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  1. I think we should go for a test drive at the very least!!
  2. Mines on identical mileage and a 2012MY so an ever age of 8k a year, not high at all and it drives like new frankly! I also think the used examples will prove to be as robust as opposed to garage queens that don’t get the use. Think I saw one advertised the other day with only 4K on the clock (2014my I think) which is just nuts!!
  3. Equally happy to meet, it’s only 3.5 miles away from my house!!
  4. Fantastic example that; you're going to love it!!
  5. Maybe they're using an out of date sat-nav, you know the ones that would take you via Paris when you started at Dover and wanted to get to Portsmouth or something!! Anyhow totally insane logistics but no doubt cost effective...I read somewhere previously that airlines use a strategy called 'fuel tankering' to gain a cost advantage of only a few £££s (though its not being reviewed)
  6. Yes the 400s have 76mm pipework I've got a 2bular non-valved lightweight system on my S and it sounds simply epic and it has 100mm carbon tips too! Its loud, I don't think it will get in to any track days!
  7. I completely agree with this idea. It may have been you earlier in this thread that commented about the obsession with quarterly growth; as I see it that's what drives "what is trendy" and BEVs are trendy because its a fast growth area right now. I anyone watches James May on Drivetribe, he's currently running both a Tesla and a Toyota (Hydrogen fuel cell) as a bit of an experiment to compare the two. He made a really good point, BEV's (Tesla) work toward solving the problem of climate impact for cars; at least as far as running them go with HFC-EV working toward solving the problem for the planet. But as you say, the better strategy is the application of the right energy source for the right application, allowing preservation of jobs, economy and non-waste of existing infrastructure.
  8. @KennyN @Simon Gooding Some very nice mods done to this Exige, including a digital dash. The wing mirrors are superb!
  9. I’d double booked myself, my little girls in a gymnastics competition this morning! Definitely up for a skid pan evening!!
  10. What's up with the exhaust? Has the oval simply been removed or is that a proper after market replacement? Doesn't look good IMO!
  11. I prefer the S1 interior, but would appreciate the lower, narrower sills sills of the 400! Other wish list items from me: - Something likes Audi's virtual cockpit would be great - a nice clear and sharp display, don't need it to be too fancy / feature rich but it would really smarten the interior up! - Nicer buttons to the IPS gearbox - Dipping mirrors for reversing - Improved rear view camera - LED headlights
  12. Glad the recovery is going well Have a great Christmas
  13. The introductions section is over here: Need pictures of car
  14. Saw this the other day, good video and a good deal of information in it as well. It does look good in Silver
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