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  1. Mines off to it's new owner tomorrow it was an agreed sale just before lockdown; now things are relaxed he's collecting in the morning. It's a little cheaper than originally agreed but in all honesty I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of going through all the calls/inquiries/viewings again. It's a sale of necessity due to a change in job, properly sad to see it go, of all my cars I've owned in the last 20 years it's easily in the top 3. For all those looking to buy.....DO IT!
  2. Spotted this afternoon in Tettenhall, near Wolvo. I wasn't in the Evora unfortunately, but it's the first Evora I've seen in about 12 months - looked great 😎
  3. Look, I know we're all owners and are desperate to defend the pricing and keep it high, but anyone who thinks we're gonna come out of this with the same prices when we're facing the greatest economic crisis in 80 years is nuts - especially in the sports car market. I'm re-listing mine again soon, and I'm hopeful it won't take a massive bath. There's already a 400 for sub-£50k at a dealer which is the cheapest I've seen for quite a while, then there's a decent looking LE for £24,695:
  4. I don't know the car - but it's strong money (IMO) given the current situation. That being said, it looks good - I'd just want it to be super clean for that money. MOT has flagged issues with a rear disks for a few years, so get those checked. Same with the front lights (might need polishing). Looks like a 2bular exhaust, which is a bonus. Few tweaks (gearbox, headunit) seems to suggest it's been well looked after. Most importantly, check the clutch, I would *definitely* want it done for that money!
  5. Well I had sold mine last weekend, and the buyer pulled out due to the economic situation. I don't blame him. Another buyer told me he'd have it if the 1st buyer didn't, and he's not replied to my email. I'm leaving it up until the advert expires, but don't expect much interest now, so I'll probably just keep it until this all blows over. I'm just not prepared to give it away.
  6. Re: Evora vs Elise, I'll say this. The Elise is in it's element on a B-road or track, in the summer with roof off. In those situations, it's a better place to be than the Evora. However, for ever other situation (which is 98% of the time for me) I'd much rather be in the Evora. Motorways, A-roads, B-roads, it smashes them all with aplomb. After 3 other Lotus's (Elise x2, Exige) I'd take the Evora every time.
  7. So I've just been told by DeRoure that they don't believe Lotus will be producing any more of these as they've not had any in a long time 😕 Anyone have any suggestions? Can they be repaired? Thankfully it was intermittent so it passed the MOT last month but their needs to be some kind of solution?
  8. Rough around the edges (lacquer peel, lifted airbag, rear badge for starters) but could be a decent car (very clean MOT history!) and might be able to haggle to <£20k for a 2+2 with all the packs:
  9. That looks like a bargain - I was chatting to the owner, because I was genuinely amazed it was still for sale given the price; I'd have given my right arm for a <30k SR 18 months ago, as they were all £35k+. We assumed it was the mileage that was putting people idea why as 65k is nothing. Still, that's a whole lot of car for the money. Enjoy 😎
  10. So I've just ordered a new side repeater from DeRoure - no indication (hah!) that they're not Evora badged any more. Is it definitely the case that you can't get those any more? Or was this just due to back order?
  11. The problem is that 3rd party warranties have so many exclusions, T&C's and limitations that they're generally not worth it. The main costs with these cars are wear-and-tear based anyway so it wouldn't be covered. Put £50-100 a month in a slush fund instead.
  12. I almost bought one before the Evora. It's basically an Elise that doesn't drive as well - I understand that even with the chassis fixes they're not brilliant, but very much has that italian flair. I think there are far worse places to put your money at the moment, I expect the residuals to remain strong - quirky, rare, italian.....all the right ingredients for a future classic.
  13. Looks a bit rough around the edges, front end is peppered (if you google the plate it looks like its done some european road tripping), airbag cover is lifted. That being said, MOT is nice and clean, so if the SH adds up, could be a good buy! I reckon you could grab that for £20k.
  14. The gearbox. Of all the things, for me it's the massive, glaring problem. The shifting mech itself is OK, although considering how great everything else is, it's still weak point - but the main issue is the transmission noise below 2k. I know why it does it, I know it's "TADTS" but it's not acceptable on a car of this value, especially as its still an issue on the later cars. I'd seriously consider an IPS for my next one. Otherwise, it's minor: The larger sills (better on the 400), the poor radio (easily replaceable - although not so much the signal) are the only two.
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