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  1. So I had a problem with my 2003 Elise, and kinda need advice or verification it's a lost cause. Recently I had a completely flat battery, due to a malfunctioning alternator. During that, my odometer freaked out and jumped from 66k miles to 535k miles.

    At the dealer I was told it might be fixed, if the chip of the odometer got replaced, but it might cost towards €1000 or more. With some googling I found the only other solution was to replace the entire display with a new one, starting again from 0 miles. Preferably I would want the odometer to read the correct mileage. Does anyone have any other insight in this?


    A second thing, after this mishap my car does not make certain "confirmation beeps" anymore, which it used to. Arming/disarming the alarm, locking/unlocking the car with central locksystem, and opening the door while the lights are on. The alarm itself however still works fine. It kinda sounds like a fuse problem, but I'm not even sure which fuse would be just alarm/beeps.

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