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  1. Hi there I would like to add an air spliter to my Evora 400 Does anyone have the distance/position measurements of the undercarriage bolt hole spacing for the Evora 400. If you have had a shot at designing you own air spliter please share too. A template or drawing would save me the hassle and pain of lifting the car on a ramp to measure up a bolt hole template... Thanks
  2. Hello can someone point in the right direction. My E400 does not have the foot well led lights but has the electrical connection zip tied to the beam. Can someone tell me what this connection is?? Thanks
  3. It is amazing that when I took delivery of my 400 the dealer did warn me how fragile the seat release were. One needs to grab the strap and not pull the loop AND more importantly pull it gently UPWARDS! Same with the rear hatch manual release. Check the orientation of the cable before you yank it else you will be in for a sorry and sad repair.....and a necessary one too since the battery dies faster than a normal car if you don’t drive it often because of parasitic current losses.
  4. Haha maybe there is a market for aftermarket film. I should start selling them 🀨
  5. Thanks. That is an option. Was hoping someone out there has a digital template which I could sent it to my plotter./cutter.
  6. Guys I need to replace my Evora 400 rear sill skirt paint protective film. The OEM film is yellowing. I have some left over Xpel Ultimate handy and I was thinking of cutting a set to replace them. Does anyone have the template for this? thanks
  7. Folks school me. My car comes GPS abled but I understand I need a map. Where and how can I download the map or is that proprietary format? Appreciate your inputs
  8. Sven can you show me how you mounted the outboard waist belt? The evora 400 has a sliding rail instead of a fix mounting point. Thanks
  9. Holy crap. Where are all the razor sharp edges. By the time I am done I am soaking in sweat and my right hand is so bloodied by cuts it looks like my oiled K&N filter πŸ˜‚
  10. planning to make a windscreen banner ?? The curvature of the windscreen will make it difficult unless you have worked out the radius of the curve
  11. Yes I Guess I could make this work. Will need coraldraw or AI to convert it to a vector file. Thanks
  12. Hi guys does anyone have the vector file for the Evora 400 emblem. I am planning to replace mine with a sticker instead of dealing with flaking or fading. Mine just faded after 2 years under tropic sun.πŸ™ Thanks
  13. Any new updates on this? Can the update be done thru the OBD?
  14. I guess the audio is an area we can tinker with to make a great car and awesome ride..πŸ˜„ I have bought all my components. I need to either do it myself or find a reliable audio shop
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