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  1. Thanks chaps. I’ve dealt with Dan before and indeed he is great. Not sure I want to advertise that mine is an EX490 as I quite like the stealth aspect/having excuses for my poor driving on track...
  2. Thanks Mark! As you know, you were certainly part of the inspiration behind my trip. Can you share some pictures of your decals please?
  3. Last Sunday evening I flew to Frankfurt. I stayed in an airport hotel for the night and early next morning I took a train to Hockenheim. Daniel and his Komotec team were at the track for the day with a bunch of customer cars, including a very racy Exige Cup R and Evora GT4. More importantly from my perspective, they also brought my car with them for the long overdue hand-over. I had toyed with the idea of having the car delivered back to me in England, but Daniel insisted that we did a hand-over in person. I made it to the track without any problems and found my car waiting for me in the pit lane. First impressions were that the installation looked superb. The engine bay was tidy, all the parts super high quality, the new supercharger unit filled the space nicely and looked like it meant serious business! The whole thing was at least OEM standard, if not better. Daniel told me to go take it for a drive and then we could discuss any questions. So I made my way down the pit lane, turned right away from the track, through the paddock and found a large empty piece of tarmac out the back of the circuit where a couple of cars were occasionally heading for some basic warm-up runs. I did a few runs back and forth, both at full throttle and at crawling speed, and a couple of doughnuts of course. Full throttle felt very strong but hard to get a full impression given space was limited so could only just about get into third gear. At low speed, there was still quite a bit of the jerky/rough idle that I had before, which was disappointing. So I went back to the garage to pick up Daniel, he plugged his laptop into the ECU and then we drove back out to the space of tarmac. I showed him the problem and he tweaked the ECU mapping. It certainly improved things, but it was clear that it was never going to be perfect. This remains the biggest drawback. The car is not happy at very low throttle openings, as you would be in crawling traffic for instance. It splutters and turns jerky and occasionally stalls. It is manageable, but annoying. I spent a good few hours at the track watching all the cars and chatting to loads of owners of both Lotus and others, which was great fun. Porsche GT3 RSs were by far the most popular weapon of choice, and looked and sounded fantastic on track, but there was a great mix of other machinery too, all of it pretty serious! Then it was time to hit the road for the drive up through Germany to Hook of Holland, where I was catching a ferry back to the UK over night. The drive went smoothly and as soon as the car was out on the open road it was clear that the kit ran superbly. It felt so linear and strong - very much OEM plus in nature. The sound was also terrific. Less supercharger whine than before, but still just the right amount on top of a deeper almost V8 rumble at times. As the revs rise though it really howls, even with the 2bular quiet track silencer I have fitted. The car absolutely rips through the gears now and still pulls like a train in 6th. Even the "Road" map with "only" 400hp feels such a leap forward because of the extra torque. The "Sport" map adds nearly 100hp further, although to be totally honest I couldn't feel as much of a difference between the two maps as I was expecting. That might be because it was hard to really push the limits on public roads with this much power, especially on my first drive, so I need more time to explore the difference between the maps properly. I was absolutely loving life until I was 50km away from the ferry, when I heard and felt a light bang and then a load of rattling from behind me. Initial thought was that something had fall off or got caught under the car. I immediately slowed right down, coasting in neutral until I found a spot to pull over. Fortunately there was a gap in the armco and I managed to back into a safe area. I popped open the rear deck fearing the worst, but fortunately there was no obvious catastrophe - no fire, no oil, no pieces everywhere. On closer inspection however, it was clear that the outer edge of the supercharger belt had frayed and a strip had ripped off and was lying at the bottom of the engine bay. I called Daniel, who was concerned and very helpful. He said that the car would still run as long as at least part of the belt was on but he couldn't guarantee how long it would last. I decided to continue to the ferry as I was starting to run out of time and make a decision when I got there. I limped the rest of the way, sticking to 55mph and avoiding putting any load through the belt as much as possible. It seemed to work, I made it to the ferry and called Daniel again. He said that he would come collect the car, take it back to Mendig and fix it first thing in the morning. He also said he would book me a local hotel for the night. I agreed to do that, rather than leaving the car there and getting the ferry home alone (I was on a tight schedule due to work but decided to juggle it as I had my laptop with me). So I re-booked the ferry for the following night, turned around and headed back the way I had come, still sticking to 55mph and trying to be as gentle as possible. I met Daniel at Eindhoven airport. By this stage it was gone midnight. We loaded the car onto his truck and drove the rest of the way to Mendig together, arriving around 2.30am. We parked up the truck and the Daniel dropped me at my hotel for the night before he headed home himself. The next day, I just left Komotec to fix the car, while I stayed in the hotel working. I got a message around 2pm that the car was ready so I packed up my stuff and walked round. Daniel immediately told me that they had made a small mistake in the fitting and the pulleys were fractionally out of alignment. This had caused the belt to rub and ultimately break. He was highly apologetic and said he had given my car a full geo reset as a token gesture. While it had certainly been a hassle for me and caused a bit of stress having to juggle work, I could not have been happier with how Komotec handled the problem. Daniel went way above and beyond to help get things sorted as efficiently as possible, which says a lot about the man. The set up they have in Mendig really is very impressive indeed and I am sure I will be back before too long! Problems happen, it's how you deal with them that matters, and I can't speak more highly of the service I received. So then it was back on the road again, and this time made it all the way to the ferry and then home without any incidents at all. I even managed to get in a couple more doughnuts for a bunch of kids with camera phones out at a drive-though McDonalds coffee stop where there was a big piece of waste tarmac round the back. The car felt amazing and absolutely ridiculously fast. You can blast past virtually any traffic (even fast moving German executive wagons) in a heartbeat with just a flick of the throttle. I am looking forward to testing it out further over the coming weekend (and in particular exploring the differences between the two maps more fully) and hopefully on a track day soon. Sadly the Evo Magazine day at Goodwood that my wife got me for my birthday on Wednesday has been postponed, but I am sure I'll find something else before long. Finally, in case helpful or of interest to anyone, below is a list of the current specs of my car: Charge cooled Harrop TVS1900 supercharger kit Komotec front mounted radiator and other hardware Larger 76mm throttle body Komotec EX500 larger carbon air intake 550cc fuel injectors 60l fuel tank Moroso Baffled Sump ECU Master EMU Black ecu Bespoke dual mapping by Komotec ECUMaster ADU7 dash Lotus OEM Traction Control Adjustment Dial 2bular EPK headers/down pipe/sports cat Zircotec Performance White coating for headers/down pipe 2bular track back-box/silencer with carbon tips Evora 400 clutch & flywheel Quaife LSD Komotec Gearbox Oil Cooler Ohlins TTX 2 way adjustable (800lb/1050lb road and 950lb/1250lb race springs) Seriously Lotus Forged rims Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres 215/45/17 (front) 285/35/18 (rear) Performance Friction 08 brake pads Alias 23 side sills, full length front splitter and carbon wing mirrors with alloy stems Lotus 430 Cup rear diffuser DJ Racecars carbon rear wing with painted end plates Schroth harnesses
  4. My advice would be to get a 410 if you can stretch to it. Then enjoy it as standard as it is a fantastic car. You can always go up to an EX490 kit in due course if you want more power and can save up. If you can’t afford it, get a 350/380 and then either do EX460 kit if that is the max power you are ever likely to want/need (and in reality, it is) or go the full hog and do a CC TVS1900 kit if you are compensating for deficiencies in other life departments. I fall into the latter camp, obviously! Most importantly there is no wrong answer. These cars are all brilliant and have far far more similarities between models than differences.
  5. I have just had my TVS1900 kit installed, which is putting out nearly 500hp and 530NM calculated at the crank. I already have the Evora 400 series clutch installed but I am not hopeful that it will last too long, especially with track abuse. So I'm currently considering the best upgrade option. I use my car approx 60 road /40 track, so any clutch needs to retain good road manners and drivability. I don't want something super heavy, grabby or noisy. Form the research I have done so far, it looks like the choice is essentially Exedy or Xtreme Clutch. Both seem reputable companies and offer a wide variety of options. Exedy options appear to be: Stage 1 Organic (with Single Series Racing Flywheel) Stage 2 Sports (with Single Series Racing Flywheel) Hyper Single Hyper Single VF Hyper Carbon-D Single Xtreme Clutch options appear to be: Sprung Organic - 1A Extra Heavy Duty Sprung Organic -1AX Steel Backed Organic -1T Sprung Ceramic – 1B Cushioned Ceramic – 1C Extra Heavy Duty Cushioned Ceramic – 1CX I am currently leaning towards the Xtreme Clutch Heavy Duty Kit with Sprung Cushioned Ceramic Clutch Disc (KLT24530-1CX), that sounds like it might be a good blend of track performance and road useability for me. Also, is there any merit in going for a twin plate clutch over a single plate? I like the idea in theory but wonder if the extra noise would drive me nuts in practice?! Any thoughts/advice/experience greatly received! Many thanks
  6. Anyone got a spare a Vbox they can lend??
  7. Thanks Mark! And thanks for your help/advice. Thanks @MrP_, that's very kind
  8. The main reason is that if I wanted the 410/430 supercharger unit, I would have bought a 430 Cup! My Exige is very much a personal project car. I have done all the work in stages and tried to always go for the "best of the best" option wherever possible. To my mind the Harrop TVS1900 supercharger is the best unit out there and gives me flexibility to go for even more power in future with forged internals etc. My installation takes the best bits of the SSC kit and the best bits of the Komotec kit (plus a Zircotec-coated full 2bular exhaust) and puts them all together in one car!
  9. I have the standard 350 Sport slatted hatch which is fine. The Harrop CC TVS1900 doesn't sit quite as high as other charge cooled versions since it doesn't use a sandwich cooler below the supercharger. I think it may even fit under the standard S glass hatch, but I'm not certain about that.
  10. I've been looking at alternative clutch options for higher powered cars. It looks like either Exedy or Xtremeclutch (aka XClutch in the US) are the main alternatives. Something like this if you are being sensible: Or something like this if you not so sensible: Has anyone got any experience with either of these companies?
  11. You can see two traces on the dyno chart. The black lines are from the full power run, which will be available in "Sport" and "Race" modes. The red lines are the reduce power setting in "Touring"/"Road" setting. This limits power to around 400hp and torque to around 450NM, which I figure is ample for most normal street driving and should hopefully improve fuel economy slightly. Switching to "Sport" mode gives me access to full power but still with full traction control. Going into "Race" mode retains full power but slackens off the traction control, which can be adjusted via the rotary dial and switched off entirely if required. Here are a few pictures of the installation. While it has taken an incredibly long time, Komotec has been brilliant and Daniel has kept me fully updated on progress. He is still working on ironing out the last few "bucks" (as he calls the "bugs") in the mapping but assures me that the car will be fully ready for collection by the bank holiday weekend. I really couldn't be more excited. The wait has been long, the process has not been without difficulty, but I hope ultimately it will all be worth it!
  12. After what feels like an absolute age (my car has been in Mendig since mid January), the new TVS1900 kit is finally installed! I am really pleased with how it looks in the engine bay from the the limited pictures I have. And it certainly does the numbers on the dyno - 493hp and 523NM of torque. The kit is capable of plenty more but we have kept to reasonable levels to avoid the need for forged internals and gearbox work at this stage (at least hopefully!). My biggest concern is that the clutch will hold up. I fitted a new Evora 400 clutch in October 2018, which seems to cope fine with the EX460 kit, although mine has around 50NM more torque, so will be right at the limit. I'd be interested to hear any thoughts on alternative clutch options from anyone running big power/torque on their cars. From my research it looks like Exedy and XClutch are the two obvious candidates, although finding a clutch that is able to deal with track driving and that much torque (and potentially more in future) on one hand, while also having good road manners on the other hand, might be a bit challenging. I couldn't help but notice that Exedy do a very tasty looking carbon option, although I remember all those tales about the Carrera GT's clutch when that was released and not sure I fancy having to warm it up each time I start driving! Still pretty cool though...
  13. I had the Evora 400 clutch out into my Exige 350 under warranty a while back and it has been good. I also had a Quaife LSD fitted at the same time. We will find out pretty soon if the clutch can handle 490hp and 530NM of torque from my new TVS1900 kit! Nope, not worried in the slightest... @Bravo73 What were the other upgrades each time the Exige got more power? I thought that it was essentially the same clutch used in all the 4** series Exige/Evora cars. Thanks I would highly recommend an LSD, but ideally you also need adjustable suspension so you can play with the balance a bit
  14. Is any European travel realistically possible at the moment? My car has been stuck with Komotec in Mendig since January. I am desperate to collect it. It would most likely mean flying from London to Frankfurt, train to Mendig, then driving to Holland to get ferry home. Clearly this is not a life or death emergency journey, as much as it feels like it to me! Will I get stopped at the UK/German/Dutch border? Will I be forced into quarantine? I have read all of the official government websites/advice etc, but it is hard to know how things are actually working in practice on the ground. Anyone got any recent experience they can share? Thanks!
  15. Looks absolutely top notch!
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