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  1. I need to replace my tyres before a trip to Spa in April, I’m driving there and then driving round it. 


    I have the standard cast wheels and would quite like to try the cup 2 tyres. Would these be suitable for road and track use ? If so what sizes do I need for a sport 350 with standard wheels ?


    im on the lookout for forged wheels if anyone has a set they would like to part with.


    thanks ! 

  2. Hi All,

    For the Lotus warranty, am I right in assuming you can take your car to any lotus dealer for a claim irrespective of where you bought it ?

    I have noticed that some of the leather on the sill covers is coming unstuck in my recently acquired 350 and the charging point between the seats doesn't seem to work.

    I assume these will both be sorted under warranty ?

  3. Thanks all, seems like a decent spec car to me. Roll on the weekend. Shame the drive is apart from about 10 miles in the M6 and M40 ! I may have to make some diversions. Apologies in advance for all the novice questions i'm sure i'll be asking.

  4. Hi all,

    I have found a car that I’m interested in and let only think that lets it down is the “Lotus Performance” writing on the engine is quite flakey for a recent car and makes it look a bit scrappy in the engine bay. 

     Is clearly a part that can easily be removed, so are they replacements available, or is it a repaint job ?



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