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  1. You can get low compression pistons from Wiseco but there is no need. Can have plenty of boost with standard compression, which gives more power and response.
  2. Yes it does. As I said, BoE developed it specifically for the Evora, and you can see from my picture how the design allows installation in a tight space.
  3. Yes, obviously. I know what car I own! 🤣
  4. It definitely does fit in the Evora. BoE in the US did all the development work for the Evora platform. SSC in Oz did. the work for the Exige. The Harrop design is smart as it has the rad next to the supercharger (not a sandwich design) and angled to sit as low as possible. It looks fantastic installed - very OEM - but it does take up some rear visibility when compared to the standard Harrop charger. You can see here how the radiator part is slanted so it follows the natural “roofline” of the rear hatch.
  5. Very cool. What is your max rpm redline set at?
  6. @Maxi_z sounds great! Similar power to mine. What ECU do you have? What rods and pistons are you using? Have you made any changes to the valvetrain?
  7. Car looks fantastic Mark! Great photos too 👍
  8. Thanks @MrP_! A bit more progress now. It’s really coming together nicely I think.
  9. This picture shows how massive the Komotec EX500 carbon air box is, even compared to the (already large) standard KT intake! The TVS1900 charger with its enlarged throttle body will guzzle as much air as it can get down its throat, and it does sound good doing ingesting to boot.
  10. The wheel arch vents have now been beautifully installed by Robin at RJM Body Repairs and he is making good progress on the respray too. After much deliberation I decided to go with the Alfa Romeo Rosso Competizione from the hand painted 8C and 4C. From the initial pictures I very happy with my choice. Can’t wait to see the full thing once it’s done.
  11. Robin definitely deserves all the credit! Really great bloke and does fabulous work from what I have seen so far.
  12. You might see my car when you visit Robin, although seems to be progressing well so may be done by then. He’s a great guy, thank you for the recommendation 👍
  13. This is a really interesting thread on the topic of brake options so thought I would add my own small contribution. I have been running the OEM two piece discs with PF08 pads for a while now, which have performed very well for me on road and track. However the pads are now worn and the discs are well past their best. I have the heat cracks around the holes and the discs had developed a very pronounced lip around the outer edge, most likely from the aggressive pads. I’m going to replace the pads with PF08 again but going to swap to the EliseParts larger 343mm discs both front and rear: h
  14. I’m going to have a couple of gas struts going spare shortly as I am switching to a fixed Cup R hatch
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