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  1. Looks like I’ve got to drop out this evening - lost my Childcare 😔
  2. Yep should be able to make it - the Evora's taxed again and even had a wash!
  3. In the S1, the rear seat design had way too much cushioning, combined with a bench seat design rather than being scuplted - how the Porsche's are. I don't know whats directly under the rear seats but assume it wasn't possible to mould the seat a bit to allow better seating. The 400 rear seats were changed - much less cushioned and it makes a decent difference to overall space, but still not enough headroom!
  4. Whilst researching pre-purchase, I did come across some recommendations to get the geometry checked annually. Some recommendations were for the bushes to be regreased at the same time. All quite easily done as a servicing bundle once a year I suppose. If you track yours, I would say have it checked out. There are quite a few geo setups on here that I've come across, some people are running the 400 setup on their S1 with good results I believe...
  5. Yep - we are each brand ambassadors after all! I was filling up with fuel on Sunday morning, and two guys in front of me said "oh look, an Elise"...and when I pointed out it was an Evora they said "A what?!" The S1 suffered from journalists 'critical acclaim' - a car they loved but ultimately weren't recommending*, I do think if Lotus had launched with the 400 (so therefore: more power, lower and thinner sills and general increase in interior space) they would have seen a better sales volume. * I'm no insider but I do wonder how much marketing budget from other sports brands like Porsche help to pin up magazines in return for positive spins on their cars. There was an Evo video a few months back (at Anglesey with Sutcliffe driving I think) which pitched a 911 GT2 RS against other cars, one of which was the Exige cup 430 and in that video, it was surprisingly evident that, out of corners, were distinct pauses before accelerating - now either thats down to not being confident enough with the car to push it or it slowed the lap time down enough so that it didn't win.
  6. It’s a complex market for sure, no doubt being made complicated by very specific tyres for very specific uses. It’s Seems like it’s shaped up these days to make you second guess your choice - like buying a TV as well! I’ve never had a bad tyre on my cars, having always stuck to premium brands so I suspect either of those Michelin’s will be good
  7. MICHELIN Pilot Alpins....these are cold weather tyres and come in the right sizes for you.
  8. I'm doing exactly this, only since late December. Its got a car cover on and I've started it two weeks apart and moved it back and forth on the driveway. No problems so far, I've put a moisture trap in the car as well to collect any moisture that may be inside. Original plan was for it to be SORN'd through to April, but I'm tempted to drive it at the weekend for a club meet! That decision will really be down to the weather Sunday morning. @2011 Chrome Orange - Good tip on the A/C, I've not fired it up so will be sure to do this tonight when I get home and I'll also up the tyre pressures a bit more as well.
  9. Looks great Clive! For my tastes, I think the silver wheels contrast really well here - so don't be in too much of a rush to spray them!
  10. Wow - I'd would think that can't be right. I would have expected a winter tyre to a) have much greater ability to disperse water (and therefore resistence to aquaplaning is improved) and b) the tyre compound designed to provide better grip in lower temperatures. For me that's the two primary features of a winter tyre; maybe have a look at some of the autoexpress reviews as well. Marks and Spencer? 😋
  11. I agree, these model releases were about delivering more sports car precision through fine tuning components, and, of course raising the price point. I can see why they could be construed as gimmicks as visually the car doesn't change a great deal, but change they did - its all in the detail 🙂
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