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  1. After much faffing about I've found someone had put a cap head bolt into one of the mounting threads. This was hitting some of the fiberglass dash and needed to be removed before you could remove the HU.
  2. Thanks for the advice still stuck and left scratching my head.
  3. I'm struggling to remove the HU from my Evora. I've got the dash trim off and removed the 4 bolts holding the HU mounting frame. But no matter what I do the right hand side of the HU gets stuck against something very solid after pulling the HU out about 2-3cm. The feeling is two pieces of metal hitting each other and there's a dull clunk when it gets to this point so I don't think it's cables getting stretched. Any ideas how to get beyond this point? I've been messing about for around 90 minutes.
  4. Well it's a metal plant pot holder not a teacup and saucer. 'twas my first choice as everything else I could find was ceramic, glass or very dirty.
  5. To spread the load of bike. The first time I drove a decent distance with the bike, it left an impression in the leather which you can still see (if you know where it is).
  6. So when I purchased my Evora a few friends said it'd get swallowed by a verge! Turns out they had the right words, in the wrong order...
  7. I got quite bad tram lining with my, 6 year old P Zeros which has been virtually eliminated by the PS4 setup. Point of interest I got about 8k out of my rear tyres going from 7.5mm to 2mm of tread. Also I'd consider 3mm tread minimum death before replacing.
  8. That sums my type of driving and on-road driving style. If I was to regularly track the car I'd be looking at a second set of wheels with something really sticky on like MPSC2, Toyo R888, etc.
  9. But MyTyres and BlackCircles both can supply PS4 in 275/35R19.
  10. Yeah, Understeer but more related to throttle input than speed. I ordered MPS4 tyres all round but got MPS4 on the front and MPS4S on the rear.
  11. Some small tweaks to my Evora LE which makes it look so much better. GTE front grills and new tyre with wider 275/35R19 rears. Thanks to Castle Sportscars for getting everything just so.
  12. So eventually got this done and I'm now running 225/40R18 Pilot Sport 4 up front and 275/35R19 Pilot Sport 4S on the rear. I really like the look of the front tyre with a slight angle to the side-wall and rear tyres being almost but not quite straight: The only issue is in the dry you can provoke a lot of front push by accelerating around corners. However, in the wet it's much more balanced, when there's negligible grip differences between the PS4 and the PS4S. So I suspect the push is due to the extra grip the PS4S provides rather than the extra 20mm of tread.
  13. @C8RKH thanks for the info... so my problem now is carbon or painted GRP?...
  14. Yeah, thanks for the advice. I found plenty of videos through the louvres, which is what got me a little worried about this in the first place. The issue is I've not found any nothing from the drivers view.
  15. Does anyone have experience of how much more restricted the view straight back in the rear view mirror is with a ducktail v's a glass tailgate, or even better could anyone post a picture from the drivers POV?
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