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  1. SSC do one that drains directly back into their baffled sump, which seems like quite a good solution. Would be interested to here thoughts on that.
  2. What offsets did you go with? What size tyres are you running? Any rubbing?
  3. Yes, appreciate that it is a bigger supercharger which is why there is a bigger throttle body (and also just because the larger throttle body works better with the different air intake / exhaust system as well), but the mounting could still be the same for both sizes of throttle body. That would make it a fairly easy straight swap, but things are usually never that simple!
  4. Me too! I love those wheels, but they are wide! Wonder what offset he is running?
  5. And as a further follow-up question, does anyone know if the larger 410/430 throttle body would bold straight on to the regular 1320 supercharger, or would you need a spacer/adapter? Another way of asking the same question is whether anyone knows if the mounting point on the charge cooled Edelbrock supercharger is the same as the one on the Harrop supercharger? Seems like this is unexplored territory so far...!
  6. That was exactly where I got my information from! Yup, it is referred to in various articles on the 430 Cup and you can see the different throttle body on the parts lists. If a larger throttle body could be procured for a reasonable price, I think it could be a good mod, especially if done with an exhaust, intake and remap.
  7. The 410/430 cars use a larger throttle body compared to the S/350/380 cars. Does anyone know the size of each? I believe it might be 70mm as standard, increased to 76mm, but grateful if anyone can confirm/correct me. Second question is where can you buy the larger throttle body? The 410/430 throttle body is available via Deroure for a whopping £1,116, but this must be a Toyota standard item that is available pretty cheaply elsewhere. Any ideas? Cheers!
  8. I would love to join on 30th July but will be tricky for me to get the day off work. Will see what I can do. If I am able to make it, I’d love to share garage/instruction etc. Would be a cracking day. Thanks all!
  9. George, I am with you on much of this. Fortunately my 350 already has the open gear linkage (which sealed the deal for me initially purchasing the car) and personally I would always want to retain a manual rather than DSG (it’s not a daily driver for me) but the 430 Cup rear diffuser and newer style front access panel are definitely on my list. I plan to go carbon for the front panel as it works with my red/black colour scheme. Eventually I also plan to fit a carbon roof and rear access hatch (I like the look of the one Eltech do) so it would all hopefully go together nicely. What supplier would you use for the front access panel? I assume Lotus for the rear diffuser? £600 for that doesn’t sound like the usual daylight robbery! The SSC wing looks great too and I totally agree that Cup R spec is too much of a pain for decent road use. What are the supports like with that? Making the interior nicer is at the bottom of my list. At the moment it still looks virtually brand new so I plan to leave it until it gets a bit tired and then do a re-trim. Before any of the above however I am planning to get the rest of my 2bular kit fitted (which is currently at Zircotec getting a Performance White coating) and do a TVS1900 upgrade. Trying to decide/justify whether to go regular or charge cooled... Finally thanks for the cracking thread as usual. Always a fun an informative read!
  10. Yes please. Need all the help I can get! We are talking about a driving instructor though, right...??
  11. I’d be up for this, and agree re Snetterton. It’s a great track!
  12. I was fine with my 350 that has standard exhaust plus KT370 induction kit, so I expect you would be fine. There were definitely louder cars out on track too!
  13. Will the KT carbon match the Eltech carbon? Most important, of course
  14. Ah yes, saw those. Pretty "interesting"! I do like the look of the Eltech carbon rear boot lid though
  15. For you @Edinburgh 111s, I'd let it go for £1.8k... The 2bular track silencer (non-valve) is on already. It fitted perfectly and looks great. Sound is very nice indeed. Slightly deeper than standard I would say, not louder. Doesn't drone at all. Will be interested to see what it's like once the full system is on, but that won't be for a little while because (a) I need to figure out how to get it fitted with or without remap (see separate thread on this), and (b) the manifolds and downpipe are off to Zircotec for some lovely white coating...
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