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  1. My Elise is on 94,000km with the Rover sourced k-series engine, whereas yours looks like the Toyota engine which are known to be very reliable and solid. There is not a lot to repair to be honest, they are not complicated engines I don't think. Places like Elise Parts make keeping on top of maintenance pretty easy.
  2. I thought it was a typo - for a HUD surely 5.5 ? But lets see! Have to say, I think the interior looks great, and based on sitting in an Eletre, the 'premiumness' and quality is and will be superb! For me, it makes the Eletre a waste of time, but then I'm don't get the appeal driving bricks, sorry SUV's!
  3. Both look fantastic but that red one... 😍
  4. Lets hope he keeps it AND drives it!
  5. @LotusLeftLotusRight - for your Cair-O-Port, how sturdy is the frame? I’m looking at something to go under my carport (reasonably sheltered but ultimately outside!) - trying to guayule how steady the structure is? I’d be able to secure with bungy cords to the carport roof as well.
  6. Have to say these +2s are fabulous things to look at, one of my favourite Lotus designs for sure!
  7. I think it looks excellent and if its engaging to drive then all the better; 272bhp in 1100 kg for a daily driver - perfect! Unsure about the raised legs driving position, over a long journey isn't that a problem for blood pressure??
  8. Presumably a lot of the full EV cars have been bought on lease hire through businesses or equally through employee benefits such as salary sacrifice where the extremely high purchase price is offset. In the used market no one can afford them, particularly in light of no more cheap finance. Most car manufacturers have shot themselves in the foot with the EV into the premium market place as it will lead to market stagnation if people can’t get rid of the EVs they have and are unable to buy new as a result. I think MG and Renault are taking a better approach with lower end EV models but I seriously question the build quality and longevity of MG cars - and that’s not based on their historical reputation
  9. I think JayEmm makes a good point about parts availability, I’d love to get back in an Evora but I’m out off by both parts prices and availability.
  10. Sorry to hear this @KennyN - I guess we can only hope that people at Lotus are reading this seriously and take action to do something about this ridiculous customer care, whoever is in charge of this service has failed in my opinion. There appears to be very little accountability and ownership of the issues coming out from Lotus and like you say, often it is how the issues are managed and dealt with and not the issues themselves (though you've had some serious ones) that lead to a ruined experience and rejected car. On the flipside you get to fall back to the Zuffenhausen Turbo sh*tter!
  11. Techyd

    Formula One

    Yes, his chatter is 100% cheese IMO!!
  12. I've been saying this for a while now - you can't 'just' manufacturer your way out of climate change. Repairing, reusing, and repurposing are far more powerful tools at curbing emissions. In the case of cars, its exactly about buying used and keeping what you have for longer. It's a little way off yet, but vast majority of existing ICE engines can either a) use synthetic fuel or b) be converted over to run on hydrogen (see JCB for their work on developing conversion kits on their heavy equipment vehicles) (shared elsewhere but worth a watch if you've not seen it already)
  13. My guess would be a lot of repair work using available parts. Price is honestly insane!
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