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  1. If I am not in the US for Thanksgiving then count me in. Travel plans a bit up in the air at the moment for obvious reasons!
  2. For what it’s worth I also run the ECU Master EMU Black with bigger injectors although without the flex fuel sensor
  3. I have a Quaife LSD fitted in my Exige and find it only has positive effects with no negatives, especially given the power I am running now. Easy to adjust handling to suit with geo changes and adjustable dampers. Certainly do not think it is essential though. I also have ECU Master Black so not running factory stability control etc, so don’t have any issues with that either.
  4. With, looks amazing! While it is true that opinions are like arseholes in so far as everyone has one, and you think only yours doesn’t stink, opinions in fact differ significantly from arseholes because you should allow yours to be constantly and thoroughly examined...!
  5. That looks terrific Arun, really like how it all fits together. @RoflOnMyWaffle must be Lotus vibes! What specs exactly did you go for? Dare I ask how “solidly built” you are to need the “fa boy” size? I’m a fairly sturdy 90-odd kg but think I should be Ok/snug in the standard size.
  6. Hi @RoflOnMyWaffle did you end up getting the Tillett seats in the end? If so, what did you go for?
  7. I am running similar numbers and I feel like my clutch is right at its limit. I currently have the 400 series clutch, which is the standard clutch with slightly higher clamping load, and it is holding up ok so far. But I have an Xtreme clutch due to arrive next week so that I can replace it immediately if/when it lets go!
  8. Good luck getting on track in the UK with that SSC exhaust!
  9. Yes, that is essentially correct. I have the CC TVS1900 supercharger unit, with all the rest from the KT EX500 kit apart from the exhaust, which is full Zircotec coated 2bular. I also have larger throttle body and injectors. I am running it with ECU Master Black with dual mapping by Komotec, launch control and adjustable traction control. I am very happy with my choice of hardware but as mentioned I am still having issues with the low speed mapping. Once that is fixed it will be perfect. Until I do forged internals of course...!
  10. I absolutely love the sound of mine with the EX500 carbon intake from Komotec. I have the 2bular track (ie quiet) exhaust so mine is not as loud as most, but sounds great, and perhaps I get a little more intake noise relatively that way too. The sound has definitely changed with the TVS1900 kit fitted. It still howls at the top end but in the mid range almost sounds a little bit V8-like.
  11. No. Standard gearbox with Evora 400 clutch and Quaife LSD
  12. Thank you @Leo Exige, it’s been a long process but I am getting close to my dream spec now! Just need to get the mapping properly sorted but I haven’t had much time recently to work with Komotec on that
  13. I think it is probably much easier if you are just tweaking the standard map to update for a known set of new hardware components. That is to my mind one of the key advantages of the KT kit. It’s a different matter creating bespoke dual maps for a bespoke package of components like I have. This is what my installation looks like. I love the sight of the TVS1900 / big throttle body / KT500 carbon intake combo!
  14. I have what ultimately I hope to be the best of all worlds. I have CC TVS1900 kit fitted by Komotec with Komotec ancillaries, larger throttle body, larger injectors, full 2bular exhaust and ECU Master Black ecu mapped by Komotec with a road map and a track map and adjustable traction control. Currently running c.490hp and 530NM in track mode but could produce much more with forged internals. About to put in a beefed up clutch. Weak link will become gearbox at some point but so far seems ok - touch wood. The performance is absolutely epic. Low speed and cold mapping still rough though. Hop
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