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  1. Good work mate, those are very healthy numbers especially for such light boost
  2. My new TPMS seems to be working fairly well so far! Also worth checking out the Cup 2 Connect kit, which is expensive but loads great
  3. I have only ever had the most positive responses. I get thumbs up and smiles all the time. Once had a whole minibus of school boys swarm around the car on a ferry crossing so I let them sit in it and they all took tons of pictures. On the one time I took it into Mayfair (we got invited for afternoon tea at a very posh hotel) we got properly “papped” by all the car spotters, which was hilarious!
  4. My supercharger belt split on the first drive from having the TVS1900 unit fitted because of a misaligned pulley, so clearly a reoccurring problem that needs to be fixed. Komotec dealt with it and it’s been fine ever since for me.
  5. I am running around 10psi of boost with 81mm pulley. My car just did 514hp on the dyno at RRR, which I expect is a little inflated, but it is comfortably around the 500hp mark. My kit took months to arrive from Harrop
  6. I don’t know, but I think that those cams would work well enough for both turbo or supercharger builds. The Stage 1 cams look more like supercharger cams than turbo cams to me, but I could well be wrong
  7. I spoke with Piper but they said they did not make cams for the 2GR and it would need to be custom, as you say. I wanted to find someone who had already done the development work and had some good cam profiles already prepared, rather than me having to effectively guess what profiles would work well.
  8. Yes, I’ve spoken to them. Their cams are mainly aimed at 4.0l stroked NA race cars although they can custom make any cams. But they are also seriously expensive. At the moment I think Kelford is going to be the best option. I do not I’m afraid
  9. Thanks @IanA. Forgive me if I am being very dim, but are you saying that it is possible to calculate the lobe separation angle for each camshaft from the information above?
  10. I got a response from Kelford overnight (they are based in NZ). This is their current planned cam options, with scope for customisation if needed. Their Stage 1 (263A) cams look like what I need. I find it hilarious that their "Stage 1" is "only" 500-700hp - means I must have come to the right place!! It also show what huge potential there is in this engine. Camshaft Part Number Application Advertised Duration Duration @ 1mm Valve Lift Valve Lift Su
  11. There are lots of options already for the NA motor because most people tuning the engine (ie the MR2 swap crowd) don’t have superchargers. Have a look at MWR or CatCams for example. They offer your typical hot cam profiles ie more lift/duration especially on the intake side and a bit more overlap. That’s what you want for a NA motor, but it’s almost the polar opposite to what we need for a supercharged application, and that’s what is harder to find.
  12. There is not much space in the cylinder heads for larger valves, and then you would have to get custom made valves / seats etc to fit, which becomes difficult/expensive. The valves are actually pretty big already anyway. They are the same size as those on the 2UR that is used in the Lexus ISF, which has titanium intake valves, so those are probably what I am going to use (with inconel exhaust valves due to the extra heat). There are are however definitely gains to be had in porting the valve seat area and short turn radius of the exhaust valve (and, to a lesser extent, the intake side).
  13. I’m on my second Lotus if you do count the VX220, otherwise the Exige is my first! My dad now has an S1 Elise so we have two in the family now, which is nice.
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