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  1. Hi @keith84_hk, how are you finding this catch can set up? Working well or any issues? Thanks
  2. Correct. I have the TVS1900 water cooled supercharger which I ordered directly from Harrop and which was fitted by Komotec with all their auxiliary kit.
  3. My belt broke on my first drive with the TVS1900 kit fitted. Komotec said the pulleys were not perfectly aligned. They fixed it and I have had no problems since. Been using it hard on road and track for over a year now.
  4. You will get a bill through the post from TNT for tax/import duties about a month after your goods arrive. Ask me how I know…
  5. As requested, full set of pictures now posted for general enjoyment. Warning... NSFW...!!
  6. After over 3 months of waiting, I finally got my car back at the end of May, just in time for a cracking day at Goodwood (having already missed out on a day at Snetterton that I had booked but had to cancel since the car wasn't ready in time). The car was absolutely fantastic and it felt great to finally be back on track, even though I was seriously rusty from lack of driving and very nervous given all the work that had just been completed, especially at a fast track where I had never been before. I have had lots of positive comments on the new look, which I must say that I am incredibly pleased with myself. Pictures included below. What do you think? P.s. You may recognise the (excellent) photographer from this parish...
  7. I’ve gone from big wing to super big wing!
  8. I had a very good experience with Jim. Paid for and received my exhaust within a couple of weeks. I understand that it is very hit & miss however unfortunately...
  9. I have had no issues at Snetterton, Brands Hatch or Spa since I fitted the system I have (which is full 2bular manifolds, downpipe, sports cat, and valveless track silencer). I have not yet had to fit add-on cans. Will be at Goodwood next week and would expect the same i.e. no issues hopefully. Personally I would rather get the quietest system possible to avoid any risk at any track, rather than showing up each track day worried about whether I am going to get on track or get black flagged. This is especially the case if you have the option to switch to a loud exhaust for road use (which at the moment I do not).
  10. No, mine are slightly smaller diameter, which is better for noise control and maintaining supercharger boost (apparently):
  11. I have the QP (with full 2bular manifolds and sports cat / link pipe) and it’s been excellent. No issues at most tracks even without the add-on cans, and currently coping well with 500hp. I find the sound is actually pretty good too, although obviously not a patch on the OEM 430 noise.
  12. This was exactly my thinking, and hence why I fitted Jim’s QP system. I’ve been running it for over two years with no issues. I’ve not even had to use the add on cans yet.
  13. You can see the chassis mounts for the wing here
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