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  1. Mattmahope

    "Hopeless" Exige 350 Sport

    Collected my new helmet yesterday. Is it weird to just wear it round the house?
  2. Mattmahope

    "Hopeless" Exige 350 Sport

    I wanted that part of the lower front clam/bumper black, and I just thought it looked good, OK?! 😂 Always rather liked the Pirelli logo personally
  3. Mattmahope

    "Hopeless" Exige 350 Sport

    @Ulli Thank you very much. I will investigate the harness mounting further...
  4. Mattmahope

    "Hopeless" Exige 350 Sport

    Can’t do that with my Pirelli decals now, can I?? 😂
  5. Mattmahope

    "Hopeless" Exige 350 Sport

    The issue is the same driving in or driving out, so don’t think reversing would help!
  6. Mattmahope

    "Hopeless" Exige 350 Sport

    @vd9 Unfortunately the dip is too steep for that even after I got the counsel to level it out! It’s also hard to go in at a sharp angle because I am restricted by the width of the gate I need to get through
  7. Mattmahope

    "Hopeless" Exige 350 Sport

    The eagle-eyed may have noticed from the above pictures that I have had black wrap applied to the lower part of the front clam incorporating the “Pirelli” logo. I am very pleased with how it came out but appreciate it may not be to all tastes. Limits my tyre choice slightly! Also the extremely eagle-eyed can see that I have had the Schroth harnesses mounted on both driver and passenger side. I didn’t give selecting the harnesses a great deal of thought and just left it to BoT to source and install. The versions that were fitted are the “twisty knob” type rather than push-button. I’m fine with that but just wonder if they would be road legal without seatbelts? Hypothetical question only at the moment since I have retained the standard seatbelts, primarily in case I didn’t like the harnesses for road use. I love them but my wife hates them!
  8. Mattmahope

    "Hopeless" Exige 350 Sport

    Anyone else experience this issue and have a more elegant solution??
  9. Thank you very much for the invite. I don’t think i will make it tomorrow but would love to join in future. Cheers!
  10. Mattmahope

    Sat AM - NE London / Essex Drive

    Thanks! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it tomorrow but would love to join future events Cracking drive this morning!
  11. Mattmahope

    "Hopeless" Exige 350 Sport

    Lovely drive out into Essex/Herts this morning. Found a cracking coffee stop too! Car feels fantastic although an odd clanking noise has developed at the rear. Sounds like something is a bit loose and it’s metal banging on metal. Will need to investigate further.
  12. Mattmahope

    Sat AM - NE London / Essex Drive

    @pete Please tell me more!
  13. Mattmahope

    Sat AM - NE London / Essex Drive

    Appreciate that this is a bit late notice, but I am planning to go out for a blast reasonably early tomorrow morning somewhere off the M11 and thought I would see if anyone else wanted to meet up? I have yet to find some really good driving roads within striking distance of my house in Greenwich, so thought I would explore a little. A quick google search gave me the suggestion below, which I will use as a starting point: Take the Loughton exit off the M11 Northbound then turn right At the roundabout, take 1st exit onto A113 Stay on the A113 through Abridge and Ongar. The bit between Abridge and Ongar is great. At the A414 roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the B184 through Dunmow, Thaxted to Saffron Waldon After that you can keep going north (Cambridge), east (deepest Essex) or west (B660 etc). Or you can go back the way you came or head back on the M11
  14. @GFWilliams Looks great! Which package did you get and how much did you pay for it?
  15. Mattmahope

    Fuel tank options and install

    I also went for the 60l tank and it makes a very useful difference