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  1. @C8RKH thanks for the info... so my problem now is carbon or painted GRP?...
  2. Yeah, thanks for the advice. I found plenty of videos through the louvres, which is what got me a little worried about this in the first place. The issue is I've not found any nothing from the drivers view.
  3. Does anyone have experience of how much more restricted the view straight back in the rear view mirror is with a ducktail v's a glass tailgate, or even better could anyone post a picture from the drivers POV?
  4. How much higher does it sit? I'd personally would like a slightly higher hand position when changing gear.
  5. You can replace almost every sensors battery but it's not supported by the manufactures. Just change the sensors after 6 or 7 years.
  6. This is what my car did when I first purchased it. It settled down for about 6 months. Now the TPMS sensors work when it's hot but if it gets below 15C they drop out in a random order. I had the codes read and it was the TPMS batteries. Oh yeah, the batteries are rated for 8-10 years, so cars build in 2011 or earlier are due for TPMS sensor failure.
  7. 275/35 is the widest of the two ETRTO 'ideal' options for 9.5" rims, 285/35 is an ETRTO recommended spec but is a little ballooned on the rim. Normally I wouldn't worry but the ballooning and the fact you have an extra 10mm of sidewall will both tend to make the rear of the car wander a lot more. I experienced this with going from 225/35R18 to 275R35/18 on my Z4 on 9" rims. It gave the feeling of the car wanting to wag it's tail (as @JayEmmwill attest to) making you feel you're near the limit of grip but you start to push harder it settles down. Not a problem in a car that's a baby GT wanting to munch miles on fast open B-Roads & A-roads, on the Evora I think it's going to spoil the feel and confidence in the car. @mikI'd be worried about ballooning the front tyres and increasing the front tyre wall height. This will tend to dampen your turn in a little, as you reduce the sidewall height ballooning a little bit is okay as you're mostly end up with about the same amount of lateral deflection at turn in. For instance going from 225/40 -> 245/35 on a 8" rim actually increased the sharpness of the turn in (and exposed even more deficiencies in the Z4's chassis)
  8. Stud conversion and spline drive lug nuts. Though there are 2 issues the conversion studs I'm wanting to use (forged titanium items): 1) The studs won't clear the holes in the Evora's brake discs 2) The holes in the wheels aren't countersunk enough on the inside to sit over the seating flange of the studs. The reason for this is these studs are designed for BMW brake disks which have thicker bells and the discs are spec'ed for M14 wheel bolt clearance. The former is the more problematic and may mean machining out the bolt holes in a set of discs. The latter requires spacers of >3mm, which I want to do anyway as the calliper/wheel clearance scares me!
  9. I too have the same issue, I have a different plan to @Alfa2Evora on how to solve it.
  10. Yeah, I was expecting them to go soon. I hoped that the sensors would last until I needed to change the tyres but unfortunately 2 have died in the last week. So time for tyre & TPMS refresh, as well as a wheel refurb and wheel bolt refresh as everything is looking a little tired.
  11. I don't like the slightly stretched look of the stock sized tyre on the rear rim was thinking about going for 275/35R19 rear tyres instead. Given that 275/30R19 is an tyre size option it seems like it shouldn't be out of the question but does anyone have experience of doing this, if so any comments?
  12. Okay so what if your TPMS sender has died?
  13. Thanks for the offer but Hoffmans has sorted this out for me. I can now fix this issue without my ears bleeding ,
  14. So the battery of my Evora is dead. The car is alarmed but I've not got the 5 digit pin for the alarm. Is there going to be any issues (besides lots of nose) with taking the the battery out/swapping over with the car still alarmed?
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