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  1. yes, I was running on standard pads, I would try the pf08 first.
  2. hello, guys, I have done about 30 laps on Nordschleife with my exige 380 sport, and 20 laps on GP track small , 35 laps on the Hockenheimring, with some road driving the car has now just over 4000 km, but the front brake pads have 3-4 mm left, the rear pads are ok. I only use race mode on the Nordschleife, on other track I turn the dsc completely off. 4000km of driving consume one set of pads are too fast, has anyone same problem? race mode will increase the pads wear on the front?
  3. looking for a yellow front tow hook, but I can only find the red one, do you guys know where can buy a yellow one.
  4. sorry for that, did't familar with it... alright, you mean a new car after 20 new start, then the check engine light will gone ?
  5. Hi, guys, I just got my new exige 380 sport last week, and I have drove some mountain road around Nuerburgring to running in the engine, not on the track, rev is always under 4000 rpm, really enjoy the car. Evening after the dinner, I started the car up, the check engine light comes on, I readed the code, it has 12 codes ! all related to the O2 sensor. Have you guys suffered the same problem?
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