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  1. My friends over in Club Lotus have confirmed, for the time being that Esso's regular unleaded does not contain any ethanol, despite being labelled at the pumps as E5. I'm told this is because its additives allow it to pass the regulations and don't require to be added. There is no ethanol in super unleaded in any fuel station for the time being, not sure if that's set to change or not though. E10 starts from September I believe?? Millers Oils provide an additive for non catalyzed engines (VSPe) and cars wih cats can use EPS (again from Millers Oils) - I've not looked at how muc
  2. 1. Bibs. 2. Dan E 3. Bazza 907 4. Techyd (date dependant)
  3. Pretty flexible as well so should be able to attend as well 🙂
  4. Yes I've had similar - £247 to provide the structural details on the architects design for a ground floor extension at rear of house...I had not realised how ignorant I was when it came to this, I thought that was part of the remit of the architect. I know big engineering challenges like bridges and sky scrapers would need expert structural engineers, but just hadn't realised for houses, it was distinct from the architect.... So yes, nice little earner indeed!
  5. Agreed and the thing at Red Bull is that Horner talks about Max like he's a god - and that will invariably mean his is treated better than any team mate.
  6. As the car is driven, how much aerodynamic load is placed on these? If they get bonded to the ppf and therefore completely, do you expect any sort of movement? And if they do move, will that break / crack the bond or ripple / stretch the ppf it is bonded to perhaps? I'm just wondering if that gap, while not great aesthetically does allow a little flex when at speed.
  7. Congrats - fabulous cars those 350 sports! Looking forward to pictures and first driving impressions 🙂
  8. You should ‘charge’ a fee for those jokes. my energy providers smart data analysis is quite good at telling what devices I have from the way they consume power (I assume), so maybe possible with electric vehicle charging
  9. Looking forward to electricity getting more expenses to make up for the lost revenue or perhaps, finally, a mileage based road tax system! Have to say as well list prices are getting really expensive !
  10. A race between Toyota an Mercedes it is then...! I voted Toyota - reliability trumps high tech and high expense for me; as fascinating as say the new engine in the A45 is, its just too damn complicated and has been said above, the the german engines are not the reliability machines we think they are (though I'm looking more in BMW's direction when I say that)
  11. Hi all! @ADF - glad your Elise started up, mines been out for a couple mini runs as well as being on trickle charge. Had the seats out today to fit some carpet under them, will do rear bulkhead carpet next. Less can be said for the BMW which chirped away this morning - battery down to 4%! So that’s on the trickle charger now. It’s also being a little heavy on fuel, not sure it’s getting up to temp properly will keep an eye on it. Started work on the track car for entering in to track day trophy. Getting a roll cage fitted first, but not too much to do to it after that (s
  12. Really nice spec that, and good call on the wing mirrors too! Is the rear light surround also body coloured?
  13. This is a stellar observation. America is unfortunately well in the midst of having a serious problem with this personality type, and now they have a connection to the British Royal Family, the celebrity gossip news will never let this go.
  14. Yep, the age of old marketing issue that Lotus has, especially to combat the marketing of Porsche themselves, I really do wonder how much influence they exert on the motoring press in one form or another; something as simple as seeing it compared the 'wrong car' perhaps 😉
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