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  1. True, they are facing the fine and of course the venue will do what it can to get out of it but that does make it quite different to 'only issued 5 £200 fines' that you noted. ....and how did they get in !
  2. However the venue / organisers were fined £10,000 and that is going to be a deterrent. The 5 guests detained were perhaps all the attending officers could get to before the crowd dispersed!
  3. Then I seriously hope the next model doesn't ride as appallingly as my now ex E-Class!
  4. New 'daily' models is a good thing in my book since you can enjoy the car more often without such as 'raw' experience when crawling through traffic to work...I am sure there will be stripped back and purer models / editions to cater for those who still want their Lotus to be more focused. Not sure I am that excited with the prospect of an engine from the A45 with a DCT mind though it would certainly let Lotus play the numbers game that the masses crave
  5. Yes that's an addictive thread that one! As is the yellow Exige by @GFWilliams both of which I am sure will provide much inspiration !
  6. Superb car! I like your rear lights on the other if you're looking to something then GRP v3 lights look really good in this car!
  7. Initially, I thought poor alignment, but you can see it keeps a consistent gap between it and the shark fin protection above it, so it could well be intentional. If if followed the crease, it would get so close as to leave a tiny slither of yellow between them which might not look nice when standing back and viewing the side of the car. A bigger gap allows that pinched design to still be conveyed.
  8. Yes, and I read recently that a Chinese firm is two years ahead in development of their own, quoting 650 mile range and 10 minute charge time. Solid state batteries I think...??
  9. Assuming the divorce settlement included a financial order, this usually outlines what you have agreed to pay (be it amicably or through the courts); I'm sure you've read through it many times but may be worth revisiting it. It certainly helped me and there is hopefully a statement in it about whether further financial claims can be made. So in terms of what she 'make' you pay, then this hopefully outlines this should be the decider on that. This would be key on defending and preserving access to your daughter. From there, obviously your daughters education is a side track to that
  10. Fantastic - you wont regret it (famous last words!), the gearbox is just great in sports mode. With this gearbox, you'll find downshifts are faster when you are braking and the rev matching never gets old Looking forward to pics and thoughts!
  11. Topic drift I know...but this is one of my fav colour combos!
  12. Welcome @JimUK - stunning car! To my simple eye I always think these have an ever-so-slight look of Knight Rider when they are in black! @C8RKH - always enjoy seeing pics of your fire red 410, one of my favourite colours!
  13. Nice - I was looking at those for my Elise, will wait for your performance report. Out of interest, the fan is now obviously covered by the boot, but presumable its able to generate some air flow from the base of the boot where the cables hang out, do you think that will be enough?
  14. Lovely car, I thought the 350s still had the 4 rear lights with the 380's upwards getting the changed rear? Edit: Check Lotus website, they do....maybe you've got a 380 after all or someone specced it that way? Edit 2: No, ignore me, looked at your first rear pick again and its clearly got them! But latter ones don't?
  15. I thought the 'buck' of responsibility stops with the president, if it's possible to pardon yourself then where does that responsibility go? It can't be God!
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