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  1. A very well executed piece of work. I particularly like the wheels and reprofiled front bumper - very effective.
  2. You'll have to go over to the introductions section and say hello - with pictures of course! 😉
  3. Techyd

    Formula One

    I reckon that drive will get his mojo back for him for this season, he's seemed pretty down this season so far. I hope we get to see Merc get competitive for the rest of the season and create a three way fight. From what I've read, the Ferrari is a difficult car to drive this year, despite its speed and Sainz is struggling with that so I hope they can try and make that easier as Sainz is a great driver and great sportsman.
  4. Amazing - would be interesting to know what the suspension / geo differences in detail
  5. Think this one was for sale a little while back - I remember the sticker on the rear spoiler. Comes down to what service history it does have and perhaps the state of its clutch...
  6. I agree the lower end of the market wont drop much, if at all - but these 400s at over £60k aren't going to hold there and that will bring the 400s in general down a notch or two in value. 'Tumble' may have sounded extreme but it wasn't meant that way, really I'm thinking > £45k & < £60k for the 400 with the S1 being under that. If we assume the cars currently advertised are genuinely still available - most have been around a while and they aren't selling; IMO they are just overpriced and being overlooked as a result. The ones coming on with sensible price tags are being snapped up!
  7. As soon as the base Emira comes out, I would suspect Evora prices will have to tumble, no ones going to want to pay on or near Emira money for an Evora with perhaps only the special ones (GT430) making some exceptions.
  8. I would think it might be similar to Lexus' dark rose which photos quite red but in reality its a nice shade.
  9. I'm liking that - even without the doors the easy entry system!
  10. Techyd


    Wow that's a colour!
  11. I do think people are interested in these cars but honesty the ones staying on the market are all over priced and are putting buyers off, especially those S1s at Hendys.
  12. I've found my car is doing this now - can't get the knob twisted round past half way to heat, so will give this a try!
  13. I'll be heading there straight from work, so probably there before 18:00 !
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