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  1. Nice to meet you all, look forward to other events. Thanks for organising Jon and Michelle. Steve
  2. My first event with the Lotus Forums. Thanks Martyn for organising it. Met some good people and saw some great cars. Hope to attend many more. Steve
  3. Jon, I am new to this forum but if there is a spare slot, if no one else wants it, and if you can still register cars I would be very keen please. A lot of "ifs", fingers crossed !! Thanks, Steve
  4. Thanks very much. Here's one my son took, it was his car, modified Passat CC with extra downforce!! Hey, he's young!!
  5. What an Easter treat, just picked my Exige up, quick stop at Newlands for first photo and bacon roll, hopefully first of many. Still smiling after drive home!!
  6. Very kind offer thanks, definitely interested. Don't think I will make it to April Newlands, wife running marathon so spectator duties!
  7. Thanks, not sure about tracking yet, not sure about my competence/skills!! Be interested in any events though. Look forward to meeting everyone.
  8. Hello, I will be a proud Lotus Exige owner very soon and would like to join you please for my first Lotus event. Do I just fill in the individual car registration form? It mentions 3rd party £5m insurance, do I need that and if so from where ? Never had to do that in all the car shows I have been to? Apologies for newbie questions!
  9. Funny I was looking seriously at an Essex Blue 350 in Edinburgh. 6 days and counting!!
  10. Likewise, when do you get yours and where from?
  11. Thanks again. I agree with @stephenwhyte about the colour of course, yet to see it outside. I was dazzled by the show room lighting. PPF done. Pick up next week, not soon enough! Look forward to meeting you all.
  12. Yep, been looking for about 3 months, never thought of red till this turned up. As for the drive just getting out of the showroom and home in one piece!!
  13. Thanks for welcome messages. Pic as requested.
  14. Hello, I have just signed up to the Forum. Pick up my Exige 380 from Bell and Colvill soon, cannot wait, and look look forward to any car meets and advice on living with a Lotus!
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