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  1. Hi there I ran the car in but unfortunately was given the opportunity as a passenger in a TLF member's car that had the zr265 treatment. Sold! His car has the Nitrons on it, I opted for the 1 way JRZs. For the following reasons: 1. I'm only planning on 3/4 track days per year and 2. Management approval for the car was obtained by a promise that she could pootle around in the Elise over the summer. Track day specific suspension might have been a step too far. The stereo delete and no noise proofing is already a contentious issue. I'm planning on only uprating the brake pads, stock brakes are sufficient for my purposes at the moment. As I'm sure everyone who drives the zr265 conversion asserts, the mid range pull is manifestly improved. It's nicely torquey now. And noisier. You can really hear the supercharger whine. The kit involves: remap/ airbox/ supercharger pulley/ signature exhaust / heat shielding I assume it's all reversible. Sans suspension, cost is well under 5k. The car's engine power was measured at 255 so relatively good value per % increase. The car's only done 2500 miles so potentially room for it to grow into the mods too. By the way, H111 did the work. Great service and communications from those guys. Cant fault them. Sorry the post's a bit rambling, I don't do much forum posting!
  2. You're not wrong. Squeaky but comfy! The exhaust masks most of the noise from the seat though.... I've had the car since November 2017. I'll do an intro post at some point. Nice to be here officially, as opposed to lurking, however.
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