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  1. Got the buzzer from Amazon not eBay, but any 12V buzzer will do.
  2. @lotuslee281275, I was also accidentally leaving the indicator on as my quick release steering wheel does not always cancel the indicator. So have added a buzzer to the indicator relay to help with this. Bought the buzzer from eBay and connected it to the relay by watching this YouTube video. The guy in the video uses a piece of tape over the buzzer to control the sound level. I 3D printed a small bung to partly block the sound outlet hole but tape works just as well. Hope This Helps.
  3. Nice one, thanks for info 👍
  4. Where did you get this splitter from? I have been looking for one with the turned up side fins that will fit the original front cam for ages.
  5. Hi @RoflOnMyWaffle, did you sort out the way the resistor is wired up to stop the airbag warning light from illuminating all of the time? The reason for asking is I am also looking at installing a de-airbag steering wheel, but need to know if this wiring fix solves any MOT checks. Mark.
  6. Thank you for all the replies. The answer looks like if an airbag is fitted then it cannot be removed. But that does raise the question that many members on this forum have removed the airbag from the steering wheel, and still drive them on the road and presumably their car passes the MOT each year? P.S. BoT is an acronym used on this forum for Back on Track. 😉
  7. Advice needed. I have just taken my car to BoT as the airbag warning light was permanently on. They connected it to the diagnostic system but it was unclear which airbag was faulty. So they quoted me around £500 for each airbag. There is a fifty fifty chance in selecting the right one, or I could end up paying £1000 + labour if the good one was removed unknowingly. Therefore, I asked them to remove both airbags, and for now the warning light can be turned off within the AiM dash. The problem I have is the MOT is due at the end of this month. So would anybody know if it will pass with both airbags removed, the warning light disabled within the AiM dash and the OEM steering wheel and passenger airbag cover having Airbag embossed on them? As I understand it the failure will be around the warning light not eliminating on start up, but could be wrong about this. Has anybody done a de-airbag mod on their car with the warning light disabled within the AiM dash? I plan to eventually replace the OEM steering wheel with a quick release type and install seat harnesses, but for now I am more concerned with just getting the car through its MOT. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Mark.
  8. Update – AiM have emailed me back to confirm there is a software bug, so a new firmware update is on its way. 🙂
  9. Hi All, Has anyone tried to connect two cameras to this dash display? I have just purchased the double AiM rear camera patch cable with two cameras for this dash, but I can only get the same camera feed for both video 1 and 2 within the settings screen. I have checked the cable pin continuity which correctly separates the two camera feeds and both cameras work correctly when swapped over. Thinking it may be a firmware issue I have installed the latest version 02.34.66 but this did not fix the problem. The only thing left is the dash display is not switching between the two camera feeds internally, as video 1 and 2 are using the same feed signal. I have emailed AiM asking if this is a known issue, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone has got this dash working with two camera feeds. Also just for info I also have the AiM data hub connected to the exp. input connection with only the GPS module plugged into the data hub, but this should not affect the camera feeds.
  10. Hi Keith, Looks like you have made a popular part for the EA60 gearbox shifter. Great idea from @TBD and for you to develop it in to a working prototype. I know it is a work in progress but as @Martrack has pointed out there is a sharp corner where the pin attaches the body this could be a stress point in the design? Once you have developed the finished part I would also be interested in one. Will be following this thread with interest.
  11. Hi Cliff, I have also recently fitted these mirrors to my car and had the fun/frustration of threading the bolts back through the access holes. On my car one of the bolt heads was larger than the access hole so had no option but to drop it into the door cavity (don’t you just love Lotus engineering). If you haven't already retrieved the screw, you will need to remove the door panel and purchase a camera endoscope with a magnet attachment, as you will not have line of sight to the bolt. There are many online shops which sell them and I guarantee you will use it again on your car at some point. I purchased this one, but would suggest you buy one that connects directly to your phone as the wifi connection on this one is a little flaky. Plus direct connection types are a little cheaper. The other thing I did was run another stronger magnet along the bottom of the door. You will know once the magnet has found the screw, then slowly drag the screw towards the endoscope magnet. If all goes well you can then slowly pull the endoscope and screw out, Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks @MAG for confirming the seals were missing. Jon from has also contacted me about this, and will send the seals to me with instructions on how to fit them. Hopefully this is a one off issue as the quality of the hard tops is excellent and I would not want to put anybody off from purchasing such items from
  13. Hi everyone, I have a question about the carbon fibre hardtop from I ordered one of these back in February, but with Covid and other delays it was delivered to me a couple of weeks ago. Then last Sunday I had time to test fit the top on the car, all looked OK and the quality of the carbon weave is excellent. But it looks like the front and rear seals are missing with an 8mm gap either side. This makes the hardtop look unfinished when compared to the original one which came with the car. Therefore, I watched @MAG YouTube video to see if his hardtop has these seals, which it looks like it does. So I emailed Jon at to ask if the hardtop had been shipped without the seals being fitted. I’m still waiting for his reply. In the meantime can I ask if anyone has recently taken delivery of a hardtop from and are the front and rear seals fitted? Any help would be appreciated and put my mind at rest. Mark
  14. Hi @Theshur, Just checked the above hyperlink, the post is on page 32 of @GFWilliams thread, not page 40 as the link will take you to.😉
  15. Hi @Theshur, This may help if you plan to do the work yourself. @Arun_D posted the the service manual for the Exige S V6. Your Exige 410 will be identical for the parts you plan to change over. To get you started the air bag panel is covered on page 460. You will need to order 4 off replacement clips from, part number B121U011F, as these are sacrificial and will break when the panel is removed. Hope this helps.
  16. Komo-Tec have released their 6 speed DCT. It costs €19,990 (around £17360.00) compared to the Jubu 7 speed DCT at €24,990.00 (around £21700.00).
  17. Hi Wilson, I have never done a track day so cannot really comment, but the idea looks like a good solution. It will be interesting to see if it helps with brake fade. Mark
  18. Hi Kristof, I got the Android 10 model with the three touch keys on each side of the screen. I have only powered it up briefly to check if it works ok and play around with some of its functions. It looks very responsive in loading apps but cannot comment on its use properly yet. I originally wanted to use the SSC double DIN setup but you cannot get hold of them anymore. So I am modifying a second Lotus single DIN dash panel which can cut up. This will hopefully allow the Joying screen to sit further into the dash. It may not work as I also need to modify the air vents, but if it doesn’t work then I will mount it as normal by using my original Lotus single DIN panel.
  19. Hi Rick, I am in the process in fitting a Thinkware U1000 dashcam to my Exige. It is hard wired into the fuse box at the front of the car, and runs off two Cellink B batteries during parking mode. To get power into the cabin I have drilled a hole through the plastic blanking plate in the passenger foot well. By going through this plate I have not compromised the bulkhead or chassis structure. A rubber grommet then fills this hole and a 20mm diameter cable conduit is fed through the grommet to the front fuse box. I have plans to run more cables through this conduit hence the diameter size, but you could use a smaller grommet and conduit. The cables to and from the Cellink B battery packs run along the central console of the car, and the cables to the dashcam run up the sides of the window screen. The dashcam is only temporarily fixed to the window screen as I am currently fitting a Joying 6.2” touchscreen head unit, so have removed some of the wiring. One problem I had was with the OEM rear mirror being too big as it stopped the dashcam being positioned where I wanted it. So I had to make a new small mirror myself as I could not find a suitable one on the internet. This was made from a rear mirror with a suction cup. I then cut off the suction cup and bonded it to a 3D printed body I made, this then lets me mount it to the existing window screen mounting point. Before fitting the dashcam permanently I will place a sunscreen strip across the top of the window to hide any cables and the dashcam body. Hope this helps and gives you some guidance. Mark
  20. Thanks for suggesting Bell & Colvill, they would have fitted the inspection panel but were a little hesitant about fitting the 3rd party side air pods and door mirrors. I don’t know their hourly labour rate but I’m guessing Back on Track will be lower. Plus, Back on Track is practically next door to their service centre so if they need any additional parts it will be easy for them to order and pickup.
  21. I picked up my new CF front access panel from Bell & Colvill today. A very nice piece of carbon with the V shape weave pattern 🙂. It was not cheap at £2200, but £250 of this was just for the grill mesh! You could save some money by making this part yourself, but I have not got the time or skill to do this. I now need to find someone who can fit it for me, along with Imran’s CF side air pods and door mirrors which I bought some time ago. Would anybody be able to recommend a good body shop which has experience with working on Lotus cars? I live in Berkshire next to the Hampshire/Surrey border.
  22. @Exx I have just ordered a carbon fibre panel A138B0590 from Bell & Colvill, via their DeRoure outlet. The price stated does not include VAT, but if you become a forum full member and mention it when you order you will get an 8% discount. You will also need the straight guide pins A138B0407F, grommet X036B6010F and outlet grille A138B0324F (although some members have made their own grille). The service engineer informed me that the other parts can be taken from the existing panel. I have asked them for the V shape carbon weave pattern, as this is why I have purchased it from them, and paid a slightly higher cost when compared to the other 3rd party suppliers. I will be collecting it this coming Friday so will let you know more then.
  23. Sorry Imran I misspelt your name, fat fingers on a small keyboard 😉
  24. I would also be interested in CF skirts and read canards with a 45 degree weave. They would go nicely with my @alias23 CF side scoops and CF door mirrors. I see within @GFWilliams thread he is starting to make CF parts, maybe Imram and George could do a partnership like they did with the door mirrors?
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