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  2. I was thinking about this, but didn't make yet more investigation, as I thought that the alarm and central locking might have the same fuse. Great if not. I will check out this later today. If that doesn't help, I will try to hard reset the system... As the issue appeared last night, I didn't have yet a possibility to contact the Lotus dealer.... Thank you for great answers!
  3. Unfortunately the same issue with both keys. The good news is that immobiliser can be unactivated with both key fobs, so the car can be started ok. Good to know that there is no door lock sills on my car...
  4. All a sudden the central locking system stopped yesterday responding to my key fob on my Evora S1, 2014. I suppose that the key fob ran out of sync with the control unit, right? And if so, how can I resync the key fob with the central control unit? Luckily after the failure I succeeded to get into the car using the key from the passenger side and open the driver's door. However now I don't know how to lock the car or open the glove box (as the manual is of course there...). I found the document on internet which said that the door can be locked manually using the door lock sill button, if fitted. I might be a total muppet but I failed to find a sill button on my Evora... Where should it be, if I have one? Thank you so much for your help! Panu
  5. I bought the car just 2 months ago, and I simply love it. The car has had 2 keepers from new. The first owner was actually MacLaren, which owned the car less than 6 months to study the suspension or something. At their time the car wasn't really driven at all.
  6. I suppose that I can join the club with mine...
  7. Great colour, however if I'd be buying a car right now, I would choose the Liquid Yellow as shown in B&C on Evora 430....
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