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  1. Name: Lotus Elise Click to view: Lotus Elise
  2. Vacancy filled.......picked this up on Tuesday! It looks like a micro-machine toy next to the Mercedes but so far, very pleased with it ! ! ! Meanwhile hope you are all keeping well
  3. Brakes only became servo assisted with the Toyota engines. I literally just collected a 2002 S2 on Tuesday, it's fantastic! There is a lot of road noise but I wouldn't say unbearable, mine has no carpet (only mats) and a few random rattles. Its a car I'll be tinkering with so I'll be doing a few things to make a little bespoke to me but nothing extreme; a few things to uplift the cabin and smarten it up - including a retrim at some point (it is 18 years old after all!); that being said its in fantastic condition. What I will be sorting though are a couple of the trim fittings to make them more solid - namely the steering wheel shroud. For your headlights, I would just do a HID converion - EliseShop has some around £55 a I think, you'll need two sets though. For the rears, I don't think anything beats the GRP V3's. Whether they would suite my age of Elise I've not decided yet!
  4. They look so much better with the twin tailpipes! Amazing colour too!
  5. My brother and I have always used CTEK chargers across bikes and cars with any issues. A mate uses the Optimate4 as well and again, no problems with it. I pick up an Elise in the next couple of weeks and will be using my CTEK5 with that.
  6. You've got two outcomes coming out of one of your 'No' boxes - which one do I follow?! Thankfully, I've got the common sense to understand the diagram anyway! Yes, unfortunately the media are now well and truly in the zone of 'making the news' not 'reporting it'.
  7. @pbharcourt okay, its not very original but looks really good!
  8. FWIW the latest E-Class is well below par! Build quality I would say is fine but ride comfort and noise levels have turned out to be quite a much smaller mountain to climb if Mercedes remains a benchmark.
  9. Journalist nonsense then, given the cabin was reworked since 2009 with the 400 in 2016. I don’t agree that it’s dated, I think it looks great. What it doesn’t have is plush tech and perhaps really expensive materials or a fancy clock, which presumably the journalist then self prefers (it also helps that they get good funding from Porsche!)
  10. Get this man a promotion, he really knows his stuff!!
  11. Good work Pete! Small, minimalist and highly impractical roof line - where's the Lotus badge?!
  12. My first thought was basic Cayman competitor ~55k. But then I corrected myself because I don't want a Cayman competitor per-say, I want a Lotus albeit, with usable every day capacity and I want it to have interesting and innovative design ideas and not be 'corporately' styled like all Porsches. The podcast from a few days back was both interesting and momentously dull at the same time. So picking up from previous posts in this thread. It has been several years now and I have to say we're simply not getting the information that should be coming from the management team now. I am honestly thinking that they don't yet have clarity on what they want to Lotus to be; its corporately fueled with masses of cash yes, but not charismatically led. This Lotus DNA isn't just car dynamics. Its a charm, an embodiment of charismatic, enthusiastic and passionate* personalities that started with Colin Chapman. *about cars people!
  13. Good progress Tony and hello Archie - he's a bit of a poser ! I've not been in an S1 at all actually and its on the list to look at and consider for sure, together with an S2. Unfortunately my budgets not going to get anywhere near another Evora
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