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  1. Hi Bomber133, F type is a good car, but will no doubt depreciate more over time, being more 'mass produced', if this is a consideration? Good luck & enjoy whatever you choose.
  2. Hi Everyone, Trying to put some miles on......nice to be on some roads without potholes or congestion! Sorry pic a bit blurred! Keep those revs up
  3. Welcome Chewy, Enjoy the miles & smiles! May catch up with you at a meet/Goodwood sometime.
  4. Unless your 350 is lighter, performance should be the same then? Sometimes though, just the exhaust being louder can make a car seem faster, but as you both have track experience, you have timed any differences to compare 'feel' to actual speed? Have Lotus engineered in more torque, they would have had to do something to the performance of the 350 to make owners of earlier cars want to trade up? Top car choices by the way, look fantastic. Enjoying your posts.
  5. Dealer history is a selling point/has worth, but it does depend on who was the supplying dealer. Like most things, some have better reputations than others. Service history (& by who)/invoices/owner records/condition/quality upgrades more important. My Lotus was supplied through a dealer, but I'd use others who are recommended to service it, even if further away. Note;- IF YOU PURCHASE, CHECK THE DEALER WARRANTY BEING SUPPLIED - 1) It may not cover all you think it does! 2) It may only be for 6 months, not all dealers will give you a 12 month warranty. You say similar spec, but is more expensive car also a 'later' model etc, &/or with recent 'large service' carried out, newer tyres, exhaust etc?
  6. Thanks Bibs for name change, nano seconds after my confirmed request, top work! My car does have the venom red (or as I call it 'flange') interior with black piping, with obligatory scuff/wear mark on drivers seat bolster, despite only having just over 15k miles when I got it. Ta for mirror info Bravo73. Anyone have any reports on Bridgestone SO01 tyres, cant find anyone mention them, so hoping a good choice! (only ones I could get in timeframe). Keep those revs up! Rgds
  7. Thanks The Pits, Thanks for invite, but I'm not about as doing best roads research for Brecon Beacons run in a week or so time. Will definately go to another local meet though. Where is info on dates/times/places please? I have other Lotus owning friends who may also attend. Car is sort of a prototype SR, has nearly all the spec (all the packs & 19/20" wheels etc), but no SR blackpack or folding wing mirrors. Part of me thinks I should add the SR look, the other part thinks I should leave it alone as more individual! Hi again Bravo, I've only asked Bibs tonight on how to change my username to be fair.
  8. Hi all, Newbie here, Evora S purchased last year, not many miles done, will try to do better this year! White, venom red interior, anthracite wheels. Enjoying all your posts, keep those revs up, Rgds E
  9. Hi Bravo, Yes, I'd like to amend my username, but I cant change it/it doesnt seem to allow me to?! Will pop over to introductions to say 'Hello'.
  10. My Evora S on Pirelli PZeros got through supposedly 4.5mm of thread down to the cord in 1750 miles (nearside rear inner), of which 500 miles was faster driving, the rest pottering about. I say 4.5mm, strangely the supplying Dealer gave me 2 different tread thickness readings for this tyre, one of 4.5mm when I bought the car, but then their workshop saying it had 6mm on their records just under a year later. Either way, high wear (if either of them are correct). Camber wasnt out accordingn to another Garage who serviced it. Now on Bridgestone S001 on rear, but havent seen any reports on if they are good/bad?
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