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  1. Looks great @Nathan! So please they have gone to a good home Had a great time yesterday at the Newlands Corner meet. @GFWilliams was kind enough to take a few pictures for me. I think they came out very nicely indeed...
  2. You forgot about the Alias23/GFW wing mirrors. Massive reduction in drag and improved aero.
  3. Good luck with the sale. Looking forward to seeing the replacement already!
  4. Was great fun and good to meet everyone. Thanks for coming!
  5. I am definitely still on. Will meet the convoy early doors at the Air Balloon and the be at C&M for 9am. Really looking forward to it.
  6. Ok, perfect, will see you there. Really looking forward to it!
  7. Sounds good. Let me know exactly when and where, and I’ll meet you there.
  8. Although a bit annoying, I’m not overly worried about the parking. I expect the ultimate turnout it is fairly weather dependent in any event. Worst case scenario, we meet up and go for a drive instead! I’m still aiming for 9am arrival. Would be great to meet others en route and go in convoy. That is what they told me is best to secure decent parking spots when I called them. I can come via Gloucester/Cheltenham area if needed but otherwise was planning on heading straight up the A429 from Cirencester to Ettington. If anyone is able to get there earlier and “bagsie” us a spot, then great, and I’ll certainly buy them a coffee!
  9. It looks like the pre booked parking has already sold out. Bugger.
  10. Gave them a call. Not super helpful. Basically they said to pre book parking in advance, try to all show up together, and ask the parking marshals nicely to put us all together. They also said that apparently people start arriving by 8am and it gets super busy. But I think if we pre book parking and get there for 9am (when they actually open) that should be fine. I’m not going to be getting up even earlier than I already need to!
  11. This is great! I’m going to be coming from Barnsley House near Cirencester. Would love to meet up with you guys en route so we can convoy to C&M
  12. So how many are we expecting then? Looks like: @Mattmahope @alias23 @GFWilliams @extremecapture @2GOOD @Karl @Karls @KennyN @chumaxa
  13. I love the fact that gfwilliams has become a verb, as in “to @GFWilliams a car”
  14. If anyone has time, might be worth giving them a quick call to let them know we are coming and see if they can accommodate us with a decent spot all together. I can do it over the weekend if someone reminds me!
  15. A sneak peak at my application for membership of the Big Wing Club. I hope I will be accepted
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