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  1. What are peoples thoughts on this one?
  2. I was driving down southampton road this morning on my way to work and noticed a nice Evora NA parked up in the fuel station
  3. Loving the pedantic By the wild animal reference (whoever said it in the thread first - given as it wasn't me) - I'd understood it to be a one word synopsis that dogs are, ultimately not controllable, despite their domestication they can, under the 'right' circumstance(s) be lead by their core instincts and bite / attack. Those with experience of this are rightly very cautious of dogs. I have two young children, and I do not leave them alone with the dog - and I love dogs.
  4. I think it is normal yes, I’m at a dealer next week so if they have an S in, I’ll ask them to start it up so I can listen to it as well! The supercharger whine is audible inside the cabin, and really audible when the windows are open I do know from MY12 that sound insulation was adjusted to let more sound in to the cabin, so can’t speak for earlier models.
  5. Dogs are absolutely wild animals, despite being tamed, always treat with respect.
  6. Well I've made a video of my engine noise - from the engine bay but its way too big to upload! so here's a link to a (very poorly made) video. You can make out a whistle, sounds to me like its just the air intake in to the super charger....
  7. It does seem to whistle rather than whine. Would better to get a vid from in the cabin. Usually I would say that whistling can be a sign of the exhaust or manifold having a slight leak (say from a crack) but here the whistling sounded pretty consistent to the point of being normal. So is there anything else you have noticed ? A drop in power at high revs or increased fuel consumption? both of those would be a further sign of exhaust or manifold leak. As it happens - I've recently noticed my exhaust sound has changed (not engine bay sound though) and it does feel down on power as you rev round. It did happen after some very spirited driving so I might have developed a crack in the exhaust system somewhere.
  8. Techyd

    430 sport

    I had been under the impression that the GT430's were a limited edition run, I'm not sure about the 430 sport - not seen any, do you mean the GT410 sport??
  9. oh mate that's a shame - but I get the sh*tt*ng everywhere bit For me though, dogs can enrich your life like having children does. They are loving, affectionate and heart warming animals; they have their own zany quirks that make you smile, laugh and yes, sometimes yell at. Fish on the other hand, don't get me started on fish.
  10. He is super adorable - I commend your bravery, our dog gets absolutely no where near my Evora!
  11. 20th good for me - Hope you enjoyed your holiday,...Sardinia?
  12. Thanks, it’s a carbon one very much like yours I think. Monster Wraps in Hedge End did it for me
  13. Just washed the car and took this - it shows slope of driveway, the mud flaps ‘just’ graze as I go over the top, there is a channel in the paving as well so the wheels drop slightly in I really think you’ll be fine
  14. So I’ve had the wrap done! Very very pleased with it. I’ve also done the front access panel but I’m not yet sure about it (hoping you can zoom in on images to see the effect)
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