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  1. Hello, did you ever sell these wheels ?
  2. Hi All, What tyres are you guys using on the Exige S1. I'm looking for something suitable for a road trip where there might be some rain, but there aren't a lot of choices in 195/50/16. 225/45/17 for the rears there is a lot more choice. Cheers.
  3. Thanks Dave, I was hoping to pick up a set of used forged wheels, but if nothing turns up i’ll be along to buy a set of 430 cup offset wheels from you in the next few months once I have done a bit more saving. Cheers
  4. I need to replace my tyres before a trip to Spa in April, I’m driving there and then driving round it. I have the standard cast wheels and would quite like to try the cup 2 tyres. Would these be suitable for road and track use ? If so what sizes do I need for a sport 350 with standard wheels ? im on the lookout for forged wheels if anyone has a set they would like to part with. thanks !
  5. Hi all, I have a sport 350 with the standard cast wheels. At around £2500 for a set are they worth the money ? I prefer the look of the forged wheels, but just trying to justify the cost to myself. Do they make a difference to ride and handling ? Thanks
  6. Is there anyway of getting an infield parking space without booking through club lotus ?
  7. I was hoping there would be a solution that didn't involve me selling some organs.
  8. The long bolt and aluminium spacer looks like a death trap in a crash to me ! I just want to make a bit more room if possible, as when in 5th gear the gear stick, my knee and the steering wheel are all a bit tight. Either a lower seat or a spacer on the steering wheel would work, but I would like to keep the airbag.
  9. Hi all, I would like to get to get my drivers seat lower to give me a bit more room around my knees and the steering wheel. Are there any fixed seat mounts I can try which would position the standard seat as far back and as low as possible ? Thanks
  10. Hi All, For the Lotus warranty, am I right in assuming you can take your car to any lotus dealer for a claim irrespective of where you bought it ? I have noticed that some of the leather on the sill covers is coming unstuck in my recently acquired 350 and the charging point between the seats doesn't seem to work. I assume these will both be sorted under warranty ?
  11. Ha ha, there is the Excuse is that I had been up since 4am and had six hours on trains ! The car looks better than the driver !
  12. I didn’t think I would use the radio either but a couple of hundred miles down the M6 is enough to make anyone need a bit of music.
  13. Picked up the car yesterday after a very early start and train to Carlisle. When I arrived it was well presented waiting outside for me. I drove home 300 Miles via the Lake District which nicely broke up the motorway Miles. First impressions of the car is that it is fantastic, even the seats were comfortable enough for a long journey without causing too much pain. I got the car home cleaned it up and got the roof off. Only thing that’s useless is the stereo, but it doubt it will get too much use.
  14. That's perfect thanks, does it have the security pin in the middle of the bolt or is it just a normal torx bolt ?
  15. Hi all, I thought I would be able to find this out quite simply but I can't ! Can someone please confirm what size Torx bit I need to remove the hard top on a 2016 350 Sport. Are they security Torx fittings or normal ones ? Many Thanks !
  16. Let the bank account draining commence
  17. Thanks all, I have found one now. A rather nice looking 350 in black with black leather. Not really the colour combo I set out to find but I like it ! Two piece brakes and a soft top included.
  18. Thanks all, seems like a decent spec car to me. Roll on the weekend. Shame the drive is apart from about 10 miles in the M6 and M40 ! I may have to make some diversions. Apologies in advance for all the novice questions i'm sure i'll be asking.
  19. Hi all, So after about 6 months looking I have put a deposit on this Sport 350 which I’m collecting next weekend. Hopefully the weather will be kind to me on my 350 mile journey home from Carlisle. I’m coming from a Caterham CSR 260 so expecting a different but equally fun experience, and looking forward to not getting soaked when it’s wet 😀
  20. Perfect thanks ! Novice question here, is there a way I can access those diagrams and prices ?
  21. Hi all, I have found a car that I’m interested in and let only think that lets it down is the “Lotus Performance” writing on the engine is quite flakey for a recent car and makes it look a bit scrappy in the engine bay. Is clearly a part that can easily be removed, so are they replacements available, or is it a repaint job ? cheers, James
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