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  1. Hi @Theshur, Just checked the above hyperlink, the post is on page 32 of @GFWilliams thread, not page 40 as the link will take you to.😉
  2. Hi @Theshur, This may help if you plan to do the work yourself. @Arun_D posted the the service manual for the Exige S V6. Your Exige 410 will be identical for the parts you plan to change over. To get you started the air bag panel is covered on page 460. You will need to order 4 off replacement clips from, part number B121U011F, as these are sacrificial and will break when the panel is removed. Hope this helps.
  3. Komo-Tec have released their 6 speed DCT. It costs €19,990 (around £17360.00) compared to the Jubu 7 speed DCT at €24,990.00 (around £21700.00).
  4. Hi Wilson, I have never done a track day so cannot really comment, but the idea looks like a good solution. It will be interesting to see if it helps with brake fade. Mark
  5. Hi Kristof, I got the Android 10 model with the three touch keys on each side of the screen. I have only powered it up briefly to check if it works ok and play around with some of its functions. It looks very responsive in loading apps but cannot comment on its use properly yet. I originally wanted to use the SSC double DIN setup but you cannot get hold of them anymore. So I am modifying a second Lotus single DIN dash panel which can cut up. This will hopefully allow the
  6. Hi Rick, I am in the process in fitting a Thinkware U1000 dashcam to my Exige. It is hard wired into the fuse box at the front of the car, and runs off two Cellink B batteries during parking mode. To get power into the cabin I have drilled a hole through the plastic blanking plate in the passenger foot well. By going through this plate I have not compromised the bulkhead or chassis structure. A rubber grommet then fills this hole and a 20mm diameter cable conduit is fed through the grommet to the front fuse box. I have plans to run more cables through this conduit hence the diameter
  7. Thanks for suggesting Bell & Colvill, they would have fitted the inspection panel but were a little hesitant about fitting the 3rd party side air pods and door mirrors. I don’t know their hourly labour rate but I’m guessing Back on Track will be lower. Plus, Back on Track is practically next door to their service centre so if they need any additional parts it will be easy for them to order and pickup.
  8. I picked up my new CF front access panel from Bell & Colvill today. A very nice piece of carbon with the V shape weave pattern 🙂. It was not cheap at £2200, but £250 of this was just for the grill mesh! You could save some money by making this part yourself, but I have not got the time or skill to do this. I now need to find someone who can fit it for me, along with Imran’s CF side air pods and door mirrors which I bought some time ago. Would anybody be able to recommend a good body shop which has experience with working on Lotus cars? I live in Berkshire next to the Hampshire/Surrey
  9. @Exx I have just ordered a carbon fibre panel A138B0590 from Bell & Colvill, via their DeRoure outlet. The price stated does not include VAT, but if you become a forum full member and mention it when you order you will get an 8% discount. You will also need the straight guide pins A138B0407F, grommet X036B6010F and outlet grille A138B0324F (although some members have made their own grille). The service engineer informed me that the other parts can be taken from the existing panel. I have asked them for the V shape carbon weave pattern, as this is why I have purchased it from t
  10. Sorry Imran I misspelt your name, fat fingers on a small keyboard 😉
  11. I would also be interested in CF skirts and read canards with a 45 degree weave. They would go nicely with my @alias23 CF side scoops and CF door mirrors. I see within @GFWilliams thread he is starting to make CF parts, maybe Imram and George could do a partnership like they did with the door mirrors?
  12. I must say that is one of the best Exige’s I have seen. Your choice of mods are spot on.
  13. I know the front air intakes are a different shape and the upward turned ends may not fit, but has anyone tried the newer style splitter on the older cars?
  14. Hi Mark030358, your labelled picture correctly shows the way the hard top seal should be reattached, i.e. the rubber flap goes over the inside corner of the roof (head liner). But the double sided tape needs to be on the underside of this flap and the adjacent face. When my seal came off I used double sided Gorilla tape to reattach the seal, but any strong double sided tape will do. Also search for a thread titled Hard Top Rubber Seal for more info. I would attach the hyperlink to this thread, but I am new to the forum so I am still figuring out how to do things. Hope this helps.
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