitic loss with a bigger charger, but that can be combatted with a larger pulley etc. Thanks
  5. Thank you @#84! I must confess that I am struggling to understand what exactly those graphs show and how to read them, so any education would be very gratefully received. Essentially I would like to understand what the pros/cons of the 1320 vs 1740 vs 1900 superchargers are (assuming all would be charge cooled)? How do you determine what pulley size to run with each supercharger to operate at maximum efficiency?
  6. Hi @#84, please could you kindly share a link to those official Eaton data sheets that you refer to? Thanks very much!
  7. I have decided to go for a TVS1900 kit upgrade, which means that my standard OEM 1320 supercharger will be available if anyone either needs to replace a broken one or wants to upgrade an NA Evora by supercharging. Link to ad below: Thanks!
  8. I won’t be able to get out first thing as will be out on my bike early doors! But around lunchtime would be good if anyone else is up for it
  9. Please could I be added to the list? Many thanks! While I am here, does anyone fancy a little drive tomorrow (ie Sunday 5th)?
  10. Am all booked in with Komotec now and very excited! Will be driving down myself and leaving the car with them for a few weeks so there is no rush to complete the work. Anyone got a good route for the drive back to the UK? Any good points of interest (Spa?) to stop off at on the way? Thanks!
  11. Yes, I did wonder about the pulley size. Obviously the bigger the pulley fitted, the lower the gearing effect will be and hence the less parasitic loss. What pulley sizes are people running with the TVS1900?
  12. Hi all, and Happy Christmas! I have already posted on the Evora section but just reposting here to widen the group. Please feel free to merger posts or similar if required. Anyway, I am very close to pulling the trigger on the TVS1900 for my Exige. I am hoping that you guys can alleviate one last small concern I have... The TVS1900 is obviously a lot bigger than the standard 1320 unit, and even quite a bit larger than the 410/430 supercharger. From an entirely uneducated random survey of other cars, it seems like 1900cc on a 3.5l engine is perhaps a little “oversized”. As we all know, the bigger the charger, the greater the parasitic loss. My question is whether you notice this at all? Does the engine still want to rev freely and chase the red line, or is it more of “lazy” torque monster? I appreciate that it is all relative of course - the V6 is no 4 pot screamer to begin with. But I guess I want to understand how the kit will change the characteristics of the engine more than just knowing what headline figures I can expect. Thanks in advance!
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