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  1. Replying to myself, for the info of those interested. The Churchill tool, bought years ago before the company folded, can be modified to pull out the bearing. If anyone has the tool, I can describe the modification procedure. It requires a metal lathe. The solutions suggested by others will not work on the pilot bearing in the Plus2. Trust me, or visualize the physics of such an operation given the diameters and spaces (or lack thereof).
  2. Seats for a 69 Plus2, as an improvement on the originals: i am using a pair from a Mazda Miata. I should have found out somehow that the earlier Miatas are easier to fit. However, I did manage to fit the pair from a more recent Miata. Either model does require a bit of fettling (a term familiar to Brits). Advantages: built-in headrests for safety; seat backs adjust, forward to ease access to the rear, and backward to recline. In either case, movement is a bit limited. By attaching the seats to the Lotus existing mounts, the normal fore and aft movements of the base of the seat are retained. My new seats are black leather. The upper forward face of the seats had a Mazda symbol, so I had an upholsterer stitch a plain black “lotus triangle with a rounded/curved base” to cover that symbol. There IS a proper name for that... Pictures? I’m a newby here, and don’t know how to do that. No, these new seats don’t have the same stitching design, but I think they look great!! Colonial Robert.
  3. I bought the official removal device from Churchill, but it does not work - because the central shaft has too large a diameter. Does anyone know of removal options?
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